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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
Lyrics: Yuuho Iwasato
Composition: Yoko Kanno
Arrangement: Yoko Kanno
Available on: Platinum Single, Single Collection + Hotpotch (Album), CardCaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack 4
Taken From: CardCaptor Sakura (3rd/Final Opening Theme)
Copyright Property: Victor Entertainment
Recording Date: 2010-10-30 06:35


Hisomu POWER
I'm a dreamer...
Hidden power...

Watashi no sekai yume to koi to fuan de dekite'ru
Demo souzou wo shinai mono kakurete'ru hazu
My world is made of dreams, love, and worries.
But there are still things lying hidden that I can't even imagine

sora ni mukau kiki noyou ni anata wo
massugu mitsumete'ru
Facing the sky, like all the different trees,
I'm gazing right at you.

Mitsuketai naa    kanaetai naa
Shinjiru   sore dake de Koerarenai mono wa nai
Utau you ni    kiseki no you ni
"Omoi" ga subete wo kaete yuku yo
Kitto kitto odoroku kurai
 I want to find my dream... I want to make it come true...
There is nothing that I can't overcome if I only believe.
Just like singing, just like miracles,
"feelings" can change everything!
Without a doubt... Without a doubt... It's almost surprising!

hisomu POWER
I'm a dreamer...
Hidden power...

Mada minu sekai soko de nani ga matte-ite mo
Moshimo risou to   chigatte mo osore wa shinai
A world yet unseen... no matter what awaits me there,
Even if it's not the ideal, I won't be afraid.

Tori-tachi wa kaze ni nori   tabi wo shite yuku
kyou kara ashita e to
The birds travel on the wind
On a journey from today to tomorrow.

Tsutaetai naa    sakebitai naa
Kono yo ni   hitotsu dake   no sonzai de aru watashi
Inoru you ni    hoshi no you ni
Chiisa na hikari dakedo itsuka wa
Motto    motto tsuyoku naritai
I want to tell you...    I want to shout it...
I am but one entity in this world.
But like a prayer, like a star,
even with a small light, someday,
I want to be stronger and stronger.

Genkai no nai   kanousei ga koko ni aru
kono te ni (IT'S GONNA BE YOUR WORLD...)
There are limitless possibilities,
Right here in my grasp (IT'S GONNA BE YOUR WORLD...)

Mmitsuketai naa    kanaetai naa
Shinjiru   sore dake de koerarenai mono wa nai
Utau you ni    kiseki no you ni
"Omoi" ga subete wo kaete yuku yo
Kitto    kitto odoroku kurai
I want to find my dream... I want to make it come true...
There is nothing that I can't overcome, if I only believe.
Just like singing, just like miracles,
"Feelings" can change everything!
Without a doubt... Without a doubt... It's almost surprising!

NOTE: Lyrics and translation taken from Anime Lyrics


Before Tsubasa Chronicles ever existed, there was CardCaptor Sakura... a very cute yet compelling anime that stood as it's foundation. CardCaptor Sakura was one of the hugely acclaimed CLAMP's work, sprouting into 70 episodes and 2 theatrical movies from a simple 12 tankoubon... (actually, 12 is quite plenty indeed). More info can be read in Wiki. It was CLAMP's take on the popular magical girl genre, with lots of their usual twist here and there.

What's the connection between the two story? The characters Sakura & Syaoran and almost all other supporting cast, 'reincarnated' into the world of Tsubasa, and I believe there's more to it, rather than just an Alternate Universe. CLAMP really likes to do a crossover between their series. If you want to know the true connection, please look around for spoiler on the net, cause as I've said in my previous post: I haven't read the manga till the end and haven't watch the anime, and will not try to get into spoilers XD.

Anyway, this song was a favorite of mine in time of its airing (released on October 1999), because it utilized the power of the wonder team of Maaya-san, Yoko Kanno and the lyricist Yuuho Iwasato. Their collaboration always amazed me, and this is one of them. The one I uploaded is the cover I recorded in 2010, which was actually the 2nd take... the 1st one was in 2006, with very low quality concerning the media I used, thus it was never officially published... apart from the fact that in the past one of my assistant got a copy of it, spreadt it to others, and it went kinda tense among several of my students. Tense in a way that my students started asking about my hidden hobby XD, cause I was basically keeping them for myself, personally back then.... *cough cough*

I called this version as a 'lazy-laid-back' version, because obviously I was singing in such manner, and the terrible microphone that I used resulted in such low volume for the vocal (it really enhanced the lazy effect T.T). Oh, and by the way... the vocal I mixed here is RAW, meaning I only raise the volume before merging it to the instrumental. Obviously because I had no knowledge about sound editing (meaning: noise reduction, hiss reduction, reverb effects) back in 2010... and my -old- laptop that I was using could NOT handle the processing. So yeah, you wanna hear my voice without editing? Here's one of the sample...

The song retells how dream and hope is like opening a new and wide door for us all. "No limits, Dream is a hidden power" is the power of the message it tries to convey. A very strong and uplifting song, that reminds us how we should never ever loose hope and dream. The lyrics are in line with the show, where Sakura is in her Sakura Card arc and approaching the end line of her journey with the clow cards.

If I get the chance to make a recording, I mean proper studio recording in the future (with high quality instruments)... this song would be one among my list. Why? Really love it... really do, and it's uplifting so much for myself personally. So, hope you can enjoy it, and it touches your heart the same... thanks for reading, and as always don't ever forget the message the song tries to deliver. Don't ever, ever and ever loose your hope and dream, because it is your strength, and it is your key for your own future!
JCBU always!

~Furede Riko~

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them... (Walt Disney)
Dreaming of a tomorrow, which tomorrow, will be as distant then as 'tis today... (Lope de Vega)


No official PV was available, but I do able to find someone who upload the song online... and also Maaya-san's live performance. ENJOY! ^^

Maaya Sakamoto - Platinum
Live Version

What's Next?
- A song from my most favorite CLAMP's work so far, eventhough it's only one alphabet XD 


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