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Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure

 (Hoping Tomorrow Will Have Fine Weather)


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Fumiya Fujii
Lyrics: Fumiya Fujii
Composition: Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement: Yasuhiro Tomita
Available on: Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure (Single), Pocket Monster 4th Movie Original Soundtrack (Album), Pokemon Eiga Shudaika SONG Perfect Best 1998-2003 (Album), Pikachu The Movie SONG BEST 1998-2008 (Album)
Taken From: Gekijouban Pocket Monster: Serebii Toki wo Koeta Deai (4th Movie Ending Theme)
Copyright Property: SONY Music Associated Record
Cover Recording Date: 2011-09-21 07:04
MORE INFO ON THE SONG... (or the Japanese Info)


Ishikoro wo ikutsu kette kaerimichi no kazoeuta
Toomawari shite kaerou yuuhi ga mieru tokoro made
Kicking pebbles the counting song of the way home
I'm taking the long way back to the place where I can see the setting sun

Ten ten naranda shiroi kumo hora ten ten yukkuri akaku naru
Nandaka ii hi datta na Ashita tenki ni shite okure
Look! Here and there the lined up white clouds are, bit by bit, slowly turning red
Somehow, I feel it was a good day, I hope there's fine weather tomorrow

Chiisana te wo furinagara nando mo nando mo furikaeru
Tooku de kikoeru kaze ni kodomo-tachi no "mata ashita"
I look back many, many times while waving my small hand
From far away, carried on the wind, I can hear the voices of children saying "See you tomorrow"

Dandan yuuhi ga shizundeku hora dandan hoshi ga matatakidasu
Nandaka ii hi datta na Ashita tenki ni shite okure
Look! Little by little, the sun is setting, little by little, the stars come out to shine
Somehow, I feel it was a good day, I hope there's fine weather tomorrow

Kira kira nagareru kawa no ne ni yura yura yureteru o-tsuki-sama
Modorou ka? kaerou ka? Miageta sora ni futto
Furusato wo omou yo
 The sound of the river that sparkles as it flows and the wobbling, wavering moon
Will I return? Will I go back? As I look up at the sky, suddenly
I think of my hometown

Dareka ga matte iru ka na kaerimichi no tsuki akari
Ieji o isogu ashioto mushi-tachi no koe wo tomete yuku
I wonder if someone is waiting in the moonlight on the way home
My hurrying footsteps stop the voices of the bugs

Ten ten akari no tomoru mado hora ten ten ironna yume miteru
Nandaka ii hi datta na Ashita tenki ni shite okure
Ashita tenki ni shite okure
Look! Here and there, there are lighted windows here and there, many dreams are being dreamed
Somehow, I feel it was a good day, I hope there's fine weather tomorrow
I hope there's fine weather tomorrow

NOTE: Lyrics from Anime Lyric which seemed to have ignored my lyric uploads T.T.... Nah, no edit this time, cause the translation is perfect enough...


Today's song is a masterpiece by the well-known Japanese musician, singer and song writer Fumiya Fujii. In my country he was populary acclaimed by the hit song "TRUE LOVE" which was his first single as a solo, as well as the theme song for the very touching (and the most popular 1990's) J-drama based on manga about friendship and love: Ordinary People. The latter was covered by lots of fan, especially to those who can play guitar. I want to do a cover of that song as well, and has been looking for the original karaoke. Would someone be kind enough to help me on this? ;) Anyways...

This song is the Japanese ending theme for one of my favorite big screen feature of (one of my favorite show and game) Pokemon: the 4th Pokemon Movie entitled Pocket Monsters the Movie: Celebi A Timeless Encounter. In the US version, they renamed the title into Pokemon 4Ever... which sounded awesome for me back in the released year, yet sounds cheesy and pretty inappropriate for the present me who now prefers the Japanese version much much better. When the film was released in 2001 (yes, 10 years ago... Ouucch), it features the 2nd generation Pokemons, from the Gold - Silver - Crystal (Game Boy Color) games or the Johto arc. These batch of Pokemon -which featured Chikorita, Totodile & Cyndaquil as our three starters- were 'revived' when the remake version entitled HeartGold and SoulSilver were released for the Nintendo DS in 2009. Hence Celebi, the main star Pokemon in this movie, returned to the big screen on the 13th movie (last year).

This movie resolved around a particular hunter, or we could say a 'Pokemon Collector' who wanted to own a legendary grass-type Pokemon that has the ability to travel through time. The Pokemon is the green little fairy-like Celebi. When Celebi was attacked and cornered, a young boy named Yukinari (US: Sam/Samuel) helped him, thus the shocked Celebi used its (I forgot its gender in the movie) power and transported Yuki-kun through time, 40 years ahead, where he eventually met our hero Satoshi (US: Ash Ketchum), his best friend Pikachu and of course Kasumi (US: Misty) and Takeshi (US: Brock). Celebi was still in danger though, cause another hunter, this time a member of the Rocket Team wanted to capture that Pokemon using dark ball. The legendary Suicune raced all its might to help Celebi from danger.

What made me fell in love with this movie, is the bond of friendship between Satoshi and Yuki. They acknowledged each other at the very first meeting, just like David and Jonathan (Bible-wise). They buddied very close instantly, and helped the 'dying' Celebi from the danger of the evil hunter. The biggest problem though, was that both of them came from a different era... and as Celebi needed to return back to its time, so did Yuki who had to go back to his village and family. Their friendship was awesome, but they must bid farewell. It was a very touching scene, at least for me personally, and yes... it's the first time ever a Pokemon movie made me wept in tears. Yes, this movie really did that to me, though perhaps it's because I'm a mellow guy.

Was that the end of their friendship? NOPE... the message of the movie, was that TRUE FRIENDSHIP SURPASSED TIME... The ending scene of the movie, though might seemed implicit (as I recalled), showed a surprising fact. Our very own Yuki-kun, Satoshi's best friend who had to be parted by the cruel fate called time... is none other than a very important person who remained as his most trusted 'friend' until now (yup, that means until the latest episode of Pokemon Best Wishes) as well as the one who opened the way to Satoshi's dream. Okay, that final scene? Made me cry once more... though it was sentimentally a happy tears XD

The song, eventhough it doesn't describe the movie explicitly... is a very fitting number to describe the tender warmth of friendship between Satoshi and Yuki. Hearing this song, my mind immediately took me back to the scene where the boys saw sunrise together with Pikachu and Celebi on top of a tree. It was a touching scene, and showed how majestic their friendship was. The message of this song, is about going back home after accomplishing something good in life, and hoping that the weather tomorrow will be fine just as today. I can sense that this movie is being sung from Yuki-kun's point of view, whom after making a precious travel to the future, returns home, while hoping to see his best friend once more somewhere in the future.

Weather can means condition, feeling or situation... So, hoping a nice weather for tomorrow, can definitely mean 'hoping something good will happen again and nothing will change'. Well, that's just from my perspective. As I've said before, Japanese can be analogical so they can have different meanings. The song can be interpreted as easy as 'hoping there will be no rain or thunderstorm tomorrow', or a more poetic approach as in 'I've felt today is a success, and looking forward for the same or better achievement tomorrow'. As we're in the context of friendship, then I'd definitely choose that this song is a prayer for a friendship that will never change, eventhough space or time drifts us apart from our true friend. Touching isn't it?   
Though at first I skipped the song because it sounded lazy, laid back and very gentle, I perked up when I paid attention to the lyrics. It has became one of my favorite Pokemon, and especially its movie songs ever since. I had a great time recording this piece, and I was actually surprised with the compatibility of my vocal range to the song's pitch (usually Fumiya-san's songs is a bit too high than my range) and how the song matched my voice so much. Beside that, my microphone was also acting very obedient and only made several noises here and there. Probably the only problem was, I was in a flu when I recorded it so my voice might sound quite nasally... but hey, my voice HAVE always sounded like that anyway hahaha XD

So yeah, another one of my own favorite covers, and I consider one of my best as well. If I ever have a chance to record songs in a professional studio (in the future), this song... is definitely on my list. Oh, and have I told you, that my family didn't even realized that it was me singing when I tried playing this cover VERY LOUDLY on the home theater? Haha... no, really ^^v. Guess what I did when this cover is finished? Nope, I didn't make the video yet... what I did was: I immediately sent it to my best friend -my bro-... cause after all, it's a song about friendship right? Beside that, it actually worked as a lullaby if you're listening to it late at night... the gentle laid back feel, will surely put a sleep powder on you ;)

Hope you enjoy this cover... As always, thanks for reading (and listening of course)... and be sure to call or contact your best friend(s) after you listen to it, to tell them that you wish for 'tomorrow's weather' to be fine as well... praying for your friendship to surpass time, and will always be a 'fine weather' in your life. Cherished your friendship, till the end of time... cause they are your hidden treasures that will never ever be replaced.

Hey! I just realized, that today's 11-11-11 hahaha.... In that case, enjoy the parade of the number ones today as well! It only comes once in a lifetime... JCBU always! (^^)/

~Furede Riko~

I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar... (Robert Brault)

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit... (Albert Schweitzer)


Enjoy the song and Fumiya-san awesome vocals... ^^

Fumiya Fujii - Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure


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