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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Chisa Yokoyama with Teikoku Kagekidan
(Michie Tomizawa, Urara Takano, Kumiko Nishihara, Yuriko Fuchizaki, Mayumi Tanaka)
Lyrics: Ouji Hiroi
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: GEKITEI / Yumemiteiyou (Single), Sakura Taisen TV ~Uta no Album~ (Album), Sakura Taisen 4th Kayou Show ~Arabia no Bara~ (Live CD), Sakura Taisen Complete Song Box (Disc 4 of 8)
Taken From: Sakura Taisen TV Series (1st Ending Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Avex / Wave Master Entertainment
Recording Date: 2011-09-02 14:57


Yumemiteiyou kimi no mirai mieru
Ookina yume ga itsuka mirai hiraku
Wakatteiru yo minna mo ganbatteru nee itsumo
Toki doki wa megeru koto mo aru keredo...
Let's see a dream, and you can see your future
A big dream will one day open that future
Knowing that everyone's also, always doing their very best
Eventhough sometimes there are things that will let us down 

* Yumemiteiyou mirai wa kitto
Kibou ni afure kimi no soba ni aru
Dakara zutto zutto yumemiteiyou...
Let's see a dream, and surely that future
Is right there beside you, overflowing with hope
Therefore, let's always and always see a dream...

Yumemiteiyou samui fuyu ga kiete
Haru no ibuki ga sugu soko made kiteru
Sunao na kokoro wasurezu shinjiru kokoro motte
Hogaraka ni kao wo agete arukou yo...
Let's see a dream, and that cold winter will disappear
Thus the breath of spring, will be coming soon
Don't forget to have an honest heart, and carry on with a trusting heart
Lift up your face cheerfully, and let's walk...


Kokoro ni SAKURA sakaseyou
Sore wa yumemiru koto itsumo yume wo miyou
Let the Cherry blossoms bloom in our heart
That's what it means by dreaming, so let's always dream... 


Dakara zutto zutto... yumemiteiyou...
Therefore, let's always and always... see a dream...

NOTE: Transliteration from Anime Lyrics and translation by me... some of them are miss though, so I corrected them here. Heck, I just submit this English translation to them as well, though I don't know when it will be approve...


We have reach the end of October, meaning this song will be the LAST song of the month, the full month tribute of Sakura Taisen. So is this the closing song for the tribute? NOPE! As I stated before, the tribute will probably go on until... well... December maybe? or next year? Hmmm... After all, the series' anniversary is this WHOLE YEAR hahaha. So, yeah... there will be more and more SakuTai songs in the future, especially since a new CD with new karaoke tracks (it has been so long since they released one) is coming in December..., and there's 2 songs in particular that I REALLY want to sing along with! The cover process will be in January then... ;)

The FULL MONTH tribute has ended though, meaning starting tomorrow (the start of November), I will be posting cover songs from other anime/J-Pop as well. I actually had already recorded some songs, and I feel bad that they are left stranded in my HDD for a while now. I'm going to edit one more later on which will be the first one to go up in November... Not to worry though, cause I will be posting more Sakura Taisen songs, I even already recorded some more than what I've already released. What's the theme for November? NONE.... Yup, September was CLAMP's, October is SakuTai, and November? NO THEME.... cause I'll be posting random songs hahaha.... (no planning indeed)

On to today's menu! So, to end this FULL MONTH tribute, is a very fitting song, a very relaxing, smooth and gentle song about dreams. Why does it fits? Because it's the 1st ending to the TV Series... So, an ending song to end the great month, fits right? Hahaha. And its just the 1st ending, meaning there will be another one hahaha. The song is sung by the whole Teikoku Kagekidan, though as usual Sakura -the main lead- has the most solo part. The lyric is simple, yet it is so strong... speaking about staying through with your dreams... cause dreams are the road for your future. A small yet uplifting message, a calm and soothing melody for the heart... well... at least for me personally. It characterized the struggle of the cast, especially Sakura in this TV series.

It is sad to say, that most fans can't fully appreciate this TV series, because it's obviously an Official AU. I remember reading in the manga, that Ouji Hiroi refused to re-tell the whole story which could be seen in the 1st game. He always urged fans to play the game instead, hence he was actually hesitated with the production of the manga. He said something about being abducted to write the storyline or something. In the end, the TV series was released with vast differentiation to the original game, and the manga is re-told as an Ichirou Oogami's perspective/story. Eventhough at first I really appreciate the TV series (one of the reason is mainly because MADHOUSE did the work) and waited eagerly for each episode every Sunday... my respect waned upon reading the manga, and finally experiencing half of the game (the Chinese version T.T)... Yup, I enjoy the manga better, the reason why I put the manga covers in the video haha. Anyway...

This song in particular, personally has a deeper sentimental value for me, cause it brought me back to my early days of internet... When I was *cough cough* young... the internet was still a niche market to those with better financials, and wasn't something that most people could have and enjoy every minute in their compfty home like nowadays. At that time, the only music format I knew and own was MIDI, the reason is very simple: because MP3 has a size that I couldn't handle at the moment. Yes, that was the era of Floppy Disk with such huge limitation in its storage space. Unlike today, when you can easily carry several GigaBytes, or even TerraBytes in your pocket, large data was not as accesible as today. So why am I telling you the history of mankind and technology here? Well... simple, because this song, "YUMEMITEIYOU"... is my first, yes... my very ultimately FIRST TIME EVER... mp3 download. My truly first experience to the awesome file format, that it took me almost 3 hours in the internet cafe, my week allowance and 3 pieces of floppy disks just to carry this home. Thank GOD for Winzip feature to split files!!! I remember the first time I played it on my old R.I.P. PC, I was like O_O "What the... Oh... My... God... it has... VOCALS (yup, don't laugh, it's real)... and it sounds AWESOME".

The song was not my first SakuTai song, cause the one that made me fell in love at the first sight was "Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan". Yes, I really meant SIGHT cause it was from the opening movie (not an mp3) to the 1st game in a compilation video I bought at a small anime shop (the store is still, or even smaller now... God rest it's soul T.T). That was my very first connection to the franchise, but this one download, this one song in particular is the one that eventually sets it off... Without this one song, there wouldn't be any of these thousands songs sitting in HDD in mp3 formats. If I haven't downloaded this song, I wouldn't have gone to dig more of the story afterwards. Suffice to say, YES... this song has a VERY HUGE IMPORTANT role in captivating me in this series. After downloading this song, I started looking for more SakuTai songs, downloading them -with the same exhausting technique that sometimes destroyed my floppy disks because I was abusing them too much, but it kept me alive after my busy college days though-... and it continues for years... until USB Flash Disk was invented, until internet went cheaper that I can afford it leisurely at home... until I was finally able to BUY the original albums instead of getting them from the net ^^...

That's the early phase of my Sakura Taisen history, and it's all thanks to this song... such a nostalgic song indeed right? I listened to this song everytime I was down, I hummed it as I continue my quest for completing my SakuTai collection... and I sing it so that I can keep my hopes up to fulfill my dreams. Sometimes I sing it proudly, there are times when I sing it with tears in my eyes. It has been such a very uplifting support for me, a reason to go on, it's a melody for my weary soul...

Simply saying, I LOVE this song, I cherished it so much, and have sung it for like hundreds of time. Did I enjoy doing this cover? ABSOLUTELY... and more than that, this is actually not my first version. I've recorded the 1st version as a quartet with my younger brother and two of my cousins... and it was in 2006 after I did "Watashi no Aozora". Wanted to post that version, but it was a bit or somewhat of a mess hahaha... so I decided to re-record it. Was about to ask for several Fandubbers's help to support as background vocals, but a little experiment with "Geki! Tei FINALE" and "Waratte, Waratte" made me decided to use the original team vocals instead. Hey, I'm living a fanboy dream: singing the lead (as Ichirou Oogami?) with the real voice of Sakura and the Hanagumi as my chorus. What more could I ask? Haha

The result was in two version -the full solo of me & the duet parts-, but I'm only uploading the first one. If you guys want to hear the other version, or my old quartet family version, just send me a comment and I'll gladly send them to you... FREE OF CHARGE. I have a plan to have another version of this song, but having my best friends (my brothers Mick & Ela) to sing along as my backups... and doing it in a proper professional studio. I don't know how or when I will be able to fulfill it... but I really look forward to this dream to be realized, cause the song itself is about staying true to your dreams right?         

Well, the supposedly short comments turned my nostalgic storytelling-mode ON, and it ended up much much longer than my actual plan, or even the actual song duration XD. It also became a historical technology and fanboy lecture hahaha. Please enjoy this work, and I hope you'll like it. More than that, read the lyrics, catch the message and plant it deep in your heart. I surely hope it will give a support for your days as well, as it has did to mine. Thanks for reading and listening, see you soon... and don't forget! Always and always, keep on dreaming...!!! (^^)b

~Furede Riko~

Dreams are... illustrations from the book, your soul is writing about you... (Marsha Norman)

If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less, but to dream more, to dream all the time... (Marcel Proust) 

I was not looking for my dreams to interpret my life, but rather for my life to interpret my dreams... (Susan Sontag) 


Here's the full version of this nostalgic song of mine...
Chisa Yokoyama & Teikoku Kagekidan - Yumemiteiyou

and the bonuses, an awesome piano rendition by a fan, the TV ED-Size version , as well as the Live Performance in Teito Hanagumi Live 2010 uploaded by MisaeSagara-san... Oh btw, have I told you that I really loved the choreo for this song as well? Haha... \(^o^)/... Never mind, and please enjoy them at the fullest... =)

What's Next?
- Welcome back to a freshly released of Maaya Sakamoto's... (^^)/


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