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(my internet basically failed me to upload for more than 10 times already today, but I don't want this blog-post misses this important day... so, info goes first! Look forward to the video tomorrow...)

The internet is finally back, and hopefully it will continue like this for the next hours, and more than that till tomorrow and so on -_-... but anyway, I finally manage to upload my cover. Here you go, ENJOY!:

Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Tetsu Inada
Lyrics: Nishi Naoki
Composition: Ryousuke Nakanishi
Arrangements: Ryousuke Nakanishi
Available on: Drama & Character Song - "Oukyuu no MACHINE" Chapter. 1 ~Suijou Toshi CORAL~
Taken From: Tsubasa Chronicles Drama CD Album (Opening / Kurogane Image Song)
Copyright Property: Victor Entertainment
Recording Date: 2011-09-04 08:06


Kioku no naka no kioku
Kizu shika nokosenai  kawaita michi
Tatakau dake no kako ga
MONOKURO ni yakeru
 A memory within a memory
 A thirsty road with no remaining wounds
 A past that was only for battle
 is burning in a Monochrome

Nando to naku ukande mata kieru
Ano nibui yume wo furi hodo kitai  dakara itsumo...
 Nothing to lose, cause whatever rises will vanish again
 I want to untangle that foolish dream, therefore, always...

Sou yakeru you na kuroi yami wo kiru
Suterarenai sadame wo shinjite
Tada hitotsu dake no hoshi ni naru tame ni
Negau kimochi mo  inoru kotoba mo  sutete
 Yes, just like burning, by killing the pitch black darkness
 I believe in a fate that will not be discarded away
 In order to be the one and only star
 Throw away these feelings of hope, and also words of prayer

Kodoku no hate no kodoku
Mienai teki ni muke  furimawashita
Tomatta mama no ude ja
Nani mo kawaranai
 The loneliness of an end of loneliness
 Wielding to face an unseen enemy
 With just a skill to stop
 Nothing will be changed

Kizutsukete mo subete wo kowashite mo
Mou kimeta koto sa  furikaeranai  dakara itsumo
 Creating wounds, and destroying everything
 It's a decision that can not be turn back, therefore, always

Sou moeru you na kaze wo midare utsu
Umerarenai kotae wo wasurete
Tada hitotsu dake no michi wo yuku tame ni
Nigiru kobushi wo  kono zankou ni kaete
 Yes, just like getting burn, confronting the wind
 To forget an uncovered answer
 In order to proceed the one and only road
 The grasp of this fist, shall return to the light of this sword

Hateshinaku  kurikaesu  kono rasen
Yuru ga nai  mamoru chikara
Ano chikai wa kawaru kotonaku ima mo
Mune ni aru ze
 Completing and repeating this spiral
 The power to protect is not about swinging
 Unable to lose or change that oath
 Right now it's in my heart

Saa  sora no you ni hiraku michi wo yuke
Koerarenai sekai wa nai darou
Mada kizutsuiteru hima ga aru no nara
Ima yori motto  hikari yori hayaku
 Hey, let's proceed the open road that's just like the sky
 There's no world that can't be surpass
 Eventhough there's still time to rest the wound
 For now let's continue, move faster to the light

Yakeru you na yami wo uchiku dake
Jibun dake no sadame wo shinjite
Tada hitotsu dake no hoshi ni naru tame ni
Ore no subete wo  kono zankou ni kaete
 Just like burning, only by smashing darkness
 I believe in a fate of my own
 To become the one and only star
 Every part of me, shall return to the light of this sword

NOTE: Romaji and kanji can be found in Anime Lyrics, and I translate the English myself... so pardon for room of errors...


HAPPY CLAMP DAY!!! Hahaha...

Today's the big day, the big event for CLAMP in 2011: the CLAMP FESTIVAL TOKYO 2011! The event will be held in Ajinomoto Stadium, with lots of guests who will be performing or doing voice work: Nana Mizuki (Saya & Theme Song / BLOOD-C), Naomi Tamura (Theme Song / Magic Knight Rayearth), Yui Makino (Sakura / Tsubasa Chronicle), Megumi Nakajima (Chie - Chiho & Theme Song / Kobato), Rie Tanaka (Chii & Theme Song / Chobits), Mika Kikuchi (Mocona / Tsubasa Chronicle-XXX Holic), Jun Fukuyama (Watanuki / XXX Holic-BLODD-C), Sakura Tange (Sakura / CardCaptor Sakura), Junko Iwao (Tomoyo / CardCaptor Sakura), Sayaka Oohara (Yuuko / XXX Holic), Kinya Kotani (Theme Song / Tsubasa Chronicle), Miyu Irino (Syaoran / Tsubasa Chronicle), Tetsu Inada (Kurogane / Tsubasa Chronicle - Ioryogi / Kobato), Daisuke Namikawa (Fye / Tsubasa Chronicle - Ginsei / Kobato), Hiroshi Kamiya (Doumoto / Kobato), Shikao Suga (Theme Song / XXX Holic), Shouko Nakagawa, DUSTZ (Theme Song / BLOOD-C).

To celebrate the event (as well as to acknowledge the fact that I will not be able to see it myself T.T)... today, I'm posting the final character song that I've covered from Tsubasa, as well as my number one favorite of them all. I actually wanted to post this exactly on 12.00 AM, but my internet has been behaving badly since 2 days ago... so... yeah T.T. Oh, and when I say badly, it means getting on my nerves, being a pain in my ass... cause the bandwith is so high, yet connection keep on loading and I can't even load a web in one strike, and NO downloads cause it's 0 kbps all the way (and my queue/ waiting list is now 40 something thanks to that)... Aaaarrrggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, how come it become my most favorite song of the characters? Simple... cause I'm a sucker to traditional Japanese-sounding music... XD. YES... the music of this number really stole my soul, and had me captivated until now. The 'Samurai' intro reminded me instantly to one of my favorite game series "Samurai Spirit/Shodown" and also the term "Samurai" in general. It fits so much to the character Kurogane Kurogane  that came from the world of (Ancient) Tokyo. After that, add in the catchy upbeat music, and well... it got me shaking my body good right there! :D.

I must say that almost every part of this song fits so much to Kurogane's image, the lyrics and the music... though I honestly found it a bit (or probably more) weird vibe imagining the badass Kuro-tan, or even the seiyuu (big and strong-looking) singing this particular dance-able number Haha. Yup, thats probably the part that I think didn't really fit in... but overall, the song is kickass, and Tetsu-san did an awesome job singing in character, with his regal  and heavy voice and all. The lyrics fits so much, cause it explains about the way of the sword that Kurogane believed in. Not the kind of lyrics that I favor, as I usually loved a song more because of it's message, but I can accept this because it is so damn Kuro-tan-like. This is a song about power, about how it kept Kurogane moving, and how he mastered it through the way of the sword...

Kurogane is a strong guy, who had his heart scarred by his past, and ended up seeking revenge for the slaugthering of his family. He served under Princess Tomoyo who eventually commanded him to follow the journey of Syaoran and the others. For a guy who lived by the way of the sword, he has such a rude manner, yet slowly but sure he changed along his journey with Syaoran, Sakura, Mocona and Fye. He even 'sold' himself as an exchange for Fye's life... Kurogane is not a favorite character for me, but his presence is important to build the chemistry among the team. Somehow I wish I can be much stronger like Kuro-tan rather than smiley like Fye... -sigh-

Eventhough I could've record this in character, I decided not to because I simply don't like hearing my own self in such heavy tone. So, I recorded this song in my usual vocal, making it a bit J-Pop sounding... and felt like it's Syaoran singing rather than Kurogane hahaha. Hope you enjoy my version, because it definitely had a different vibe compared to the original... I really truly enjoy recording this one, probably one of my best works so far, and I can easily picture myself singing this in a samurai outfit while wielding a sword... BADASS MODE ON...

Okay, don't mind that, I'm just being delusional hahahaha

Thanks for reading, only one song left from the Tsubasa series, and I'll be posting it at the end of the month. For those who have the opportunity to visit CLAMP Fest, do it and have lots of fun... (God, I really want that artbook so much). By the time this post can be publish it would have been over anyway... Never mind my rant. As always, don't hesitate if you have any comment or more about this work... Have a nicest day and JCBU always!


~Furede Riko~

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power... (Abraham Lincoln)

Power consists in one's capacity to link his will with the purpose of others, to lead by reason and a gift of cooperation... (Woodrow Wilson)


When I was recording this song, and looking for a video with the full song to put in this part, I discovered a Youtube user, Masaki Ryodo who did an excellent cover/rendition of this song. He even performed it live. He sang it VERY much in Kurogane character though, so that somehow differ my version to him. If you want to see his performance, you can check it out on his channel.

Meanwhile, here's the full song by Tetsu Inada, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

Kuro-tan singiiiingggg!!!! XD

What's Next?
- The ending to the full Tsubasa Chronicle / CLAMP tribute...


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