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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Junichi Suwabe
Lyrics: RUCCA
Music & Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)
Available on: Maji 1000% Idol Song - Ren Jinguji (Single)
Taken From: Uta no ☆ Prince-Sama: MAJI LOVE 1000% (Ren Jinguji Theme Song), Uta no ☆Prince-Sama♪ Debut (PSP Game)
Copyright Property: King Records
Cover Recording Date: 2011-11-23 07:45


Odorou yo TANGO mune hazumu RIZUMU PURE na HAATO afuresou da yo
Tomadou yo JUNGLE Koi to yume yurete fukai mori made to izanau
Dance the Tango as the rhythm stimulates your heart, Let your pure heart overflows
Loose yourself, it's a Jungle! Sway the love and dream, let's lure together to that deepest woods

Sonna hitomi de mitsumenai de yo kimi ga nozomu nara
Kako mo sutete hatsukoi kara hajimeyou TE AMO MUCHO
Don't gaze me with that looks, as you're what I desire
Abandon the past, let's start from that puppy love "I Love You So Much"

Kimi dake wo omotteru
Kimi ga hohoemu made jounetsu wo utaou
Dear My Lady! Burning Lady! Until I burst out 
Only you that I'm thinking of
Dear My Lady! Bunny Lady! Every time
Till you give me your smile, I'll sing passionately


Tomenaide HONEY Kono koi wa mo haya setsuna ja nai shitteiru darou?
Oikakete HURRY Ai iro ni somaru henseifuu ni mau koigokoro
Don't stop Honey, it's already the time for this love! You know that it won't be painful right?
Chase it hurry, dye it with the colors of love, dance the awakening of love in the westerlies

Kimi no shinku no kuchibiru wo aa mamoru tame naraba
Inochi kakete ore no subete hageshiku kanaderu kara
If I can protect that... Ohh... crimson lips of yours
I'll risk my life, every part of me, from that violent playing instruments

Nee nakanaide ARE U READY? Sugao no mama de
Kimi ga ore no OASHISHU
Saa yurenaide ARE U LADY? Massugu na
Sono yume ga MELODY ga ore no saibou made
Hey, don't cry, Are you ready? Just the way you are
You are my Oasis
Come, don't sway away, Are you Lady? Be honest
That dream, that melody... to the very cell of me
Wake me up!

DEAR MY LADY! BURNING LADY! hajikeru kurai
Kimi dake ni misetai yo
Sou taisetsu na no wa kimi to sono aijou
Dear My Lady! Burning Lady! Until I burst out
Only you that I want to see
Dear My Lady! Bunny Lady! Forever more
Yes, the most precious thing to me is... you and that affection of yours


NOTE: Transliteration by CrimsonxSilk while I provided the translation...

If the last post was filled with 4 of my O_O moments... then the shock therapy proceeds in this post... Yes, it's yet another Idol Prince song from Uta no Prince-sama, and this one's from Masato Hijirakawa's roommate as well as his rival at the same time. The one and only, the flirty, flamboyant and seductive Ren Jinguji.

What made me go O_O when I first heard the song, is knowing who the talent behind this piece. Junichi Suwabe, a male seiyuu who usually played badass and tough COOL characters (Fuuma Monou anyone?) with his heavy voice... who is here playing and SINGING as a very sultry, seductive, flirty character, and probably a womanizer (not sure, cause I don't watch the anime, though this song actually made me feel curious about it now). Another O_o when I saw his character design, which is so... well... have I said flitry, sultry, flamboyant, and seductive already? I was surprised because I thought he would've played the dark blue haired one, or at least the glasses one... definitely never expected for him to lend the voice to the blond 'womanizer' one... hahaha... (Oh, and that album cover of him made me go.... Eeewww ~_~ with shivers -in a bad way). Nevertheless, thumbs up because he has done a good job with this character.
The third OvO came when I realized... GAWD, I LOVE THIS SONG! The beat and the seductive latin-sounding sexy vibe, is a winner for me and I was already dancing shaking my body to it. It felt like a male version of Morning Musume's "Iroppoi Jiretai" or  "Kimagure Princess" (back when I cared for those H!P poor girls). I can't tell what the beat is called, cause I'm loss with musical terms (probably just a mixbag of latin sounds though, cause it's definitely NOT Samba, Mambo, ChaCha, Tango & Salsa - I've done a little homework). The music is very VERY catchy, and VERY addictive I must say, which I dare say is the best highlight of this number (Junichi-san's sultry vocal comes after): Top Notch! Eventhough I'm a mellow guy, there's this other part of me who always perked up upon hearing ethnic (Japanese, Latins, Chinese) sounding like these. They always made me feel like dancing and shaking to the beat. So... with no doubt, I immediately challenged myself to do a cover for this one!

The fourth O__O is for the lyrics. Gyaaah, Japan and their 'talent' for EngRish (yes, I'm being sarcastic). What's not to love about this country, even with the fact that they used the 'perfect' english that made it sound silly and well... absurd? or obnoxious? just kidding (those vocabs are too harsh)... Hahaha. It said TANGO but it's not even close, and even the title already sound weird... "Dear, would you burn my lady?" XD. I guess they meant to say "My Dear... Fiery Lady!" or something like that (I think the actual Japanese is "Kimi... Moero no Shukujou yo!"... which means "Dear... You're a Fiery Lady!"). Japanese song writers DEFINITELY need a lot of work on their English to get it much better! and this opinion came from a non-native english speaker T_T. Apart from that though, I do enjoy the (Japanese) lyrics of the song (even more than the previous song - Masato's). It FITS so much to the character's stereotype... and you wouldn't need to question it any less. The lyrics are so... sexy, sultry, flirty... passionate, and have I mentioned seductive and flamboyant already?

It's a typical womanizer song, but one that's all about falling in love with a girl who actually doesn't respond to his 'charm'(?). When I was translating it, the lyrics made me think dirty thoughts a bit *slaps own face with a hot towel*, but it actually depends on how you see it, cause it's basically about someone who's madly, passionately and desperately in love. It wasn't used in the anime as Wiki told me, but rather in the PSP game. Does it fit to the character? Judge by yourself:

Ren Jinguuji (神宮寺 レン) Voiced by Junichi Suwabe
Student in S Class, he is the third son of the Jinguji family, making him rivals with Masato, who is also his roommate. He is very flirtatious, and plays the saxophone. However, his character runs deeper than the superficial. In the anime, he, along with Otoya, helps defend Haruka when the officials refused to let her take the entrance exam. Ren affectionally calls Haruka, "Little Lamb"

I just had one thing to say about that, because it's an interesting fact. Ren and Masato are rivals, yet they have this 'weird' relationship. Characters are voiced by Junichi Suwabe and Kenichi Suzumura respectively. Hey, aren't they the one who played Fuuma Monou and Kamui Shirou from my favorite CLAMP's series X? Yep... and basically another main reason why I did the cover of this song, to 'counter' the previous song. After all, Ren/Fuuma are arc-loving-rivals of Masato/Kamui right? Hahaha....

I actually would never or could never (more background hahaha here) pictured myself singing this type of song, but I really loved it. I have this soft spot for latin music that is bound to make me go crazy. Crazy is good, once in a while XD. Any problem with the recording? I'm not sure... I enjoyed it so much, that the 2 takes I did sound distinct one another hahaha. The pitch is perfect for me (cause Junichi-san's definitely NOT a tenor), and the beat is fun to cope when you can get to the groove. Hmmm, probably the tempo is the issue, cause I tend to get lost here and there a bit in fast-paced song. I tried to sound 'flirty' and 'sexy', though in real person, I'm definitely NOT... and absolutely far from a womanizer criteria hahaha. Junichi-san will still be way ahead of me on this *thumbs up again for Mr Suwabe*. I can say that I'm very pleased with the result, eventhough it could've been better, and the whole experience with this song is very FUN and exciting.

So there you go.... What a great way and a fitting song to end November right? Passionate and fiery to welcome the final month of 2011 (^v^)/. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do, and you might want to turn the volume louder, cause it'll sound a lot better and tempting enough to make you dance away with it. If you want to hear a more flirtious version, check out the original, it's highly recommended (even better than his anime song "Sekai no Hate Made BELIEVE HEART" IMHO). Will this be the last UtaPuri song I cover? I don't think so, cause I haven't heard most of them... but will it be enough to make me watch the anime? Sorry, not yet! Hahahaha....

Thanks for listening, see you next month! Let's dance away the last day of November together!!!
Bye everyone! \(*v*)/

~The definitely-not-flirtatious Furede Riko~

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years... (Audrey Hepburn)

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth... (William W. Purkey) AWESOME QUOTE!!! \(>w<)/


Hmmm... here's the full song, but check it out quick, cause apparently King Records is closing down the videos of their songs. Enjoy!

Junichi Suwabe - Dear... Burning My Lady!


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