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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Miyu Irino
Lyrics: Mai Takahashi
Composition: Toshiki Moritani
Arrangements: Ryousuke Nakanishi
Available on: Drama & Character Song - "Oukyuu no MACHINE" Chapter. 2 ~Arienai GOAL~
Taken From: Tsubasa Chronicles Drama CD Album (Opening / Syaoran Image Song)
Copyright Property: Victor Entertainment
Recording Date: 2011-09-04 07:54


Wasurenai sa   kimi no egao   mamoru yo
Tsukamitoru no wa   kirameku sekai
Don't ever forget that I will protect your smile
We will grasp that sparkling world

Kumo no kirema kara nozoku sora o   miagetara
Kizuna o yuuki ni kaete   ima   tabi ni deru
When I look up at the sky that peeks from the crack between clouds
This bond will turn into courage and we shall now depart on a journey

Tatoe kono saki   nani ga matteta to shite mo
Kimi to sagashita ano hikari wo mezashite
No matter what would be waiting ahead of this
I will awaken that light, as I search with you

* Wasurenai sa   kimi no egao   mamoru yo
Toki no kawa sae koete   motto tsuyoku naru
Hanasanai yo   tsunaida te wa   eien ni
Tadoritsuku no wa   kirameku sekai
Don't ever forget that I will protect your smile
To be stronger I’ll even overcome the river of time
Don't let go, may we held our hands eternally
We'll struggle to reach that sparkling world

Ima kimi wa doko de donna yume o   miteru darou
Asa ga kuru toki wa  tada soba ni itai kara
I wonder where you are now, what kind of dreams you’re having
Cause as morning comes, I simply wish to be by your side

Kimi to deaeta   sore wa guuzen ja nai to
Tsuyoi kimochi o nigirishimete   kakeru yo
Being able to meet you, is surely not a coincidence
Hold tight this strong feeling and let's dash away

Mayowanai yo   kimi no egao   dakishime
Ochiru namida wa ame ni keshite   tsuyoku naru
Nakusanai yo   kono omoi wa   eien ni
Tsukamitoru no wa   kirameku sekai
Don't lose yourself, I will embrace your smile
Those falling tears will vanish into the rain and make us strong
Don't ever lose it, this thoughts are for eternity
We will grasp that sparkling world

Kawaranai yo   zutto tsuzuku kono michi
Mae dake o mite   hashitte yukeru
Don't ever change, let's keep continuing this road
Only look ahead, and go running

(Repeat *) 

NOTE: Romaji and basic translation from Words of Songs, but I fixed the English part a bit, changing the perspective of the song. The original is correct, but I feel that this one has a much stronger meaning...


The final 3 songs that I will post this month will be my personal favorites of all Tsubasa songs. Guess I'm a bit living the "Save the Best For Last" motto after all XD. These songs are for me the best ones to my likings, and here's the 1st one.This is the opening for the 2nd Drama CD as well as the coupling song for Fye's "SMILE" (the one I posted 3 posts before). This song is, the male lead character's image song... yes, it's Syaoran's! Probably not my favorite character in the Tsubasa Universe (heck, even in CCS I didn't quite enjoy his presence -Touya's complex? Hmmm hahaha-), but still this song is considerably one of the best musical presentation from Tsubasa for me.

Here are the reasons why I honestly think it's fabulous:

1. The music is pure AWESOME... that building music interlude before the final refrain is KICKASS! Add in some strings to develop tense, a choir-like sound and finally ends it with a rock-style blast with more string accompaniment. That's definitely my style of song! Hence why "Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan" made me fell in love with Sakura Taisen and Kouhei Tanaka's work. It has the power of a dance J-Pop type of song, and I think that it was good enough for you to put those 'Korean/Indo Cute Boyband', have them dance it on a music video... and make a topping chart HIT with it... WOW! By the way, did you notice that I'm actually being sarcastic? Just in case you don't realize the reason I put the quote... Haha...*runs to hide from rampaging girly boyband fan*. I really meant with the idea though, it really has the potential to be a hit.

2. The lyrics fits so much to the character, eventhough after the 2nd half of the show, the Syaoran that sang this song is a different one... but anyway, it's still Syaoran. I'll explain more on the lyrics below.

3. The lyrics has such strong message... it's a promise, an oath... so it's definitely STRONG? Especially when sang by a character that struggle so much in keeping them... (a true gentleman indeed)

4. Miyu Irino did an awesome job with this song, eventhough he kinda went un-Syaoran a bit with his singing voice, but it's still way better than Daisuke Namikawa's "SMILE". He went a bit feminine/boy-ish when singing, rather than his usual masculine chara voice. Hence kinda weird imagining Syaoran (or even the seiyuu -if you have seen his face) singing this song, but still a great job by him...

5. Of course, because it's perfect for my voice type, the wishy washy nasally bishonen *cough cough* seiyuu vocal type... Have you realized that my voice sounded a bit like Miyu-san? Hahaha... yup, I'm being narcist...

My only problem in recording this was several high notes, that actually needed a well-prime healthy throat to tackle. The recording date I typed above, was actually the 2nd and the much-much-much better one. I failed with the high notes at the first try, thanks to my throat going limbo. Well, for a guy who likes singing as his hobby, he actually never paid attention to what he ate... fried, chilly, and cold stuffs really affected vocal quality, but they're his favorites!!! ;P

If you paid attention to the lyrics, then it's a definite oath by Syaoran to protect Sakura. When you read it one by one, I'm sure you gals will go... "Aaaawww... so sweettt", well perhaps most of you will. I actually felt like that as well.... XD.  Syaoran said that the bond between him and Sakura is the power to continue the journey, and he will forever protect her smile... *^^*. It's not just about Sakura though, cause Syaoran's also speaking about Fye, Kurogane and Mocona. The bond that had develop between them is a treasure he wanted to always protect. What's sad about this song, is if you read the manga/watch the OVA... then this Syaoran who made such awesome promise, changed completely into a different person, hence the promise is broken. Despite that, the real Syaoran took the promise as his and continue to fulfill it.

Have you ever felt that a strong bond is born when you met certain people in your life? Perhaps a childhood friend, your best friend, loved ones, or even those whom you met everyday but had an impact in your life? I'm sure everyone, had such experience in their life. Have you ever felt that you treasured that bond so much, that you willing to give away everything in order to keep it alive, to protect it from getting destroyed? If you have, then you're another lucky person in the planet.

Well, one thing for sure, as I can quote from the lyric, is that "Being able to meet you, is surely not a coincidence". I truly believed in this saying, cause nothing happens in our life without a reason. You know, even your visit to this site, and being able to listen to my cover is also NOT a coincidence... :D. Everything is well-planned, and every meetings we had with those people -good or bad- in our life, was already pre-ordained -eventhough some may say that it's merely a coincidence. What's the reason behind those meetings? Every person had different reason in our life, and each are unique for the purpose of our continuity. With that said, the bond itself is not a coincidence, therefore we need to protect it from being washed away.

Singing this song is like making an oath to myself, that I will also protect these bonds that have been specially placed in my life. As I said before on "Strength", I will never lose the one I cared anymore. Hopefully you can say that to yourself as well upon listening to this song. This song has become one of my personal favorite, and I do feel this cover version is also one of the best ones I ever recorded.

Thanks for reading, and as always don't ever forget the protect those small bonds you have in your life. Friends, family, and others... are treasures that has been given specially for you. Have a nicest day and JCBU always!

~Furede Riko~

I hold this to be the highest task for a bond between two people: that each protects the solitude of the other... (Rainer Maria Rilke)

We may run, walk, stumble, drive, or fly, but let us never lost sight of the reason for the journey, or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way... (Gloria Gaither)


As with the case of image song, no PV is available. Fortunately, lots of people uploaded this song, making lots of AMV with it, after all Syaoran's a main character and it's a truly kickass song. So here's one of them, you can find others in Youtube if you like. ENJOY!
Miyu Irino - Kizuna
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