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(This Place is Paradise ~Little Lip Theatre's Theme)


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Kaori Asou, Youko Honna (One Pair) & Naoya Uchida
Lyrics: Ouji Hiroi
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Arrangement: Takayuki Negishi
Available on: Chijou no Senshi/Koko wa Paradise (Single), Sakura Taisen V New York Kayou Zenshuu (Album), Complete Song Box 2002-2006 (Disc 05 of 08), etc.
Taken From: Sakura Taisen V ~Saraba Itoshiki Hito yo~ (Theatre Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Wavemaster Entertainment
Cover Version Recording Date: 2011-10-14 08:49


C'mon singing C'mon dancing night and day, and forget everything else
C'mon singing C'mon dancing night and day, cause this is a Paradise 

(Plum) SHIRUKU no DORESU ni kanashimi wo kakushite
LA LA koyoi utau yorokobi shinshi shukujo no minasama e
(Anri) Ashita no genki wo mune ippai ni dakishimete
(All) Niji-iro no kibou todokeyou
(One Pair) Hajimeyou! (Sunny) NOW LET'S DANCE!
(One Pair) Saa hakushu! (Sunny) JUST SING A SONG!
(All) Dai Matenrou ni hibikasou
Conceal all sadness in that silk dress
Tonight La La let's sing joyfully, for all the ladies and gentlemen
Hold tight all the spirit of tomorrow in your heart
Let's deliver a rainbow colored hope
It's time to start! / Now let's dance!
Give your round applause! / Just sing a song
Let it echoes to the big skyscraper

(One Pair) Hasan shite mo shitsuren shite mo
(All) Ii janaika mata yarinaosou
(Sunny) Konya wa anata ga shuyaku da yumemiru kodomo no hitomi de
Jiyuu ni tsubasa hirogeyou
Eventhough you're bankrupt, or heartbroken
It's all right isn't it? Cause you can always start over again
For tonight you are the main star, with that dreamy eyes of a child
Let's spread out our wings freely

** (Sunny) LITTLE LIP'S sekai no koibito (One Pair) LITTLE LIP'S CHU CHUU!
(Sunny) LITTLE LIP'S goraku no dendou (One Pair) LITTLE LIP'S CHU CHUU!
(Sunny) LITTLE LIP'S hikari kagayaite (One Pair) LITTLE LIP'S CHU CHUU !
(All) Koko wa PARADAISU
Little Lip is a lover for the world / Little Lip is *kiss* *kiss*
Little Lip is the palace of pleasure /  Little Lip is *kiss* *kiss*
Little Lip is where the light sparkles bright /  Little Lip is *kiss* *kiss*
This is the Paradise



(Plum) Makkana RUUJU de itsuwari wo kakushite
LA LA ai wo odoro hageshiku ironna jinsei ga aru wa
(Anri) Butai no ue ni mo soshite kyakuseki no naka ni mo
(All) Sono yume no subete kagayaku
(One Pair) Tanoshimou (Sunny) NOW LET'S DANCE!
(One Pair) Kokoro kara (Sunny) JUST SING A SONG!
(All) Dai matenrou wo tobikoete
Concealed with a masquerade of deep red rouge
Let's dance the La La love intensely, cause such colorful life truly exists
On top of the stage, as well as within the audience
Let's make that dream completely sparkles
Let's enjoy it / Now let's dance!
From the very heart / Just sing a song!
Leap away to the big skyscraper

(One Pair) Hitori janai zetsubou suru na
(All) Koko wa gekijou minna wo tsutsumu
(Sunny) Itsudemo anata wo mitemasu sono suteki na egao wo kudasai
Sore ga watashi no shiawase
You are not alone, so do not feel despair
This is the theatre, where everyone is engulfed
We're always looking at you, so please give us that lovely smile of yours
That is a happiness for me



Kokoro no tsubasa wo LA LA kagayakasete
Saa yume wo Night and Day
C'mon... singing C'mon... dancing night and day
The wings of your heart La La let it sparkles bright
Let's dream for the night and day


"Koi no Hassha ALL RIGHT"
(All Right for Love to Depart)


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Kyoko Hikami, Yuki Masuda & Akemi Okamura (Kazegumi)
Lyrics: Ouji Hiroi
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: Teigeki Kayou Zenshuu 2 (Album), Complete Song Box (Disc 02 of 08), etc.
Taken From: Sakura Taisen 2 ~Kimi Shinita Mou Wakare~ (Kazegumi Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Avex/Wavemaster Entertainment
Cover Version Recording Date: 2010-11-04 07:23


Anata to atta sono toki kara nemurenai yoru tsuzuiteiru no honto na no
Konna ni mune ga tokimekiteru koi no junbi wa dekitato omou honto na no
From that time on since I met you I've had endless sleepless nights  it's true
My heart is pounding so much so I think I'm prepared for love  it's true

** Sono kotoba matteru ano basho de matteru
Watashi kara ienai anata kara itte yo
I'm waiting for you to say it  I'm waiting at that spot
I can't be the one to say it  Only you can say it
The nervous pulsing resounds from the heart

* Koi ni hassha OORAI! koi no hassha OORAI!
Kikkake hitotsu de hassha OORAI!
All right for love to depart!  All right for love to depart!
Under one command  it's all right to depart!

Anata to omou kimochi dake ga higoto yogoto ni ookiku naru no honto na no
Chiisana mune ga tsubure sou yo koi no yokan wa mamanai wa   honto na no
The feelings I have as I think of you grow bigger during the day and night  it's true
It feels like my small heart is going to be smashed to control love is out of my control  it's true

Sono egao zurui wa yasashisa ga zurui wa
Watashi kara ienai anata kara itte yo
That smile is cunning  That kindness is cunning
I can't be the one to say it  Only you can say it
The nervous pulsing resounds from the heart



Koi ni hassha OORAI! Koi no hassha OORAI!
All right for love to depart! All right for love to depart!

NOTE: I transliterated and translated the New York song by myself, and the 2nd one was a pure copy paste from Anime Lyrics, there's a note about the translation, please make sure you read it to fully understand the context of the song...


Today's post is a special post, to celebrate the fact that... my Sakura Taisen  New York Hoshigumi Live 2011 DVD had just been shipped hahaha. It was shipped yesterday, but my internet went down again (it's been a pain for the past several days T.T). Yes, this one is another Sakura Taisen tribute as I promised.

So, to celebrate this small yet delightfull fanboy occasion, I decided to upload the theme song of the New York Theatre, the Little Lip Theatre. The song will be accompanied by my past work, the Kazegumi trio from the DaiTeikoku Gekijou (Teito's Theatre). What do the two songs have in common you ask? Simple: Both are performed by the support unit of the main cast, and both are TRIO songs. It would've been nice if I included the Mell & Ci song from the Paris Theatre Chattes Noires, but since it's a duet, It wouldn't fit... (beside the fact that the song is the most feminime of all the theatres ^^;).  

The first song, as I said, is performed by the duo One Pair (Plum Spaniel & Anri Yoshino), with the addition of the overly excited and eccentric theatre manager (as well as the Combat Troupe COMMANDER) Michael Sunnyside. Plum, who was re-named as Cherry Cocker (What? o_O bad name choice? Agree...) in the US version of the game, handles the food and beverage shop of the theatre, while grumpy Anri is in charge of the merchandise shop. Sunny, as the shortened nickname for Sunnyside, is the manager, who probably loved to sing and dance, and perform on stage even more than the Star Five (nick name for the 5 members of New York Kagekidan). His name actually fits his personality so much: a ridiculous, obnoxious yet brightly cheerful guy who leads the theatre with a huge smile while shouting "LIFE IS ENTERTAINMENT" all the way. He's the only commander among the 3 cities squad with more than one solo songs, and always had a singing part in the New York CDs. Ichirou Oogami has several solo as well, but most of them are done BEFORE he was appointed as Commander to replace Ikki Yoneda.

The song, is the theme song of the Little Lip Theatre, and since it's a New York landmark, then it's obvious that the song will sound jazzy broadway style.  It also reflects the function of One Pair in combat (they are called Nijigumi), cause they are in charge of preparing the launch of the big ship Ahab, that will take off using a huge LIPS (Little Lip's Chuu Chuu anyone?), with the command of Sunny's "IT'S SHOWTIME" XD. The song was placed as the coupling song for the kickass heroic opening theme, and it really showed fans the musical concept of the fifth game: Broadway. This song is A MUST SING for the team, and is always performed in their Live Shows, with the Star Five singing along in this song. Never mind the ENGRISH, because the singers are definitely not English natives, and enjoy the upbeat danceable music of a manhattan style. It will brighten up your mood, teasing you to just jump from your chair (or from anywhere else you're standing/sitting in) to sing along, dance along and enjoy the fun. I never get bored listening to this song... cause it sounds like it came from those musicals that I loved so much ("Chicago" anyone?)

The second song, is included in one of the chapter of the Sakura Taisen 2 game. The Kazegumi (Tsubaki Takamura, Yuri Sakakibara, Kasumi Fujii) is the support team for the Teikoku Kagekidan. The secret fangirl of Maria, Tsubaki handles the merchandise/gift shop (just like Anri), the gossip girl Yuri is in charge of publication, and the gentle and mature Kasumi is doing the administrative for the theatre (tickets, sales, and others). The song actually reflects a combination of their theatre's role as well as their combat's role. They are the unit under Kaede Fujieda, which are in charge of the transportation (using speed train Gouraiga, steam aircraft Shougeimaru, or the great battleship Mikasa) and armament support for the Hanagumi, hence they are accustomed to the phrase "HASSHA OHHRAAIII" or "All Right to Launch!". That's where the title of the song came from.

The theme of the song however, is related to their theatre's role, cause in the chapter where they inserted this song, the 3 took over the handling of the theatre, to let Ichirou Oogami spend a romantic day with one of the Hanagumi of his choice. A date? OF COURSE hahahaha. So it's no wonder they said, "It's All Right for LOVE to Launch!". For fans, this song is one of the highlights of the 2nd game soundtrack, why? The atmosphere of the song, is no different than "Koko wa PARADISE" because it's a jazzy filled upbeat dance song. The moment you start to the song, you'll be tempted to just dance along or shake your body. It's fun, and somehow I get the feeling that this song is actually what triggered the creation of the 1st song. Yup, dare I say, that both of these songs are broadway-styled Sakura Taisen masterpieces that showcased the awesome quality of its music (by the one and only Kouhei-sensei).

The challenge in recording both of these songs are... they are TRIO songs! Whereas I'm the only one singing... Yep, I did 3 take for the different parts of the 1st song, and 2 take for the 2nd song (cause it's mostly Tsubaki singing with Yuri and Kasumi as backups). The vocal recording step is enjoyable, because I really had fun singing these songs. The next step is the annoying one though... the editing and mixing to produce the final result. It takes quite sometime because I need to handle each track separately, meaning I have to do it 3 times. A duet is not too much of a problem, because the work is only 2 times. 3 times means extra time, and harder mixing (adjusting volume, panning -though I had lots of fun with it-, and balancing the vocals).

"Koi no Hassha All Right" can be considered as a duet, so it's not really much of a hardwork as the 1st song. Beside that, when I recorded the Kazegumi song last year, my microphone was still freshly bought and I was using my old laptop which actually was more reliable for voice recording. The microphone went a bit berserk during the recording of "Koko wa" hence, there are some obvious distortion during the 2nd half of the song *sigh* and I was too lazy to record the parts all over again XD. So, pardon for the noise there... oh, and I think I kinda messed up a bit with the harmonizing (Sunny's part) during the bridge, it was high notes, I over shouted, and went off pitch somewhere in there HAHAHA ^^;. Oh, and Plum's alto part is also a bit... meh... cause it's tough to do... so... T_T DON'T MIND DON'T MIND Okay!!! Hahaha XD

Despite the problems, all the hardwork paid off, and I really enjoy the result (perhaps because I'm already biased with these song from the start hahaha). It could be much better, but thankfully I'm not too much of a perfectionist. I look forward to be able to re-record these songs, but as a REAL TRIO though. I really want to sing this song with my bros (Mick, Ela... God... where the heaven are you guys now T.T), though it seems like a very farfetched idea. I would really love if anyone from the web, from around the world, want to tag along with me to sing this brilliant numbers. I'd be more than happy to re-do it again.
Well, that's all I can say (because it's already a long talk... XD). My DVD is estimated to arrive 3 weeks from now (in early December), so I couldn't watch it yet even when I feel like watching it now. Guess I'll just watch the previous New York shows as I sing a long with my "Koko wa Paradise"... I hope you enjoy both songs, thanks for sharing my great day with me. Have a nice day, God Bless!! ^^v

~Furede Riko

Life is ENTERTAINMENT... (Michael Sunnyside)

Here's the studio version of the original songs:

Plum, Anri & Sunny - Koko wa PARADISE
Kazegumi - Koi no Hassha ALL RIGHT

but the ones you really really have to see is the LIVE Performances of these songs because it's sooooo entertaining! XD

Star Five with Shinjirou Taiga - Koko wa PARADISE > This one's the Star Five's version I said earlier... it's a fun cover and sound different simply because of the singers arrangements

One Pair & Sunny with DANDY Dan - Koko wa PARADISE (from Budoukan Live 2007) > This is the very first live appearance of Plum Spaniel... a collaboration with DANDY Dan. Dandy Boss and Sunny are the best male singers of Sakura Taisen, so their combo is superbly amazing!

Kazegumi - Koi no Hassa ALL RIGHT (from Tsubasa Performance) > This is their very first and very nervous live appearance, just a short version of the song though... Tsubaki looked comfortable, while Yuri and Kasumi looked very tense. They weren't able to participate in many public appearances, but they are more relaxed and comfortable in their next performances...

Baragumi - Koi no Hassa ALL RIGHT (from Tsubasa Performance) > Are they guys? YES... Baragumi are male-lover crossdressers who spoofed the Kazegumi and sang this song since the girls couldn't make it to all showdates XD. This performance is hideously yet hillariously ENTERTAINING, they even made the audience danced away, on their very first 'very energetic' live appearance (even now not so good vocal-wise). The Baragumi is one of the comedic elements of the show that you'll simply miss when they're not around.

Kazegumi & Mell Ci - Koi no Hassha ALL RIGHT - Misterious MEDLEY (from Budoukan Live 2007) > This is a medley of the 2 support team performed in the 1st Budoukan

Kazegumi, Baragumi with DANDYs - Koi no Hassha ALL RIGHT (from Teito Live 2010) > Last year's show... the girls teamed up with Baragumi and DANDY's Nishimura & Pero to perform this song. Too bad DANDY Boss couldn't make it that time...

Hope you enjoy those videos!! Haha... IT'S SHOW TIME!!! (^^)/
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