Monday, October 3, 2011

Being a Fanboy can be so EXPENSIVE!

Hey guys,

I want to share something awesome here... In the spirit of Sakura Taisen 15th Anniversary, I just received a special gift -you can say it's a very advance birthday gift- from probably the only, yes the one and only person who truly cares for me and knows what I really wanted for my birthday. Who is that? I'll tell you later on, after I review the item first... haha

I've been wanting this piece since the very first day that it was announced, and here it is:
the Sakura Taisen 15th Anniversary Taisho Roman Graph...

It's a full color guide book about Sakura Wars, featuring -an almost complete- information to all characters in the series (I'd say almost because it's missing Dandy Dan, Baragumi, Redberry and the other minor characters):

Here's one sample among the hundred something page:

Oh, and there's this small duration DVD that features several scenes from the games (1-5), followed by Kouhei Tanaka in the piano telling us the background story of the 3 theme song (Gekitei, Mihata no Moto ni, and Chijou no Senshi)...

It's truly an awesome collection, and a very nice replacement for someone who really wanted to go to the Budoukan... it feels very lucky for a SakuTai fanboy to own this at the time that he's celebrating the anniversary, doing a tribute and all, and only a few days before his birthday... Aaaa kimochi ga ii naaaa!!. It could've been a lot better though, with more details on characters, interview with all cast instead of just the 3 main heroines, and a complete list of the music (we got that in the Complete Song Box though).... It was still really worth it, and after taking lots and lots of pictures, I took my plastic seal, wrap it tightly and stored it in my 'sanctuary chamber' along with the other SakuTai goods...

Oh, and now let's see who that wonderful person that sent this for me. That awesome, and very thoughtful person is.... *drumroll*...
Now now... where have you seen Mr Baldie, I mean this bald headed guy before, you asked? Pay good attention to this man, and observe... it's someone that you all know as well! Have you figure it out? Not yet? Please look at the header of this blog then... perhaps you'll find some clue there XD
Anyway, how come the title speaks about expensive? Hmmm... Let's see. How much is the prize of this book? it's 3000 Japanese Yen! It's cheaper than a music album indeed... so why calling it expensive?

Hmmm... let's see... shipping and handling fee from the seller is 2200 yen. Fair enough, still cheaper than the actual price right? Oh yeah, since we used DHL there's a local custom and handling fee involved, it won't be much right Yup it's... 389000 Indonesian Rupiah.

So the total is... Wait what? You want to know how much that last part in Yen? Well, that amount of rupiah can be converted to Yen, and it is equal to none other than: 3296,6 yen! ^___^ *passes out*

Nope, I'm definitely NOT kidding, and the final result made me feel very dizzy instantly. Tell me about it, I don't really mind about the first shipping fee, it's the last one that made me went O_o WTF!! And when you look at the details for the fee, you would laugh out loud, cause the actual tax is only somewhat 600 yen, while the other 2000 something is for 'additional surcharge'.

Oh, and I just got info that another site has just post a news on selling this item, and that site is a wonderful site for poor kid because they accept shipping through SAL, which probably would only cost less than 1000 yen... *passes out again* Oh, and more than that... I'm practically broke at the moment, so how the hell will I pay for it? *sigh*, don't worry, I'll manage something out... perhaps I need to go sell some of my stuffs, or simply sell my body (though noone would be interested), or probably just my soul to the devil... -_-

Well, that's just a small, and very short rant from me.... and if you haven't realized already, the guy in the photo is none other than my identical yet angelic twin brother, whereas I'm the devil one. Oh, and I was never born as twins as well... hahaha! So yes, that's one of my personality, the shaolin monk! >.<

Oh, and why do I shave my head like that you asked? Hmmm... my hair have been falling like hell, and the weather has been pretty hot lately, IN and out of my head... so, that's the reason I ended up like that. Oh, and I was actually planning to go FULL BALD, but my family said they would ditched me off to the street if I did that. Damn! Nope, just kidding, which part? Guess...!
(Yes, the hot weather out of my head is definitely a joke cause it's kinda autumn already)

Thanks for reading guys... and the moral/message of this rant is: No matter how hardcore you are as a fanboy, DON'T ever fall into the trap of such ridiculous SHIPPING FEE! Let me be the last to suffer from such fanboy fatique. Go for SAL shipping... and definitely choose the website where you want to buy, VERY wisely, cause the site that I went to bought isn't SAL friendly! Never mind the long delay by using SAL, it won't give you dizziness like the express one. Oh, and also don't ever think about going bald like me, okay! Just do it later when life really finally sucks your brain out....

Have a nice day, God Bless (^^)/

~Baldie Riko~


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