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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Kenichi Suzumura
Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
Music & Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)
Available on: Maji 1000% Idol Song - Masato Hijirikawa (Single)
Taken From: Uta no ☆ Prince-Sama: MAJI LOVE 1000% (Masato Hijirikawa Theme Song)
Copyright Property: King Records
Cover Recording Date: 2011-11-11 06:42


"Namida wo fuite" itsuka ugokidasu kara
Yukidoke no you ni  KIRARI mirai hikaru
Yume wa itsudatte KNOCKING ON THE MIND kanjite
Someday I'll move on while saying "Wipe that tears away"
Just like the snow thaw, the glittering future will shine
This dream will always, feels knocking on the mind

ASUFARUTO no sumi de tsumetai yami ni furuetatte
Osorenai de PURE HEART itsudatte hana wa ue wo muiteru
Shivering through the cold darkness, on that asphalt corner
A flower will always look up, with a pure heart that knows no fear

* Donna toki mo wasurezu ni ite hoshii sono egao wa taiyou da
Ai no kouzui ga tomaranai hodo ni omoi ga michiteku
Soba ni isasete hoshii "Shinjiru" koto wo wakeaou...
No matter what happens I don't ever want to forget, cause that smile is my sun
I put this feeling to the fullest, so that the flood of love will never end
I wish to stay beside you, to share this 'trust' 

"Naze na no darou?" sugata mitsukeru tabi ni
Kako no kagerou ga fuwari sora ni kieta
Tomoshibi no you ni KNOCKING ON THE MIND attakai
"Why is that?" in the journey to discover that figure
The heat haze of my past, gently fades away to the sky
Just like a light knocking on the mind, it feels warm

Fuyu no keshiki sae mo haru no iro ni mieru hodo ni
Sekai ga ima CHANGING hajimete uta ga kaze ni tonda
Even in a winter scenery, you can already see the color of spring
The world is now changing, and for the first time this song will soar through the wind

Kagiriaru kotoba ja tarinai kara hito wa fureyou to suru no ka?
Kokoro no DAMU kara afureru you ni tsuyoku shimetsukeru
Tashikamete kono kodou "TOKUN TOKUN" to Ah...utau...
Because limited words are not enough, that people eventually touched right?
They held tight and stronger, as if flowing from the dam of their hearts
To make sure this throbbing feeling is Oh... "Thuump Thuump", singing its beat


NOTE: Transliteration by CrimsonxSilk while I provided the translation...

Honestly, I never though I would end up doing a cover for this series, the male idol themed show : Uta no Prince-sama. I'm not a fan of most shoujo romance or Gyaku Harem-type of shows like these, since I'm not even an avid fan for harem type series as well (Love Hina, Kanon, Boku wa Tomodachi ni Sukunai? I'll pass!). Not my taste perhaps? I even had the whole episodes of Hakuouki but had only watched the 1st episode and dropped it (stored it away) afterwards Hahaha. Perhaps the only notable series from this genre that I liked is Ouran Host Club since it's practically wacky enough to steal my attention, and the main heroine is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto *cough cough*. So, have I watched UtaPuri before? Nope! Never, or at least not yet... probably never will though, cause I'm not interested at all for the time being...

So why am I doing the song from UtaPuri? Hmmm... the main reasons are: because it's a male song (I've been doing more female artist songs than male artists); the singer is one of my favorite male Seiyuu (which happens to be Maaya Sakamoto's husband XD) - and that list is very narrow cause I'm not that crazy over them; and I've read before in a certain web, a review of how this song is amazing, how it's speaking about wanting to be beside the people he loved, that it touched his/her(?) soul and made that person felt gentle inside, bla bla bla. Simply saying, curiosity knocked my head, so I listened to the song, and the piano intro caught my attention immediately. "Okay, let's do this..." I said.

Kenichi Suzumura-san's voice range is higher than me, so the problem in doing the recording is of course the vocal range. I could've lowered the pitch, but I decided to challenge myself and took chances in the original way. Kinda troubled with the high notes (especially when you have your neighbours screaming when they hear your voice a bit too loud T.T), but I believed I nailed it and finished with just 2 take (I slipped a bit on one of the chorus, so had to retake that part hahaha). When I listened to the result, I was... O_o "What?... Meh, it sounds... awful...", so I kept the record away, put it in silence and did another song. This happened on that well known special day of this year, the day that came only once in a 1000 years: yes, the 11-11-11 XD.

Several days ago, after I finished the collaboration with Mizu-chan, I was looking for another song to cover, and then I accidentally remembered about this song. I looked for it on my HDD, it sounded better after a few listens, so I tried mixing that RAW recording with the instrumental. I played the test mix and... O_O "What? Is this really... MY VOICE?... Really????". I was shocked because the raw recording without music sounded weird, but when it's combined with the music, it actually made a good treat for my ear. The vocal somehow fit enough to the music, and eventhough Kenichi-san still sounded better, this was definitely 'not bad' at all. So I continued to edit, did the final mixing, and simply loved the result. Probably my better (if not the best) cover song so far, that I feel like posting. Though up until now, I still wonder how I managed to sing and sound like that Gyahahaha. Hey, I'm no idol, but at least I can sound like one hahaha...

The 2 times shocking feeling was not enough apparently. The most funny moment ever, was when I was trying to build the video, that I looked in Google for the image of the character that sing the song (As I said, no... I have no background knowledge of UtaPuri at all). When Google responded, I was.... O___O "....................................". I really paused (speechless mode on) for almost half of minute, till I got my senses back. "This is an image song for THIS character? You're kidding right?", so I turned to CDJapan to see the album cover, and Google was not lying after all. To be honest, I don't think the song fits the character -at least from the image- and even the voice doesn't seem to fit cause it's veeeery far from the seiyuu image (Kenichi-san usually played cheerfull, genki, lively character - Kamen Rider Den-O Ryuutaros anyone?). I'm only judging by the looks though (don't try this at home), so I might be very wrong on this anyway. I'm still shocked with the character design and appeal.

The last thing I did was translating the lyrics. I recorded this song with that thought from that web review, of how it's a touchy, wanna-be-beside-you type of song. When I read the lyrics thoroughly, I realized that it's NOT as heart-touching as the web reviewed. For me personally, the lyrics are 'daily basis', typical 'love' song and I found it just nice and not as awesome as the way I performed. I went back to that web, re-read the review, and for the first time noticed a part where the writer said underneath, "I don't know Japanese though, so I'm only guessing this song based on how I hear it"... The 4th OoO appeared. Hmmm... however it DOES have qualities and fitting to the character though, as Wiki informed me:

Masato Hijirikawa (聖川 真斗) Voiced by Kenichi Suzumura
Student of A Class, The oldest son and heir to the Hijirikawa Group. He was raised in a strict environment, making him very serious. His way of thinking is a little old-fashioned, and he’s unable to show his real self due to his serious nature. He seems to have some form of rivalry going on with Ren, whom he shares a room with. He plays the piano. Masato shows his soft side when Haruka is involved.

The TV shot showed the exact scene as well. Sooo... this song is about how his life is changing because of love. Apparrently Masato changed into a more sincere person after meeting the main heroine Haruka. Okay, I can live with that one.... not as spectacular as I expected would be though. What's funny about this situation, is I wonder why I didn't realize the lyrics when I was singing it. It was always my habit to dive in the lyrics and sang it heart by heart part by part... (which made me get carried away lots of times). I must've caught off guard by the curse of 11-11-11 hahaha. I'm thankful that I did this cover though, cause if these shocking elements came before hand, perhaps I wouldn't had any thought of singing this song at all.

There you go, an unexpected well done cover song, completed with 4 shocking 'O_O' elements. I just re-done the video, adding effects and transitions (inspired by Mizu-chan's work ^^, Thanks my friend! ^^ b), hope you like it! Oh and hey, by the way, it turns out that I just join in as a just another new entry to the ALREADY MANY fancovers of this song hahahaha (just check Youtube, you won't find the original song, but loooootttssssss of cover everywhere XD, the piano ones are awesome though). I guess it's very popular indeed. Well, I still hope you like it though, eventhough others might sound A LOT better than me (cause they know the story and all? D'oh...).

Will I go and watch the anime or play the game after this...? NOPE! Hahaha. Sorry if you're a fan, this type of anime is just not my style ^^. Till then, have a nice day, and see you again!

~Uta no Prince-Sama-Janai: Furede Riko XD~

Change in all things is sweet... (Aristotle)

The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings, who by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives... (William James, often attributed to Marilyn Ferguson)


If you're looking for fancovers of this song, they are EVERYWHERE... and not a sign of the original. Perhaps because King Records had put them down due to copyright issue, cause well, this song is very popular after all. So yeah, here's a short preview of the scene from the anime, where the song was played instead:

Kenichi Suzumura - Knocking On The Mind (TV Version)

which was the only original thing I could discover T_T

What's Next?
- Ladies... Let's dance away from November, with burning PASSION!! ...In an idol prince's style though Hahahaha... >w<


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