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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Urara Takano
Lyrics: Hiroi Ouji
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: Gouka Kenran Furui Piano/Kagayaki (Single), Sakura Taisen Complete Song Box (Disc 4 of 8)
Taken From: Sakura Taisen OVA 2 ~Gouka Kenran~ (Eps 1 Ending Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Avex Entertainment
Recording Date: 2011-08-26 09:49


Furui piano ga kanaderu oto wa doko ga mukashi no iro ga aru
Oto no hazureta kenban no kanashimi ga  aah  kikoeru
Omoide sae mo sabi tsuite iru  wasuresarareta haioku ni
Ittai donna ashiato ga aru no daro  ne  oshiete
 As I play this old piano, there's a color of something long ago
 I can, oh, feel the sadness as the keys play a note off-pitch
 Even my memories are rusty, and in this forgotten deserted house
 I want to know what kind of footprints are here

Mmm  oita meiba ga me wo fuseru toki dare ga uteru ka
Ano hito mo kono hito mo 
Ano koro wa wakai oto kanadeteita hazu 
Mmm  furui piano ga kanaderu oto wa doko ga mukashi no iro ga aru
 Mm, in the past, fame covered my eyes, and who uncovered it?
 That person and this person
 Back then, there was a young ringing sound
 Mm, as I play this old piano, there's a color of something long ago

Furui piano ga suterareru toki  wakai mukashi no oto ga shita
Yabure kabure no oto dakedo  jounetsu ga  aah  kikoeru
 When this old piano was thrown away, it gave a young sound of long ago
 It was a weary defeated sound, but, oh, I could hear the passion

Mmm  oita suifu no ayatsuru fune ga umi ni dette yuku
Ano hito mo kono hito mo
Ano koro wa wakai oto kanadeteita hazu
Mmm  furui piano ga kanaderu oto mo ima wo kanjiru iro ga aru
 Mm, in the past, a sailor ran after a ship that headed for sea
 That person and this person
Back then, there was a young ringing sound
 Mm, as I play this old piano, I can feel that color

NOTE: Where do I get the Lyrics and translation? I have no idea because it's been sitting on my HDD for quite some time, years ago... If anyone knows who the translator is, I would be very grateful if you can tell me so I can credit the person...


This time, a jazzy tune take the stage.... and when we're talking about Jazz, then we're talking about none other than the one and only Maria Tachibana. As I said earlier in my Kagayaki post, I was able to conduct this project with the help of Kinsei-Chan (K.H.) who provided the original karaokes track for the single.

Eventhough "Kagayaki" went up first, I actually did this song earlier... when I was in the mood of doing jazzy vibe songs. Since it's a nice piece, I decided to hold it until the time is right for me to publish, so it has been sitting in my HDD for quite some time now. I never actually liked Maria Tachibana's songs, perhaps because she had this manly heavy vocals to begin with... but after I grow much mature -yes, I'm using that word instead of OLDER Gyahaha-, I'm starting to enjoy her works, and ended up really appreciating them. So, "Furui Piano" was my take, since it's obvious I won't be doing "Only Man" XD.

Maria is half Japanese and half Russian. She was caught in a Russian civil war when she was a teenage, and had to live through the death of his precious captain -whom she loved- who was shot in the battlefield. Maria became cold and reserved, and though she's a strict and strong woman that noone would like to mess with, she practically refused to trust and believe in others since that incident. Just like Reni though, she started to change upon meeting the Teikoku Kagekidan. Believing in others, trusting in her comrades... the bond between these girls and also Oogami, has made her able to smile once more.

This song, simply saying, is the reminiscent of her past days. The lyrics are so obvious, that the old piano reminded her of her sad memories as she started playing tunes with it. A song about memories indeed. The music is that lounge-y, gentle jazz tune with accoustic guitar and -of course- PIANO as it's main instruments. Add in that shaker sound, and slowly the drum beat comes in... Spectacular combination! It trully bring this relaxing feel, gentle atmosphere that will sooth your soul. On the contrary, it can be so sleepy to hear for those who doesn't enjoy this type of music. I know how it felt, cause I was like that when I was... uhmm... younger XD. To be honest, back in the past, I always avoided this song among the Gouka Kenran soundtrack... but now it's become one of the best piece for me, to hear and to sing along.... I won't say much about this song, you should just listen to this number yourself and taste the sweet jazzy tune. I should warn you, it's quite a niche taste... cause not everyone would really be able to enjoy and comprehend this type of song/music -a high class tune if I dare say.   

"Ikiteru Yorokobi" and "Yuuyake no Mukou ni" by the same singer are on my list, though it might take some time to record them. Why? Just like this song, Maria's songs tend to have this high difficulties, and I really need to get a strong grip when handling her songs, cause it flows so much with emotion and the low alto heavy voice of Urara-san is technically a problem for me. Yes, I enjoy hitting high notes a lote better than low ones, cause I usually drown my voice and loses its sound when it reached too low Hahaha.

As with "Kagayaki", I really really enjoyed the result of this cover, and as the title suggests, memories are flowing in my head everytime I listen to this cover, again and again. Memories of my past, of the happy and sad times I've lived through. I hope those feeling will come as well, when you listen to this song. I really hope you guys will enjoy this number.... Oh, and don't mind for me being narcist at the end of the video... somehow that pic really fits the song Hahahaha

Thanks for reading, enjoy those past memories and let it flow in your slow as you listen to this song... Have the nicest day and JCBU always!

~Furede Riko~

The secret of a good memory is attention, and attention to a subject depends upon our interest in it. We rarely forget that which has made a deep impression on our minds... (Tryon Edwards)

Memories are all we really own... (Elias Lieberman)


A Youtube user had uploaded the full song, so please enjoy the jazzy vocal of Maria Tachibana. My friend Mark Chan has also uploaded the live performance of this song... do enjoy the tender sound of this song as well....

Urara Takano - Furui Piano

Urara Takano - Furui Piano (from Avex Summer Paradise in 2000)


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