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SONGS OF THE MILKYWAY (Icarus no Hoshi, Subarashiki Butai)

"Icarus no Hoshi"


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Kazue Ikura
Lyrics: Hiroi Ouji
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: Sakura Taisen Teigeki Kayou Zenshuu II (Album), Sakura Taisen 2nd Kayou Show ~Tsubasa~ (Live Album), Sakura Taisen Complete Song Box (Disc 02 of 08), and etc
Taken From: Sakura Taisen 2 ~Kimi Shinita Mou Wakare~ (Reni Milchstraße Ending/Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Avex/Wavemaster Entertainment
Cover Version Recording Date: 2011-07-03 19:41


Kimi to no sukima ni aru yoru wa sennen no kodoku
Kokoro wa dore mo MOZAIC dakara
Nights apart from you are like a thousand years of loneliness
Because our hearts are all mosaics

Minna onaji yoru na no ni boku no yoru wa samayotteru
Minna onaji yoru na no ni
Though everyone shares the same night, my night wanders all about
Though everyone shares the same night...

Dakara sono tsubasa boku ni kudasai doko made mo tonde yukitai
Hitori bocchi no kokoro koko de wa iyasenai
Dakara sono tsubasa boku ni kudasai doko made mo tonde yukitai
Genjitsu ni GOODBYE shite boku wa hoshi no densetsu
So give me those  wings I want to fly anywhere I can
My lonely heart can't be healed here
So give me those wings I want to fly anywhere I can
Goodbye, reality! Because I'm the legend of the stars

Hitori de mukaeru kono asa wa sennen no rogoku
Tsumetai yoru o kamishimete iru
Mornings that I face alone are like a thousand years in prison
As I reflect on the cold nights

Konna asa wa itai kara Rousaiku no kokoro dakara
Ima wa sore o tokashitai
Because these mornings are hurting me, because my heart is made of wax
I want to melt it now

* Dakara sono tsubasa boku ni kudasai doko made mo tonde yukitai
Tadoritsuku basho wa nai sore demo sagashitai
Dakara sono tsubasa boku ni kudasai doko made mo tonde yukitai
Ansoku no umi ni ochi boku wa hoshi no densetsu
So give me those wings I want to fly anywhere I can
I haven't got a place to go, but I want to look for one
So give me those wings I want to fly anywhere I can
Falling into the ocean of rest, cause I'm the legend of the stars




"Subarashiki Butai"


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Kazue Ikura
Lyrics: Hiroi Ouji
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: Teigeki Shin Kayou Zenshuu (Album), Sakura Taisen 3rd Kayou Show ~Benitokage~ (Live Album), Sakura Taisen Complete Song Box (Disc 03 of 08), and etc.
Taken From: Sakura Taisen 3rd Kayou Show ~Benitokage~ (Reni Milchstraße Song)
Copyright Property: Avex/Wavemaster Entertainment
Cover Version Recording Date: 2011-10-05 08:37


Kono hiroi sekai ni tada hitori
kanashii yoru wo mite kowareta yume atsume
 You are always alone, in this wide world
 Gazing at the night of sadness while collecting broken dreams

Honto ni anata wa kodoku na no
hikari wo ushinai itsu made hitori na no
 You really are lonely
 And your light is fading away, always by yourself

Mou ichido omoi dashite anata wa shuyaku
Tairi no hana wo sakaseru mabayui shuyaku
 Please remember once again You are a star
 You can make the flower bloom You are a bright star

Dakara shinjite  minna wo shinjite
Jitto namida mo kamishimenaide
Anata no hana wo sakaseru tame ni
Minna ga iru no dakara
 Therefore have faith, believe in others
 Don't hold back those silent tears anymore
 To make the flower in you blooms
 Is the reason why everyone existed

"Saa, Spotlight... Shuyaku anata wa, anata wa hitori janai...
Takusan no nakama mo sasaiteiru... soshite
Butai no Kami-sama miteitekureru...."
 Spotlight Please... Hey you the star, you are not alone...
 You have lots of friends giving support for you..., and
 The God of Stage is watching over you...

Tachiagari  yuuki dashite anata wa shuyaku
Yorokobi no yume wo sakaseru kagayaku shuyaku
 Now stand up, gather up your courage You are a star
 You can make those happy dream bloom You are a shining star

Dakara shinjite  minna wo shinjite
Soko ni anata no tatsu basshou ga aru
Minna no yume wo sakaseru tame ni
Anata ga iru no dakara
 Therefore have faith, believe in others
 Over there, a place for you to stand really exists
 To make everyone's dream blooms
 Is the reason why you existed

(2X) Hikari no naka ni hitori tatsu anata wo terasu
Takusan no hito-tachi ga iru
Sore ga butai  subarashiki butai
 Standing there alone within the light, the light is showering you 
 Because many people are here
 That's the stage, the wonderful stage

NOTE: The translation for the 1st song was taken from PenguinsLyric but I did some revision as always. The 2nd song was solely by yours truly... therefore, pardon for the bad english... (kinda hard translating a lyric to a non-native language hahaha)...
The 2nd COMBO list, are songs by one of (if I can't say the most) favorite character of the show: Reni Milchstraße. Her last name is read as "MIL-HIS-TORASSE" so I actually prefer to wrote her name Milchstrasse instead. Milchstrasse means MILKY WAY in the her origin country, Germany.  
Reni, who looked like, and was mistaken as a boy at first, is one of the two new members of Teito Hanagumi, recruited in the 2nd game. She was more than just a NEW member though, cause she was initally the members of the very first Kagekidan project in Europe, the Europe (Oushuu) Hoshigumi alongside Soletta Orihime -who was the 2nd new members of Teito-, Ratchet Altair and Subaru Kujou -both become the founder and member of New York Hoshigumi.
Unfortunately though, Reni was one of the success subject -the guinea pig- of the Wunderkind Project, a project that was meant to fuse spiritual power to kids from such young age. Eventhough Reni eventually possesed great tactical skill in battle, along with superb intelligence (think of her, as human database?), the project made her lose empathy and social interactions. She was often seen as object, mere tool, an entity rather than a human being... resulted of her cold and blank emotions. She was the epithome of loneliness, because she doesn't 'relate' to other humans emotionally.
Becoming a member of Teikoku Kagekidan is her saving grace though, cause the warmth and tenderness among these girls and Oogami, slowly but sure opened her heart, and finally saved her from almost becoming a manipulated object by Suiko. Afterwards, she started showing emotions, and was able to smile and laugh. These changes can be seen in the Live Performance, where her characters turns into more cheery year by year (the effect from her cheerful voice actress is strong as well XD).

I really respect Reni in her musical way. Her voice actress, is one of the highly classically trained singer compare to the rest, and I really like all her songs. Most of them are drop dead gorgeous, and showed us how powerful her vocal skill is. Kazue Ikura even did the arrangement for the acapella songs during one of the New Year Shows. Oh, and she sang HYMN as well... Top notch! Another reason why I really like this character, is that she really connects to me in many ways. NOT that I'm a product of a spiritual power experiment XD, but her feelings and emotions throughout the series somewhat similar to my own. So, dare I say... that when I speak about Reni, I'm speaking about myself.

So, I decided to cover her songs. It was NOT an easy task though, cause I was like doing lots of re-takes. I don't know why, but I could never reach the amount of emotion for these songs. So, eventhough I enjoyed the result, I dare say that they are not perfect... at all... at least for me personally. Especially the 2nd song, because it's a song that crawled from a very low tender vibe into a full blast, into a boom with powerful vocal and emotion. You know what? Even Kazue Ikura herself, found this song very challenging for her, one of the reason is that she have to use her normal voice rather than her amazing falsetto to reach the high notes. It was challenging indeed... But what with this emotions thing all around her songs?

The 1st song is the theme song of her from the 2nd game. The lyrics showed us immediately what it was talking about, loneliness. If you check out her live performance as well (provided below), she also mentiones that even everyone is alone in this world. Such silly yet true fact. She finally mentioned that she want to have wings, so that she can go away and find her place where she wouldn't feel alone anymore. The 2nd song, eventhough it's a reverse situation, also speaks about loneliness. In the "Benitokage" show, Sumire faked her feet accident because she was angry to Sakura. She really wanted the others to understand her feeling, and to be more considerate to it. Reni, who was taking care of her, found out this lie, and so she sang this very powerful and uplifting song, to remind Sumire that everyone cared about her, that she mustn't feel alone. This motivational song, came from someone who had learnt about loneliness through her own past experience, so it added much much more meaning to the song. The play was very moving as well, with Reni singing and Sumire dancing on her feet (yeah, eventhough she said she couldn't walk ^^). Well, even when you don't know that background story of it, just by hearing and reading the lyrics, you'll automatically get this strong vibe from the song. Not just these 2 songs, her other songs like "Kokoro wa Sabaku no You ni", "Kibou", "Kanashimi wo Koete", "Inochi no Kagiri" were powerful songs about losing someone you care, about loneliness, about losing faith. We can't say that her songs are 'devastating' though, cause some were actually nice and playful (because she's ussually paired up with Iris), but still has deep meaning like "Kagayaki".

Back to these 2 songs. What's the message? Loneliness. Human was born alone, and thus die alone. Even when we have lots of friends, or family, or dear ones around us, we can't avoid the fact that deep inside, every people yearns for comfort and hated to be alone. Some people opted out from the social life, because they avoided crowd and all... but let's face it, even those people felt and knew what loneliness is. How do you know that you're alone ore not? A very nice quote I got from the anime "Natsume Yuujinchou" is that "When there's someone that you want to see again, then you're definitely not alone". I didn't remember it precisely but it goes like that. You, if you don't have someone else you would want to be with, then you ARE alone. Meaning, only people who have others they cared for, truly understand the meaning of loneliness. If we have someone that we cared so much, then we're definitely NOT alone.

So, there you go... Just 2 of the masterpieces of Reni. I actually would want to cover more of her songs; "Yume no Naka ni", "Kibou ~Shin Aoi Tori~" and several title I mentioned above... unfortunately only these songs were released with original karaoke, and yeah... I'm not a fan of removing original vocal using softwares. "Kibou" is on my next project though, so be sure to wait for this one (anyone want to do a duet with me on this?). Anyway, hope you enjoy these covers!

Oh, and remember when I said that I feel so connected to this character? This is the reason why I'm posting it today, yes, this very precise day. Why do you ask? Cause the first digit of my age, has just been incremented by one, this very day XD, or even to be precise in approximately less than 3,5 hours from now. So, I can clearly say, that what you've heard is not just a Reni version of the songs... they are my personal versions as well, and they are meant to deliver my emotions and feelings throughout the year that I've lived. These ARE my songs... and I hope the message gets to you!

Thanks for reading, and look forward for more, and more of Sakura Taisen. Have a nice day especially today (I hope I will as well), and JCBU always...
~Furede Riko...
who just realizes that he's now perfectly twice the age of his favorite series ;D
Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty... (Mother Teresa)

As in the case of Sakura Taisen songs... it was no surprise that it's quite rare to find people uploading the songs, since Youtube appeared after the series' boom. However, there are those Youtube users (some are friends of mine) who uploaded the live performance, so please listen from them instead:
Oh, and another several bonuses... The duet of the first song by Reni & Subaru Kujou (VA: Mie Sonozaki) which was a stunning performance by the perfect combo - the two enigmatic characters in the SakuTai universe, performed in the 1st Budoukan. Beside that, the Live Performance of the 2nd song performed in the Benitokage show (year 2000). You can find the Budoukan performance by going to Youtube if you like...
Hope you enjoy them all!!!...
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