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Geki! Tei ~FINALE~


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Akio Suyama with Oogami Kagekidan
Lyrics: Hiroi Ouji
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: Sakura Taisen 4 Zenkyokushuu Geki! Tei ~Finale~ (Album), Sakura Taisen Complete Song Box (Disc 8 of 8), Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan Zenshuu (Album)
Taken From: Sakura Taisen 4 ~Koi Se Yo Otome~ (Game Opening Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Avex Entertainment
Recording Date: 2011-09-29 06:26

NOTE: Oogami Kagekidan = Teito (Chisa Yokoyama, Michie Tomizawa, Urara Takano, Yuriko Fuchizaki, Kumiko Nishihara, Mayumi Tanaka, Maya Okamoto, Kazue Ikura) & Paris (Noriko Hidaka, Saeko Shimazu, Etsuko Kozakura, Kikuko Inoue, Yoshino Takamori)

Hikisaita yami ga hoe furueru teito ni
Ai no uta takaraka ni odorideru senshi-tachi
Kokoro made koutetsu ni busou suru otome
Aku o kechira shite seigi wo shimesu no da
The torn darkness cries out to the trembling Capital Teito
Singing the song of love highly, the warriors come dancing out
Maidens armed to their very hearts with steel
Kick about the evil and show justice

Hashire kousoku no Teikoku-Kagekidan
Unare shougeki no Teikoku-Kagekidan
Run! The high speed Imperial Floral Assault Squad
Yell out! The crashing Imperial Floral Assault Squad

Tateiza tachi agare namida fuki
Ibara no michi sae  tsukisusumu
Waga tomo wo mamori waga michi wo yuku
Ai no mihata no moto ni tsudou otome-tachi
Stand up all, and wipe your tears away
We'll go even through the thorny path
Protecting one's friends, walking one's path
The maidens gathered beneath the flag of love

Aa  MARRONIER ni uta wo kuchizusami
Hana no miyako ni saku yuushi
Aaa subarashii Pari-Kagekidan
Yume to kibou to asu to seigi wo tataeru
Ahh, Hum a song to the Marronnier
The blooming gallant figures in the flower capital
Ahhh, How magnificent The Paris Floral Assault Squad
Extolling dreams and hope and tomorrow and justice

"Oretachi wa zettai ni katsu!
Teikoku-Kagekidan no minna, Pari-Kagekidan no minna
Zenin kanarazu kikan seyo Oogami-Kagekidan shutsugeki!"
We will absolutely win! 
Members of the Imperial Floral Assault Squad, Members of the Paris Floral Assault Squad
Everyone is assembled in one union Oogami's Assault Squad... assembled!

Hashire kousoku no Oogami-Kagekidan
Unare shougeki no Oogami-Kagekidan
Hashire kousoku no Oogami-Kagekidan
Unare shougeki no Oogami-Kagekidan...
Run! The high speed Oogami's Assault Squad
Yell out! The crashing Oogami's Assault Squad
Run! The high speed Oogami's Assault Squad
Yell out! The crashing Oogami's Assault Squad...

NOTE: I had the lyrics and translation since 2004 hence I don't remember where I got them... ^^, but they are from the album and I translate some of them myself...


So here we are, at the tribute month for my number one, best favorite series of all time: SAKURA TAISEN!! Yaaaayyyy..... *happy fanboy squeal*. The reason why I decided this month will be a SakuTai month, was because only few days from now, a huge event celebrating the 15th year of Sakura Wars is going to be held. Yes, I'm talking about SAKURA TAISEN BUDOUKAN LIVE 2 ~Teito Paris New York~  on the 7th. It's an all cast show, featuring the -finally- complete main cast compared to the one held in 2007 (Orihime was unable to attend, and we have Ratchet and Futaba now!! YAAY). The 2007 was really awesome nevertheless though...

I really wished I could go and be part of this year celebration, however things went wrong here and there, and I basically made wrong choices I've now regreted that prevented me to go (again and again) this year... *sigh*. I would definitely love to have someone -even a random person- grab me, and take me to the show so I can experience it with my own eyes, and to celebrate my own birth anniversary as well there, talk about one's wish for a lifetime dream and present... *sigh*  Enough with the rant... Unlike the CLAMP Fest that I didn't regret not able to go, this one... yes... this particular show made me regret almost everything I've done for the sake of 'caring others' in the last few years. I really could've gone if I can just be more selfish a bit for myself... *cries* T.T

Anyway, to start this personal tribute, which probably going to last until next month considering the number of songs from the Sakura Taisen franchise *coughcough*... the 4th opening of the game, sung by the main guy for 4 of the games, the chief himself: Ichirou Oogami. I have to admit, Akio-san is not a great singer though, but this number shows that Oogami can be a kickass at singing apart from ticket clipping... haha.

The song is basically a medley of the previous theme: "Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan" or "GEKITEI" in short from the 1st and 2nd game, and "Mihata no Moto ni" from the 3rd game. Not that those song aren't wonderful, no no... if I could I would've cover ALL of them. The problem was, it's a group song better sung more than 1 person, and Sakura Taisen songs can be considered as songs with high difficulties to take on. Honestly, they don't have a complex notes to tackle, but it's definitely hard to get into the groove and doing this right. I've recorded GEKITEI for like 10 times already (gave up Mihata no Moto ni all the time) but still something always didn't feel right that I ended up never uploading them. It's as if, these songs, and almost every songs from this undying franchise, were specially tailored for the original singer with their own characteristic and vibe.

This is the reason why I adored Kouhei Tanaka-san so much, the sole composer to more than 300 songs (vocal and instrumentals) for the SakuTai franchise alone (he's doing One Piece and lots of other anime as well, you know!!!). A personal dream of mine is to sing a new song specially composed by this great man. Of course, you mustn't forget the big man, the main boss of the series Hiroi Ouji who created, wrote the story, and wrote the lyrics to ALL songs. SakuTai would never had existed without this great man.   

I can't say that I'm perfectly pleased with the end result of my cover, since it could've been way way better. I even decided to use Akio Suyama's original speech in contrary to the lame one I've recorded hahaha. Still, I can definitely say that I really enjoyed doing this cover, especially being able to sing with the chorus of great top-notch voice actresses as your backing vocal? Pure bliss and fan-gasm!!! Hahaha... A somewhat replacement for my dream to stand and sing on the same stage together with them :) 

So, there you go... a rocking opening for a rocking Sakura Taisen tribute month. Hope you like it, enjoy it and celebrate this great series along with me. Seriously, as I can quote from a certain blogger... this series simply refuses to DIE! Damn, 15 years... yes... 15 years already. One word: LOVE!!! \(^o^)/. This words of admiration comes from a self-proclaimed- the one and only living Sakura Taisen's database fanboy of his country hahahaha.... Look forward for more and more great works of this series all this month!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day and JCBU always!

~Furede Riko~

The spring returns, and remains beautiful... As the scent of love comes in our hearts, I want to meet you again! (Teito, Paris & New York Members from "Ai ga Kaoru Koro ni")


Here's the game opening that features the song (short/teito version), as well as the Live Performance version that was performed on last year's Teito Live 2010 show. Would really love to post my own video doing the choreo, but this one is better for your eye XD. Oh, and I also add a very nice AMV that combined all the opening from Sakura Taisen 2-4.
Enjoy the awesome work by the Sakura Taisen's cast!! ^^

Sakura Taisen 4 ~Koi Se Yo Otome~

Teito Live 2010 - Geki! Tei ~FINALE~

Geki! Tei ~FINALE~ AMV by Zadam78

What's Next?
- An inspiring duet by Reni Milchstra├če & Iris Chateubriand from the 2nd OVA... 


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