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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Daisuke Namikawa
Lyrics: Naoki Nishi
Music: Kazuo Yoda
Available on: Drama & Character Song - "Oukyuu no MACHINE" Chapter. 2 ~Arienai GOAL~
Taken From: Tsubasa Chronicles Drama CD Album (Ending / Fye. D Flowright Image Song)
Copyright Property: Victor Entertainment
Recording Date: 2011-08-28 16:35


Tooi kuni ni nokoshita takusan no sayonara wa
Yume no naka de hora dakishimete kudakechatta yo
Mamoreru mono subete wo taisetsu ni todoketai
Hakobu kaze wa tada utau dake sou sore dake
Leaving behind a far away land, hold tight those many goodbyes
within your dream and don't ever break it
I want to deliver all the things that I protected with great care
Cause a moving wind can only sing, yes, that's all it can do 

Ijiwaru na michi demo hohoenda kimi
Even when the road is un-kind, you just smile

(*)Yasashisa kara kizutsuita toki wa
Omoidasou kokoro no oku no kazoekirenai SMILE
In those times when you are wounded because your kindness,
Let's remember! Those countless SMILE deep inside your heart 

Mune no naka de sodateta takusan no kagayaki wa
Asai yume ni mou okosarete karechatta ne
Raise up those plenty of shines in your heart
Wake up from that shallow dream, do not wither 

Todokanai koe demo utaidasu kimi
Even when the voice can't reach, you just sing

Kanashimi kara chikara wo atsumete
Arukidasou mada minu basho e
Hikari no mukou e
Gather up the strength that came from your sadness
Let's walk! To that un-seen place
To that distant light

(Repeat *)
NOTE: English Translation by Furede Riko, so don't mind if the grammar is not perfect hahaha.... ;p


As I said before in my last post, this song came from a character who always smile... Yup, if you have guessed the one and only Fay D. Flourite (or as the romanization I prefer: Fye D. Flowright) then you deserved your reward. I don't have anything to give away as rewards though hahaha...

This 2nd Tsubasa Chronicles song I've covered (yup, that Kotani Kinya song I mentioned was after this one), is probably one of my least favorites among Tsubasa's song. If I didn't like it then why did I do the cover?
1. The music is gentle and laid back, and it really grows on you
2. It's perfect for my voice type, the wishy washy nasally bishonen *cough cough* seiyuu type...
3. The lyrics are simple yet great!
4. It fits so much to the character it tries to represent...
Yup, this is probably one of the most suited image song of all 5 main characters of the show. The music and lyrics fits Fye's personality so well, and I could imagine him singing this song and it fits the image.

So what part that distracted me the most about this song? Frankly speaking: the vocal! I'm not a big fan or a hater of the seiyuu, nor I can say that I am a music professional, but I honestly think he didn't do well in it. Daisuke Namikawa is an awesome seiyuu, and he did a great job to give such perfect personality for Fye, but his singing vocal was definitely (awfully?) NOT on my list.... *runs under the table to hide from angry Namikawa's fans, and continue posting there*. His vocal was, what can I say... pitchy? I can appreciate that he was trying to sing in character, but I feel he ended up NOT portraying it -as great as he did in anime- for the song. His voice made me go.. ugh... wanted to skip the song ( and I actually DID that at the 1st time XD). It was also giving me trouble when doing the cover for one big reason: I can't figure out directly the pitch of several, or most parts of the song cause he went off note here and there. I ended up focusing on the music and the karaoke instead. NOT saying that I'm better at pitch or musicality than him, but come on guys! This one's a released album... I want my album, vocally speaking, a lot better than this... It was a relief that the coupling song by Syaoran (which I'll definitely be posting later on) is much better...

Regardless to that problem, as I said, the song itself is a nice piece. If you're experienced with Tsubasa's story, then Fye is that carefree guy, who always SMILE no matter what happened, with laid back personality and warm and gentle feeling towards others.. Oh! and that 'yaoi'-like relationship he had with Kuro-tan, I mean Kurogane. Yup, the song really fits right!? In this song he was saying, that no matter how hard the journey, how painfull it gets, remember those many smile in your hearts, and do the same: SMILE!

His character had a huge change after he suffered the lost of his left eyes (it was eaten by Clone-Syaoran in the Tokyo arc) though, so I don't know if the song still fits itself there, but then again that arc was portrayed in the OVA and the 2nd season, and this one was produced in the 1st season where Fye was always smiling... Oh, did I say that his smile was sometimes fake? Yes, Fye tend to be faking smile to hide his true feeling or emotion. My local publisher has yet to release the manga volume that reveal Fye's true identity (and I tried hard not to read its detail spoilers on the net), and honestly I have only watched the movie and 1st OVA Anime, not the TV Series... so I'm really not sure why he's faking them. But one thing for sure, in this song Fye told us all, that SMILE is his last resort for whatever trouble he's facing. If you really want to know what has happened to him? You can read them here.

"No matter what happened, always SMILE", that's the message of the song. It's simple, yet so deep. This quote immediately reminded me to several people (including yours truly? perhaps so... hahahaha) in my personal life who implement it in real life. It might be simple to do, but it's actually an act that needed great strength and ability to endure one's pain in heart. It's a good paradigm to face everything with a smile, although I'm a bit against the part where people ended up 'faking' smile just to make everyone think he's okay. I believe that's not the point, being sincere and honest to yourself, and being true to yourself and to everyone is a better solution for me personally, cause I simply hate hypocricy. Does the song said anything about being hypocrite? NOPE! It's singing about how we should face anything in good sport, accept whatever comes whether it's good or bad, don't frown and never loose that smile from your face. Scientist said that a smile can expand one's life for quite some time, so have you SMILED today? =D 

Not being a narcist guy, but I do prefer to listen to my own cover rather than the original one. So, I can proudly say that this version is my own private 'justice' for the song, whether anyone would appreciate it or not ;p.You guys might still enjoy the original better, but well, at least this cover has made me enjoy this song more, personally speaking... XD

Thanks for reading, and as always don't ever forget the message the song tries to deliver. Hope you have a nice day, filled with that warm and precious big SMILE of yours! Don't ever ever and ever forget to give your best SMILE today, and tomorrow, the day after, and always... :D
JCBU always!

~Furede Riko~

Dedicated to my best friend, the self proclaimed Mr. 'Smiley' whose smile always light up the day... God I miss that chubby friend of mine so much... "Keep smiling brother, your smile gave us strength to carry on...whenever or wherever you are!" (and hope you're reading this as well... -_-)

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day... (H. Jackson Brown, Jr. from P.S. I Love You)


No official PV was available, since this is an image song, but I was able to find this song posted on Youtube. Here's the link, be sure to enjoy it at the fullest, and if you disagree with what I said about Daisuke-san's voice (in this song people, yes... only in this song T.T), well... each people have freedom of style and preference, so no further arguments hahahaha... ENJOY!

Daisuke Namikawa - SMILE

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