Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome & Enjoy your visit!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this small blog of mine that will be showcasing my works in music. I've been doing cover songs (mostly Japanese Anime song, but I do have others as well) since 2006, though I've been doing amateur music since 1999, mostly at church. Nevertheless, music is essentially one of my biggest hobby eversince I was born... ;)

I don't see myself as a professional artist, at least not yet... so what I will be posting are my amateur works, which resulted from private hobby, and the fact that I love playing musical notes with my vocal as my best musical instruments thus far. Please don't ever think that I am prowess, cause sometimes I tend to mess up, hence the results were not enough for my own satisfactory. Beside that, since I'll be using Japanese mostly, please understand that the languague is my third language (English is the 2nd) so there are some pronunciation that probably sound off once in a while. Still learning and learning and learning... Haha!

So why do I create a special blog for my works? Because in most of my work, I have been sending a MESSAGE through songs. Yes, eventhough not all of them, the songs that I have chosen (and will choose in the future) contains a powerfull message that I am trying to convey to others. Messages about friendship, about life, about the meaning of existence, and once in a while about love. Sometimes the message is private, sometimes it's universal, sometimes is a message for myself. Eversince I started my Youtube account, I have written my personal thoughts (or comments as I usually said) about the song I posted, but I still think that they aren't enough and I was always stuck with the space. So where else can I write more about it? BLOG! I have been doing that through my initial blog, but then again I was stucked with the space and convenience. So eventually that leads to the arrival of this blog...

With that said, basically what you will expect to see in this site are these fantastic 5:
- An embedded cover song by yours truly (posted in Youtube)
- Information about the songs (singer, writer, and all)
- The full lyrics, and hopefully the translation (especially for Japanese song)
- My personal thoughts... meaning what kind of message I'm trying to deliver as well as whatever I had in my mind at the time of recording... (WARNING: might get extra long XD)
- Links to the original song/video (if available)

Every once in a while, I'll be posting some chit-chat just like this post as well... What can I say? I'm a talkative person... By the way, eventhough it would be much comfortable for me to write them all in my native language, I'll try my best to write them in English instead, after all it's an international language, and by that, I do wish the message and my thoughts can be shared to more people in the world. Music itself is a language, a message that speaks to everyone, it's universal, or so I believe...

A quick little info on how I do things to create the results:
- I used my trusted partner, a.k.a. my private notebook to record my voice, with the help of a not-so-good-quality-that-love-to-get-itself-in-trouble headset (with embedded microphone). Here's hoping to be able to build a private recording studio someday... hahaha
- I used an original karaoke or instrumental version of the songs I'm working on, thus limiting the variety of songs I can tackle. Luckily almost every anime song is released with inserted karaoke. People can argue that I can use a certain software like Audacity to remove vocal from a particular song. Been there, done that, and not really satisfied with the result, so that would be my last resort, and I tend to only used that software to lower the pitch of several songs which are a bit too high for my vocal range (I was a tenor in my choir group, but I'm actually a Baritone cause my falsetto and/or head voice have limited range), perhaps its what they say a Countertenor.
- After that I cleaned the noises and hisses using Cool Edit and added reverb effect(s), mostly with the purpose to sharpen the result.
- In order to produce the final result, I used Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer to combine the vocal and karaoke, and also to fix several delay issue that often resulted by the delay of microphone and notebook processor. The result will be converted to MP3 and WMA.
- I used my Windows Movie Maker to create a video that consists of the music (WMA), and several images from the show that I looked and found in the internet. The result is in WMV format...
- Finally, I post the video to my YouTube Account so that everyone can hear it...
Last but not least, what kind of music to be expected here? As I said above, I'm a Japanese Anime fan, so there will be anime songs, as well as J-Pop. I did several English language ones, but somehow I feel my voice is much suited for Japanese songs. A nasal seiyuu voice? Hahaha hopefully so... Anyway, what about the genre? I loved musicals, jazzy songs, songs with awesome piano/violin/guitar, upbeat dance songs, but almost all can be categorized as BALLAD. Oh, and I loved anime-songs from the 90s, cause I grew up with them. I hope these varieties will entertain listeners or at least touch the readers by their lyrics.

So there they are, some quick yet probably a bit long chit-chat about how I do things. Please enjoy your first visit and if you have any personal thoughts as well regarding the songs that will be posted, your comments are especially welcome in this blog. If you have any suggestions about this blog or how to enhance my production, you may also post a comment or just email me. Have any request? Bring it on...! But don't expect too highly that it will meet high expectation of yours ^^;

Thanks for reading, and be sure to come back for another and another and another visit... ^^v

~Furede Riko~

Music brings joy to men and enriches their heart... (Unknown)
Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent... (Victor Hugo)

What's Next?
- A "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles" tribute in September to celebrate CLAMP FESTIVAL that will be held on September 24th 2011
- A "Sakura Taisen" tribute in October to commemorate its 15th Year as well as to celebrate 2nd Budokan Show on October 7th 2011

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