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Original Artist: Kouhei Koizumi
Lyrics: Kouhei Koizumi
Composition: Kouhei Koizumi
Arrangement: Kouhei Koizumi & Naoki Satou
Available on: X TV Anime Original Soundtrack
Taken From: X: An Omen OVA (Ending Theme)
Copyright Property: Victor Entertainment
Recording Date: 2010-09-26 07:46


Kanashii yume no sekai de ai suru hito mo naku
Ikite yuku koto sae tomerarenai nara boku wa nani o sureba ii no...
In the world of sad dreams, without any loved ones
If I can’t even end my own live, then what should I do…?

Ai shite subete nakushite sore demo sagashiteta
Mamoritsuzukeru koto no utsukushisa
Sore wa tada no maboroshi
By loving, I lost everything, nevertheless, I still searched for them
The beauty of continuing to protect someone, that was just an illusion 
Kimi no tsuyosa to yasashisa sae
Mamoru koto mo dekizu  tada kurushii dake
Moshimo  dare mo ga sono sadame ni
Sakarau koto dekizu  umarete kita nara
Nee  oshiete yo  namida no imi o...
 Without even being able to protect
Your strength and kindness, it is simply painful
If everyone was born
Unable to defy their destiny
Please, then tell me, the meaning of tears

Ano hi no yakusoku nante kanau hazu mo naku
Dakedo  naze darou  boku wa sukoshi dake shiawase da tte omotta...
I can't even fulfill the promises I made that day
But then why did I think that I’m just a bit happy?

Donna ni tsurakatta kako ga yukue o kobande mo
Hosoi hikari ga boku ni wa mieru yo
Kitto maboroshi janai sa
No matter how the painful past rejected my path
I can see a faint light;
I’m sure that it’s not an illusion

Kimi no tsuyosa to yasashisa nara
Mamoreru kamoshirenai  hontou no omoi...
Hito no kokoro wa kawareru mono
Sou shinjite mitai  ashita o ikiru tame
Mou  nakanaide  boku ga iru kara...
If it’s your strength and kindness,
Then my true thoughts just might be able to protect them…
People’s hearts are changeable things
I want to try to believe that so I can live until tomorrow
Please don’t cry anymore, because I’m here…

ima wa fuan na mirai dake ga
bokutachi no kokoro o  mayowaseru keredo
hito no kokoro wa kawareru kara
mou taisetsu na mono o  akirametari shinai
For now, only the worrisome future
Throws our hearts astray
But because people’s hearts can change,
I won’t give up those precious things anymore

Kimi no tsuyosa to yasashisa nara...
Hito no kokoro wa kawareru kara...
If it’s your strength and kindness…
Because people’s hearts can change…

Mou  mayowazuni  ikite yukeru yo
Mou  nakanaide  ima  arukidasou
Live without getting lost anymore
Now, don't cry anymore and start walking

NOTE: Lyrics and translation are based from Anime Lyrics and Words of Songs because combining info from both site provided a much clearer understanding of the translation. And Indonesian translation by yours truly can be read here


Before Tsubasa Chronicles ever existed, there was CardCaptor Sakura... and before CCS was even around, there was this great series about apocalypse which CLAMP entitled with just one word... X. A word that represents uncertainty or unknown things. I'm a big fan -yes, not great, because I'm not really hardcore about it- of this series, because how it struggles with the end of the world. This series is my most favorite from all CLAMP's work. Unfortunately the manga kinda ended on book 18 (whereas it was supposed to end at 22 (?), just like the number of tarrot card) because it was too dark and angsty that the publisher stopped it there. I believe it was because at the time it was released, public hasn't been used to violence and gorey stuff. I'm still hoping that CLAMP will continue this series in the future, because the society now is much open than before (hey, CLAMP did a Blood-C, why not X?). The anime however meets a true ending, and it was... as usual... the well known CLAMP's twist. What's the connection to Tsubasa? Please watch the OVA Tsubasa Tokyo Revelation and you'll understand why X had became an important part of Tsubasa's storyline...

Anyway, this song came as the ending to the Original Video Animation / OVA. This OVA was a prelude to the whole TV Series, and focused on the character Kakyou Kuzuki, a dreamgazer who was able to see the painfull future of the world and those involving, while being in a coma and unable to wake up. I've fell in love with this POWER song since the first time hearing it at the OVA, but took me qute sometime to be able to record it. Let's see... the song was released on 2001, yet I recorded it on 2010. Ouuch... a freaking 9 years, and yes it was a challenging song due to the vocal range of Kouhei-san. I ended up singing in my lower tone to avoid strangling my neck and losing my voice at the refrain: I was still forced to use falsetto/head voice though. As with the case of my previous post ("PLATINUM") this one is RAW, meaning I only raise up the volume and omitted the hissing sound in the non-vocal part. All of my works labeled in the -Past Works- category are RAW, meaning you get to hear a direct recording version of me there... Ha!!!

Eventhough it was actually not meant for it, but this song ended up becoming a tribute for my brother ECS in time of his great loss last year (yup, exactly one year ago - September 2010). My bro had lost his Mom due to sickness earlier in 2010, and later on his beloved father followed his Mom to heaven in a home accident. It was a shocking moment, a trully and heartbreakingly devastating time. My biggest regret was unable to comfort him personally during the 2nd lost (I went to his hometown when his Mom died, but couldn't go for his Dad because of work T.T), so I decided to send him this song, and to accompany him with a song about the strength to carry on. I may not be physically there, but my mind and thoughts were wholly for him back then.

I've wrote a message about this song on my initial blog in my native language, here's what I wrote back then, translated in English:

This sad song speaks about losing beloved ones. Kamui had lost the girl that he loved, as well as the best friend that he had considered as his own brother. Kakyou had lost Hokuto, who was the reason for him to continue living. And not just about the two main character, but it's also speaking about other supporting characters as well: Subaru who had lost his 'important person' Seishiro, Yuzuriha with the lost of Inuki, Karen who sacrificed herself for her platonic person Seiichiro, and even Arashi who would eventually lost Sorata that had always loved her platonicly. All of these characters had to suffer there lost without being able to do anything, because human simply can't fight against God's will. 

Apart from that, this song delivers an important message for us. Eventhough something important might have been lost from our lives, as long as we have strength and kindness in our hearts, everything can be overcome and we can still move forward. This is a song with such deep lyrics, that had stayed by my side during several of my own personal struggle. Losing a dad, losing a grandpa, even losing one particular best friend who is still living in my heart until now. Sometimes it was fate, sometimes it came from pure selfishness and foolishness, and also personal pride. Everything was unevitable, and flowed in a scenario that had been written for us. The song gave strength, because it reminded us that whatever happened we need to keep moving on... stepping forward, so that we won't ever loose those important people in our life again... So if you have time, listen to this song, and reminisce the essence of the words in it.   

This post is dedicated to a brother, to my brother ECS, who had just lost (another) important person in his life. It must've been hard to accept this, after a previous lost not long ago, but just as a reminder, and hopefully can strengthen him, that the way of GOD may seem weary, HE may take us to the valley of despair, but everything comes for a reason and special purpose, all for our goods, to carry us to the still water and the green pastures.

"Be strong brother, because Jesus will give you the strength and kindness to move forward...! Now, don't cry anymore and start walking... Because I'm here (for you especially)..."
Not only for him, but this post is dedicated to those other important people in my life, because I just want them to know, that I will not loose the people I loved anymore!!! Hope this message gets to you as well...

"No matter what happens, no matter how distance and time will separate us... I'll always care for you... and we will always be brothers / families / friends... till the end of time...! Please remember this in your heart, because it goes from the heart as well"

May this post be a blessing to those who read it...

That's how it goes, and I think it summarized the whole message of the song, so I don't need to write a new one all again here (actually, writing the English translation itself felt like writing a new ones for me XD). I never actually knew, or dare to ask him wheter my brother actually have read and listened to this song or not, but I believe my feelings made it to his heart somehow. I simply don't want to remind him about sad moments. Hope you won't feel down if you actually read this post hahaha.... *hugs*

What's funny for me, is that everytime I listen or do anything regarding this song, the situation and condition always fits, and it always bring tear to my eye. Well, I can honestly say I've been pretty down lately, but somehow reading the lyrics and writing this post somehow gave me strength to stand again. That's how deep the song is, and why I called it as a POWER song.

Just like PLATINUM, if I ever get the chance to make high quality studio recording, this song would be one among my list as well. I don't have to explain why, do I?. So, if you're feeling down and low, I hope you get a new strength after reading this. Keep moving forward, stay strong, and don't ever loose the ones you cared the most anymore... No matter what happens, believe that you do have the STRENGTH & COMFORT to carry on and to move on with your life...

Thanks for reading, JCBU always!

~Furede Riko~

Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's the true STRENGTH... (Unknown)

Keep moving forward... (Walt Disney)


No official PV was available, but I was able to find someone who uploaded the song online... Here you go, ENJOY!

Kouhei Koizumi - Strength

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