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*Special thanks to K-Chan and PikaHikari Katie for your contributions to this cover, you guys made this possible... I wouldn't be able to make it without you guys (^^)/

Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Kazue Ikura & Kumiko Nishihara
Lyrics: Hiroi Ouji
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: Gouka Kenran Furui Piano/Kagayaki (Single), Sakura Taisen Complete Song Box (Disc 4 of 8)
Taken From: Sakura Taisen OVA 2 ~Gouka Kenran~ (Eps 2 Ending Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Avex Entertainment
Recording Date: (Furede Riko) 2011-08-26 09:58, (PikaHikari KT7) 2011-09-29 14:06


Chiisana mune ga tokimeki sukoshi senobi wo shite miru
Kisetsu no uta ga setsunaku hibiki ima no watashi wa yureru
My small chest is pounding I'll stand on my tiptoes and look
The song of seasons sadly echo right now, I am shaking

Anata wa shiroi CANVAS Anata iro ni sureba ii
Soshite kagayuku yume wo miyou yo sore ga mirai da ne
You are a white canvas If I see your face, I'm fine
So let's see a shining dream that is the future

Soyomu kaze no you ni (meguru kawa no you ni) itsuka otona ni naru daro
Dakara yumemiteitai ima wa yumemiteiyou, jibun iro no yume
Like a gentle breeze (like a winding river) someday I'll become an adult
So I want to see my dream, right now let's watch a dream, a dream of my own color

Noboru asa hi wo mite (shizumu yuuhi o mite) Itsuka otona ni naru daro
Dakara hitomi no naka ni ima wa sono kagayaki wo nakusanai you ni
As I saw the sun rise (as I saw the sun set) someday I'll become an adult
So inside your eyes, that brightness right now don't let it be lost

Ima wa mirai e to tsuzuku anata dake no michi dakara
Kagayaku yume wo kokoro ni egaki ima wo dakishimeru
Right now, let's continue to the future, the path that is made only for you
A shining dream is drawn in our heart Let's embrace it now

Tsumoru yuuki no you ni (michiru tsuki no you ni) itsuka otona ni naru daro
Dakedo yumemiteitai itsumo yumemiteiyou jibun iro no yume
Like courage building up (like a full moon) someday I'll become an adult
But I want to see dreams, let's always see dreams, a dream of my own color

Toki wa muji hi ni sugi (kuchiru hana no you ni) itsuka otona ni naru daro
Dakedo hitomi no naka ni itsumo sono kagayaki wo nakusanai you ni
Times can be rough (like a wilthing flower) someday I'll become an adult
But inside your eyes, that constant brightness, never let it be lost

Yakusoku shiyou yume miteiyou itsumademo kono kimochi taisetsu ni shitai
Yakusoku shiyou kagayaite iyou itsumademo kono kimochi taisetsu ni shiyou
Let's make a promise, let's dream on, and always, I want to treasure this feeling
Let's make a promise, let's continue to shine, and always, I want to treasure this feeling

NOTE: Lyrics and translation from Anime Lyrics, but I altered it a bit as usual ^^


The next song for the Sakura Taisen tribute, is a special version of Iris Chateubriand & Reni Milchstraße duet from the Gouka Kenran OVA. I was very fortunate to be able to conduct this project with the help of Kinsei-Chan (K.H.) who provided the original karaokes track for the single, and of course my duet partner, one of those avid anime fandubbers on Youtube, the one and only Katie McAteer.

After doing a jazzy take on "Kanashikute Yarikirenai", I've wanted to do another jazzy type of song. My thoughts immediately went to Maria Tachibana songs, and the song that I was aiming was "Furui Piano". When I was strolling around through my Sakura Taisen's song collection, I discovered that I didn't have the original karaoke tracks for that Gouka Kenran ending, along with it's coupling song "Kagayaki". This happened because I only have the vocal tracks from the Complete Song Box. So, knowing that I'm a sucker to perfection (as in complete collection XD), I was wandering around where can I found them. I contacted my good friend, a fellow SakuTai fan, K-Chan, and it turned out that she had the songs... YEAAAY!!!

After I finished with "Furui Piano" (will be posting this one later), I turned over to the next song "Kagayaki", which immediately reminded me how I really enjoy this song and the way it was used in the OVA. It was love at first sight back then in my younger years, and the love returned after I listened to it again, and realized how strong the message that it tried to deliver. These songs from the OVA are considerably my favorites, and I ended up re-watching the episodes after listening to these songs again. Without any other hesitation, I figured that I HAD TO cover this song. Reni is my favorite character, so (of course) I did her part first... and then Iris's part, when it hit me... "Hey, this would make an awesome duet... since... well... basically it's a duet XD", with another important fact that my voice just sounded misplace for Iris's part. Hence the journey for finding a duet partner started. Eventually, everything lead up to Katie (^^)/ and I can say that I felt really really happy, lucky and fortunate when she agreed with a huge smile. This is not my first collaboration with Katie, since we've worked together in a Digimon Duet before this :).

The song speaks about how we should never lose our dreams. In the OVA, the 2nd episode focused on Iris and Reni as they prepared themselved for the "Aoi Tori" play. Not a coincidence, but I'm currently creating back-up for the "Shin Aoi Tori" live performance as I was writing this post.... XD. Iris always refuses to be called a child, and she ran away from Teigeki cause she fells that everyone was treating her like one. During the runaway, Iris trapped herself in a rampaging boat, where Reni comes to rescue. As the situation is finally taken care, and danger is no more, Reni, with her quiet and enigmatic mannerism, tells the pouting Iris to always shine and not lose her radiance. Iris doesn't understand at first, but after they meet the other Hanagumi members she finally realizes what Reni means: One should never lose it's own radiance, one should always shine from within, and don't ever change to lose that radiance. It's a simple message yet so amazing, and this gentle and tender song played as they ventured around the city to find the 'blue bird' as well as the journey for Iris to find her answer. A very meaningful scene...

People are born with natural radiance, every person shines in their own way, in their own color... but sometimes people want to change, they want to be different, and they desire something, thus sacrificing their shine, the sparkle they have from within. This is the reason why people loses their radiance, because they are not true to themselves, because they don't stay the same, because they've changed. In almost 30 years of my life, I've met lots of people, whether they were close or just plain acquiantaince... who had lost their shine. When I first met them, their soul sparkle so much, eventhough they probably have lots of flaw, people might not say that they are great or something like that, but for me they really shine and I enjoy being with them. However as time went by, they started to change... some turned the better, and had shone even more... but most of them turned the worst, some sold their soul to the devil, and finally faded away in the darkness of their heart. I've been a mellow guy, therefore I always feel sad when that happened. Sometimes I just want to meet them and tell them "Please return to your oldself, I like you the way you used to", but I always hesitated cause I often ended up losing them entirely instead. In the end, once in a while, I opted to tell those who haven't lost their shine instead, "Stay the same, don't ever change", with a small hope that they will listen and not ended up in the same way as others in the past.

So, when you're reading this post... think about yourself. Have you already shine the best of yourself? or did you once, but not anymore? or still looking for real and true you that has been hiding dormant deep within you? I can offer you one word of advice, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF! Return to your original self if you have lost your shine, stay the same just the way your are if you're already shining, and be honest and be sincere to your ownself and discover that sparkling shine you've been hiding if that's how you really are now. People do change, season changes, and time passes by (and quickly) but never let any of that loses your shine, keep shining, just the way you are... keep shining, and spread out your radiance till the very end of your part in this world...! ...Somehow this is such a strong message for myself personally as well...

I really enjoyed the result of this cover. I played a bit with the panning, so when you listen to it and close your eyes, it's as if the singers are walking from left to right to the center hahaha ;). Sure, it can be a lot, and much much better, but for me it's already an awesome collaboration, and I really glad I did it. It's not Reni and Iris's, but this is me and Katie's version, as we are among the small people of the world who simply really want to shine, and always looking for the blue bird of happiness. I really hope you enjoy this wonderful piece as well...

Thanks for reading, remember the message of this song: keep shining and never lose your radiance... Have the nicest day and JCBU always!

~Furede Riko~

You're fine the way you are now. Don't lose your light. Don't lose your sparkle... (Reni Milchstraße from "Gouka Kenran Eps. 2")


Since this anime was released way back in 1999, no video was uploaded for the original song... however, several of my good friends in the SakuTai fandom had uploaded the live performance. Here's one of them, uploaded by my dear friend Steph. Enjoy!!

Iris & Reni - Kagayaki (from New Year 2003 show)


What's Next?
- Songs for the Budoukan... (^^)/


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