Sunday, November 20, 2011

COLLABORATION ga ii naaaaa~~~~!! (^o^)b

Hey Guys,

Yesterday, I just finished a very wonderful collaboration with a great friend, the talented Begoña-chan a.k.a the one and only Mizuiro Voice.

We did the cover to a very lovely, yet relaxing and touching number from Tsubasa Chronicles, which made it the 6th Tsubasa's Cover Song that I had done. Mizu-chan did most of the work though, cause my role in this one was in vocals contribution only. It was enjoyable since I fell in love with it the first time I hear it, but to be honest, it was a tough song for me to tackle. Why? I always get carried away emotionally when I tried singing to this song XD. I was finally able to get a good grasp on myself, and finished the recording without faltering with tears haha. The end result? I LOVED IT... I used to say how certain songs were able to make my spine shivered right? Well, I simply never thought that I would feel like that with my own cover, but I did ^^. And the video is the perfect companion that added delicacy to our collaboration. Here's the video, do enjoy it at your fullest...:

I was shocked to know that we both had been using the same tools, since this video is a much crafted piece compared to mine. Thanks Mizu-chan for the awesome video, for your huge efforts in delivering this work. SUBARASHI deshita nee!!! I hope our next project(s) will be a blast as well...  

The 1st collaboration I had done was with the cheerful and cute voice, Katie-chan... a.k.a. PikaHikariKT7 though. That was the very first collaboration I did and posted in Youtube. We did a Digimon Frontier song, where I took the awesome Kouji Wada's part, and she did the part for the lovely Ai Maeda.

The song was part of her DigiMonth tribute (August 2011), which basically had became an inspiration for me to create my own tribute month. The challenge for this first duet for me, was the fact that Kouji-san's vocal has a high range compared to mine, and I had a bit trouble in hitting the high notes haha. It was a great song though, and probably one of among the rare duet in Japanese Music I really liked hearing. I'm a fan of Digimon song as well, so it was a treat to do this song. Here's the video, and please enjoy this one as well:

Katie did the mixing and delivering the final result for this one. The result was awesome, and I feel very excited, especially since it was my first duet ever on Youtube. Thanks again Katie-chan for the great work and the opportunity!

Our duet didn't stop there though, we returned with another song, and with me taking the steering wheel (haha, that reminds me to take a driving lesson a.s.a.p). Katie was back to join my Sakura Taisen tribute month. The song was a very light and tender Reni-Iris duet, about staying true to yourself, and to never change. Here's the link to that page:

The song might seemed like a carefree song, but it has a strong message, and the song means so much to me. I really enjoyed the result, it was awesome (hey, I do a little panning here and there as well haha), and I'm really grateful and thankful that Katie was willing to contribute her vocals for Iris part.

These are just 3 of the first collaborations I had done in the past 4 months, and each and every single one is a special experience that I can't help but thankful. I mean, you guys are great! =D You were even more willing than my friends (whom presence is even unknown), or even more so than my own families, who lived in the same town, the same apartments yet never had time to do things like these together. The opportunites to be able to work with great talents, and more than that... from the far side of the world? Thanks the internet for making it possible, thanks Youtube cause it wouldn't be possible if it is done analog-ly THANK GOD for them both haha. These experience, is absolutely fantastic, and it made me want to do more with lots other people out there around the world, especially my good friends here, there and everywhere. Only sky is the limit!! Hahaha...

With that said, I've decided to put a new category on this blog, entitled

In this category, you will be able to view my collaboration numbers, cause I know for sure, that the list is going to expand as the years go on... The world is a large place, and there are sooooooooo many people I want to work with! I want to do a lot more with Mizu-chan and Katie as well. So, do visit this category, and help support my works, Mizu-chan & Katie's works... and all others fandubbers throughout the world! Okay?! (^v^)b

Thanks for reading!! Look forward for more of my fantastic collaborations with more and more awesome people of the world! Have an awesome Sunday!!! God Bless Y'all \(^^)/


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