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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
Lyrics: h's
Music: h-wonder
Available on: Loop Single, Yuunagi Loop Album, Tsubasa Chronicle Original Soundtrack 1, Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection
Taken From: Tsubasa Chronicles (TV 1st Ending Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Victor Entertainment
Recording Date: 2011-08-31 08:01


Nee kono machi ga yuuyami ni somaru toki wa
Sekai no dokoka de asahi ga sasu
Kimi no te no naka sono hana ga kareru toki wa
Chiisana tane wo otosu darou...
You know, when this town is sinking in twilight,
The morning sun is rising somewhere else in this world.
As that flower withers away in your hand,
A small seed will fall into the ground...

Fumikatamerareta tsuchi wo michi dato yobu no naraba
Me wo tojiru koto demo, ai kanaa?
If this trodden earth can be called a path,
Then can closing my eyes, be called love?

Kono hoshi ga taira nara futari deaete nakatta
Otagai wo toozakeru you ni hashitteita
SPEED wo yurumezuni ima wa donna ni hanaretemo
Meguru kiseki no tochuu ni mata mukaiau no darou
If our earth was flat, the two of us would never have met.
We were running without slowing down,
far away from each other, eventhough we're so far apart now...
While going in a loop of miracle, we will surely face each other again...

Nee kono machi no yuuyami ga sari yuku toki ni
Kono namida tsuretette...
You know, when the twilight leaves this town,
I'll ask it to take these tears away too...

Katari kakete kuru moji wo shousetsu to yobu no nara
Todokanai kotoba wa yume kanaa?
If what the words tell is called a novel,
Then can these words that doesn't reach, be called dream?

Yodomi naku nagareteku kawa ni ukabeta konoha de
Umi no mezashite kumo ni natte ame de furou
Tooi kimi no chikaku ochita tane wo sodateyou
Chigau basho de kimi ga kidzuite kureru to iin dakedo
Like a leaf carried by the clear river that flows without faltering,
They head towards the sea, become clouds and eventually fall back down as rain...
So that the seed that fell beside you will grow,
I hope you would notice it from your distant place...

Kono hoshi ga taemanaku mawari tsuzuketeiru kara
Chiisaku aketa mado no soto keshiki wo kae
Watashi no ai shita hana sotto mebaeru keshiki de
Meguru kiseki no sono hate mata mukaiau no darou
Mukaiau no darou...
Because this earth loops without stopping,
The sceneries outside the tiny opened window will come back...
And the flower I loved, will surely bloom again,
While the season and miracle go in a loop, we will surely face each other again...
We will surely face each other again...
Kururu mawaru kurukuru to
Kurukuru kimi no mawari wo
Round and round I go,
Round and round around you

NOTE: Lyrics and translation are taken from Anime Lyrics ... the translation originated from here but I revised them a little with the reference of the PV to make it easier to understand


So we've finally arrived at the final song for this year's CLAMP tribute. The CLAMP Festival event was over, and thus the tribute will come to an end. This final song from the Tsubasa Chronicle, is actually one of the first songs that I've ever recorded from the series, I even put it as a BGM for this blog announcement. Nevertheless, I decided to post this as the final post... because it's such an awesome song to end it all... Why? Read on and you'll see...

Another masterpiece by Maaya-san, which was used as the ending theme to the TV Anime. Eventhough at first I actually liked "Saigo no Kajitsu" better -probably because of my mellow attire-, after several repeat, I've grown to enjoy this song, and basically the lyrics finally captured me wholly. The lyrics is a strong message that goes well with the theme of the series: meeting and departing. It's speaking about meeting other people, especially those special ones in our life, and eventhough there are times that we're going to be apart... as long as the world loops, we will surely meet each other again.

Life is a journey, life is an experience of adventure. As we are born in this world, we start meeting new and new people along the way. With lots of fresh new people that we met in our life, there must've been those ones who distincted themselves from others... those who have captured our hearts, and connected to us emotionally and had became our dear ones: family, friends, best friends, soulmate, loved ones? yes, everyone... However as life goes on, nothing (mortal) stays forever, and surely one meeting will turn into a farewell. Perhaps when a family had to go somewhere else because of duty, or your best friend moves away to a new place to study or work there, or even worst case scenario, death do us part? Farewells will surely become an obvious turn around and an important part in our life. No matter how we're far apart from our dear ones though, as long as our hearts remain connected, and our thoughts are united... we will surely be able to meet again, because the world loops in a circle, so when we started walking away from each other, we'll eventually come to a place where we'll see each other once again. Even to those departed ones, when it's time for us to rest our life, we'll surely meet them in the 'other' world as well.

Such a strong message do you agree? I never thought the lyric would be so deep, especially with this light, easy listening and phlegmatic type of music, but as I grow deeper to the actual meaning, it moved me greatly. Somehow I just needed to sing and record this song, and so I did, while imagining that I'm singing this song to those who are dear to me in my life. I have no particular trouble while doing the song, and really enjoying singing this number, eventhough at the end I couldn't held back a teardrop or two.This is both a sad and yet a happy song for me. It made me recall of those dear ones who had departed, it made me remember those sweet memories with those special ones who had lost contact with me, due to minor and unnecessary misunderstandings... and it made me recall everyone, every important ones, that had visited my life eventhough for just short moments. When I started to feel mellow, the song reminded me that life is also a loop, and somehow, somewhere, someday I will be able to meet them all again, one by one, with a big smile in my face. It lifted my spirit up, and brought a ray of happiness to myself... 

So, there you go... (I think) an awesome ending to this September tribute, compared to "Saigo no Kajitsu" with its heartwrenching goodbye theme. The best way to end something good, is with a SMILE, a happy heart and a resolving promise, right? Cause we're surely meet again, and yes... as long as the world loops, I'm going to do another CLAMP tribute again in the future... ^^. Hope you enjoy this whole month tribute, thanks for the support and be sure to write me comments and all... whether in Youtube or in this blog. I really love positive feedbacks...  

Finally, I'm dedicating this song to those dear ones in my life. My family, my friends, my brothers (yes, you bro!)... For everyone not just a person or two, for all of you... yes YOU! And if you're reading this message and you feel this message in your heart, then yes... it's for you as well. Eventhough we haven't seen each other lately, we probably haven't talked casually as we usually did, eventhough we might have lost communication, we maybe far apart in distant placed... we'll surely meet each other again, and when the time comes, I'll be sure to put on my biggest smile for you, because you are all an important part of me.

Have the best day today, see ya soon and JCBU always!

~Furede Riko~

You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget. Those are your 'FRIENDS'... (Unknown)

Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends... (Unknown)


Here's the PV for the song, not the full song but enough to let you have a taste of the original one... Enjoy Maaya-san's amazing voice! ^^

Maaya Sakamoto - Loop


What's Next?
- A bonus oldie song... before we head on to the next month (meaning new tributes)... somehow related to CLAMP though ;)...


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