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Saigo no Kajitsu


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto
Music: Shouko Suzuki
Available on: Saigo no Kajitsu / Mitsubachi to Kagakusha (Single), Kazeyomi (Album)
Taken From: Tsubasa Chronicles - Tokyo Revelation OVA (Ending Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Victor Entertainment
Recording Date: 2011-08-28 16:24


Sagashite bakari no bokutachi wa kagami no you ni yoku niteru kara
Mukiau dake de tsunagaru noni fureau koto wa dekinai mama
Me wo korashita Te wo nobashita
We who continuously searching, are like looking to reflections in a mirror
All it takes for us to connect is to face each other, and yet we remain separated
I strained my eyes, I stretched out my hand

Kaseki mitai ni nemutteiru hirakareru no wo machitsuzukeru
Ame ga futte Toki wa michite
Deep asleep like a fossil, I await my awakening
Rain falls, Time goes by

Nee boku wa, boku wa shiritai aisuru tte donna koto?
Kimi ga hohoemu to sekai wa sukoshi furuete kagayaita
Marude kokyuu suru you ni ugokidashita
Hey I really, I really want to know, Just what does it mean to love?
Cause when you're smile, it's as if the world shakes a little and glows,
like it will come to live and draws a breath

Dare mo mamorenai bokutachi wa neshizumaru machi wo kakedashita
Mizu ni natte Kaze ni natte
With no one to protect, we left this half-asleep town behind
To become the water, to become the wind

Te ni ireru tame ni arasoi ubai aeba   munashikute
Boku ga sakendemo sekai wa nani mo iwazu ni se wo muketa
Marude boku wo tamesu you ni tsukihanashita
How futile it is to fight and rob for the sake of one's desires
Even when I shouted it out loud, the world turned its back on me without a word,
It pushed me away as though it was testing me.

Isshun wo Eien wo Hajimari wo Saihate wo
For a moment, For eternity, Since the beginning, Till the furthest ends

Nee boku wa, boku wa shiritai ikiteku tte donna koto?
Boku ga tazuneru to sekai wa sukoshi furuete kagayaita
Boku ni nemuru shinjitsu wo ima shizuka ni tokihanatsu
Hey I really, I really want to know, Just what does it mean to live?
Cause when I ask that question, the world shakes a little and glows
The truth that has been sleeping within me is now quietly being released...

NOTE: Lyrics was taken from Anime Lyrics , but I fixed the translation a bit in some part


Well here it is, kicking the start of this blog with a whole month of tribute for CLAMP, especially the series Tsubasa Chronicles because it actually covers almost all their works in one show... XD

Eventhough I was actually planning to post this song at the end of the month, I've decided to post it up front. What's the reason for my initial plan? The title suggested that it should be put last: "SAIGO no Kajitsu" means "The LAST Fruit" hahaha. So what stopped me from doing such literal purpose? ;D Well, I can honestly say that the end result was not as good as I expected it would've been (I think I didn't put quite good amount of emotion in it), hence I didn't feel like it should be placed as a kickass end to this month's theme. Another reason is I initially wanted to post the rock-style theme for the movie, but ended up droping the song from the list (have done the recording, but didn't even meet my lowest satisfaction meter), and dare I say that I have trouble with the original singer's vocal that drown my mood *hide under desk to avoid rampaging Kinya's fans*... and finally, this's one of those mellow songs that probably not fitting to end a good month, except if I want to close the blog or something... *cough cough*

To be honest, I never really thought about doing Tsubasa Chronicle's song before, cause the first song I heard was "SONIC BOOM" by Maaya-san, and I honestly didn't like it. At the end of last month, I caught up with a site that provided the sample songs. I listened to the character songs, and it made me feel somewhat impressed, so I ended up trying to listen another song by Maaya-san. The accoustic guitar at the intro of this song immediately captured my attention at the first time I heard it. Added with the music that followed (more smooth strumming of guitar!), and of course her vocal which I've been biased, made it a very pleasant song to hear, eventhough at times I still think her phrasings are a bit confusing to follow. But I love this song, and I love the message...

Up until now I still wonder what the title supposed to mean. Even the PV of the song didn't tell me anything about it. The lyric itself is a very strong message about searching for the meaning of one's existence. It's a poetic one, and it's written by the singer herself. Can anyone tell me how the lyrics can relate to the term "Last Fruit"? Anyway, as I said, the lyrics are so poetic, melancholic-ly poetic. Singing this song is like talking to someone and asking that person about the meaning of life. This someone might also refer to everyone else in the world, who are in the same situation, cause one thing for sure, everyone is just the same. Everyone is like a mirror reflection to others, yet everyone is separated.

For me personally, the chorus parts are the one that were stuck in my head, and still are until now. I believe this is the main part of the song.  "Hey, I really want to know just what does it mean to love, or to life?" is a simple question, yet so deep. A question that I'm certainly sure, is a question that hids in everyone's heart, or at least people who HAVE a heart. Even a carefree person, those who are living a happy life, must've asked this question deep in their heart. There are people who have found their answers, but there are also those who are still seeking theirs until now. A very universal question, yet a very private and personal one as well. Knowing that Japanese lyrics can be interpreted in some ways, the first chorus "What does it mean to love?" can be seen as talking to a person you love, or as asking to people who can smile with the addition of love in their hearts. The singer wonders why love causes their smile to be able to move the world. The second and the final chorus is another question about life: the meaning of existence, and the purpose of living. The good part of the ending, is that somehow the singer finally starting to reach the answer to the question, because the world responds in its peculiar way...

How does the song relate to the Anime itself? I suppose this song is talking about Subaru/Kamui's feeling upon looking at how Syaoran struggle so much for Sakura, and also vice versa. I may have been speaking about the bond between Kurogane and Fye as well. Yes, it can be interpreted in many of the relationship in the series as well. As in which one, I suppose it's up to you on how you want to view it.    

So what are the answers to that question for you? There are people who find the reason of their living is to be a good servant to God (and I can say this goes to any religion), there are also people who discover that their reason for living are for those they care so much: love ones; family and/or friends. Some people realized that their the reason for their living is to be able to change the world, and there are others who discover it in the serenity and peace of their private soul. Some say that the meaning of existence is the pursuit of happiness, some say fame, some say having your dreams fulfilled... and as I said before, some are still even searching and seeking for that answers, sometimes until the end of their life.

As for myself? I'm among those who are still searching for those anwers. How about you? Hope you have found one, or if you haven't (just like me), then keep on searching... Those answers will someday be found, and probably deep within yourself. So thanks for reading, enjoy the song as well as the message, and don't forget to ask your ownself that question, who knows, you might end up discovering something new in your life... JCBU all!

~Furede Riko~

Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn... (Charlie Parker)


I was able to find her video on Youtube, but I won't be embedding it to this site and just posting the links. The chances of a video removed by its user is high, so I decided not to risk myself showing off empty video on my post HAHAHA... So mind you if the links are broken in the future, and I'm not responsible for the quality as well.

Anyway, here's the link, be sure to enjoy it at the fullest:
Maaya-san's PV from Kazeyomi DVD

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