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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Yui
Lyrics & Music: Yui
Arrangement: Northa+
Available on: LIFE (Single), From Me to You (Album)
Taken From: Bleach (5th Ending Theme)
Copyright Property: Sony Record
Cover Recording Date: 2011-09-04 08:17


Doro darake yo najime nai tokai de
Onaji you ni warae nai utsumuite aruita no
Isogi ashi de surechigau hito-tachi
"Yume wa kanai mashita ka?" ATASHI mada MOGA ite iru
Covered in dirt, In an unfamiliar city
I didn't smile like usual I just walked hanging my head
To all the people hurrying quickly past me
"Have your dreams come true?" I'm still struggling

Kodomo no goro ni modoru yori mo
Ima wo umaku ikite mitai yo kowagari wa umare tsuki
Rather than going back to my childhood
I want to live happily now I'm a coward by nature

Hi no ataru basho ni dete ryoute wo hirogete mita nara
Ano sora koete yukeru ka na? Nante omottanda
Tobitatsu tame no tsubasa sore wa mada mie nai
KANTAN ni ikanai kara ikite yukeru
If I try to leave for a place where the sun shines with open arms
I think, "I wonder if I could cross the sky?"
I still can't see my wings for flying
Because I can't just go on, I continue to live

Nureta koinu hiroi ageta dakede
Chotto warae chau hodo namida ga koborete kita
Aisaretai aisaretai bakari ATASHI iitte ita yo ne
Motomeru dake ja dame ne
Just by picking up a wet puppy
Enough to smile a little my tears came pouring out
I want to be loved, I just want to be loved
I've said it It's no good just wishing for it

Kodomo no koro wa MAMA no koto
Hidoku kizutsuketa hi mo atta yo ne kawari tai
Ima zenbu
There were also days in my childhood
Where I had hurt my mother
I want to change it all now

Hi no ataru basho ni dete kono te wo tsuyoku nigitte mita
Ano basho ano toki wo kowashite I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE
Demo kokoro no naka subete wo totemo tsutae kire nai
KANTAN ni ikanai kara ikite yukeru
I tried to leave for a place where the sun shines, gripping tightly
Destroying that time and place I can change my life
But, I can't communicate everything in my heart
Because I can't just go on I continue to live

Hi no ataru basho ni dete chizu wo hirogete miru kedo
I KNOW... YOU KNOW... Mayoi michi mo shikata nai
Sugite kita hibi zenbu de ima no atashi nanda yo
KANTAN ni ika nai kara ikite yukeru
Going to a place where the sun shines, I try to open a map, but
I know... you know...  There's nothing I can do even if I'm lost
I can change my life
With everything that's gone by lately, I'm only the me I am now
Because I can't just go on I continue to live

NOTE: Transliteration and translation from Anime Lyrics, too lazy to edit eventhough I feel some part is a bit misplaced... 

So after a dancing broadway-esque song last week, what will today's menu like? Hmm... let's do an upbeat and kinda ROCK-y styled song, and this one came from a shounen anime, with the power vocal of a multitalented young female artist...

I'm not a huge fan of YUI, but I really appreciate her outstanding works, especially since she's a great songwriter (music and lyric), singer and one helluva guitar player. Perhaps because I'm not really comfortable with her vocal type, that I ended up not among my friends who had been her crazy fanbase. I personally prefer girls who plays the piano/keyboard more than those who played guitars, not that I'm complaining for such talents... nor it has anything to do with this review hahaha. Girls + Piano looked more gentle, pretty and well... sexy for me XD....  Maybe that's one of the reason I didn't fond about her so much though hahaha... picky me!

The same thing goes with the Anime BLEACH... I mean I'm not a huge fan of it as my cousins, or my crazy fanbase friends *cough cough*, but I don't hate it and enjoy it. I actually liked the anime and watched the first episodes religiously... but I think I only reached 20 something, or even less, and stopped watching ever since. You see, I'm not a fan of a long winding series, with the exception of several episodic titles that didn't require continuity, I prefer the show that I watch to not exceed 50 episodes... 24-26 is more prefered, and 11-13 is my best choice. So yeah, the reason why I dropped Bleach, Naruto and One Piece off my list.

Both reason made me held back to listen to this song. When I got myself the complete OP-ED Bleach songs (hmmm... I don't know why I did that, perhaps because Kousuke Atari sang one? I forgot), I was shocked to see that YUI sang the 5th Ending. I never gave the song a thought though, so it was sitting with the rest of them on my HDD for like... ages? No, I'm kidding... but it's still more than 6 months. Until I did the cover to "GOODBYE DAYS" that became my swan song for my previous work place haha. I did that song not because of YUI's fame as well, but because it was the 'twin' song of "TAIYOU NO UTA", my favorite. So there I got this mood, "Hey, YUI's kinda cool... and her songs fits the range of my vocal", so I gave of taste of "LIFE", and well... here's the result! XD

What I loved about YUI's songs, is that they have these sincere lyrics, that made me fell in love. It's not poetic, shakespeared... or things like that, and it's not cheesy corny lovey dovey, but it's speaking about daily life, emotions and feelings of a common person. I think that's the power of YUI's lyrics, as well as her top-notch-accoustics. I liked accoustic songs, it felt more down to earth and closer to the audience. So yeah, when I listen to this song, the accoustic intro caught me off guard, the catchy percussion thing? LOVED it... (I loved anything with latin or etnic beats) and it sold me out, and when I started reading the lyrics... I was like "Why is she talking about me?!" or rather, why is this song speaking about my own personal feelings as well? O_o. More than that, without I even realized it, the a catchy upbeat tune already making me moving, shaking my body to the beat, while at the same time, I'm listening to the story of 'my life' being told. OMG! So you guys want to know how my life is doing lately? Well... just read the lyrics of this ong XD.

With that said, this cover is eventually made and was born to the world haha. During the recording process, I had trouble in some of the 'fast' words she spoke, and had to retake several times. Beside that I had to replace several lyrics as well, cause it was very girly (she used ATASHI, which I changed into BOKU WA), and basically I always made my (late) Dad angry all the time in the past compared to my Mom, so I changed MAMA to PAPA. I laughed when I first heard the result with these changes though, cause it sounded like I was a brat in my childhood or something like that. Hmmm... perhaps I was, but a polite and smart brat indeed ^o^v.

Anyway, the recording was a lot of fun, and I think I nailed the song the way I want it to be... so I'm quite satisfied with it. One of the best results I had, though not too much as my personal favorites. I played it a lot though, especially when I'm feeling down or mellow, just to remind me that I need to go on when I'm down, I need to move on even when I'm feeling lost, I need to get my dream cause hey, I CAN CHANGE my life! Hopefully, this song, and especially the message of this song... can be a strength, the power to keep on struggling for you as well...

Thanks for reading, and hope you had a great time listening to this one. Have a nice day everyone, and have a great start of a new week!
God Bless!!

~Furede Riko~

'Tis easy enough to be pleasant, When LIFE flows along like a song; But the man worth while is the one who will smile when everything goes dead wrong... (Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

A dream is your creative vision for your LIFE in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown... (Denis Waitley)


I found the official PV, but it was edited to a game(?) demo or something? Nevertheless, it's the official song with the original artists (LOTS and LOTS of covers of this song), and I hope you like it. Oh, and the other one is her LIFE I mean LIVE performance of this song... ENJOY!!!


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