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MAAYA-YURA... (Okaerinasai, Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara)

(Welcome Back)


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto
Music: Yumi Matsutoya
Arrangement: Toshiyuki Mori
Available on: Okaerinasai (Single)
Taken From: Tamayura ~hitotose~ (Opening Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Victor Entertainment
Cover Version Recording Date: 2011-10-29 06:06


Natsu no nokori ame ni eki made hashittetta kimi no ushiro sugata
Hansode no seifuku awatete oikaketa matsuge ni mizu tama hajikete
Sekaijuu no yasashii mono utsukushii iro wo shitteta
Demo sekai wa shiranakatta ano koro
Under the remnant of summer's rain, I ran to the station, upon seeing the appearance of your back
I rushed chasing in my shorts sleeves uniform, water drops popping in my eyelashes
I've known the beauty colors of the gentle things around the world
But at that moment, I never knew the world

Okaerinasai omoide ni
Nakitai toki aitai toki koko ni iru yo
Okaerinasai watashi tachi ga
Yumemita mono aishita mono ima mo kimi wo mamotteru yo
Welcome back, to this feeling
The moment when I feel like crying, the moment when I feel like meeting you, is here
Welcome back, to us
The things I've dreamt, the things I've loved, right now I'll protect you

Kami wo tokashi nagara eiga no naka de mita ano ko no mane wo shita
Tsumetai mizu de kao wo arau to kanashimi wa zenbu nagareteitta
Sora no ue ni egaiteta subete wa ima me no mae ni oritekite
Omosa mo katachi mo tashika ni kanjiru
While combing my hair, I imitated that person I've seen in the movie
I washed my face with cold water, and all sadness flowed away
All that have been painted above the sky, now falling down in front of me
I can definitely feel the weights and the shapes

Okaerinasai omoide ni
Fururi muku no mo kawaru koto mo yowasa janai
Okaerinasai wakatteru yo
Nani mo iwazu nani mo kikazu kimi wo sotto dakishimeyou
Welcome back, to this feeling
I'll even face the rejection, and changes, cause I am not weak
Welcome back, for I know for sure
Nothing more to say, nothing more to listen, I'll softly embrace you

Okaerinasai omoide ni
Nakitai toki aitai toki soba ni iru yo
Okaerinasai kizuiteite
Ikiru koto wa wasureru koto ima ga itsumo ichiban kagayaiteru
Welcome back, to this feeling
The moment when I feel like crying, the moment when I feel like meeting you, is right here beside you
Welcome back, I realized
The matter of living which was something that was forgotten, right now will always sparkle at its best


"Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara"
(If I'm Engulfed by Gentleness)


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Yumi Matsutoya/Arai(1), Maaya Sakamoto(2)
Lyrics & Music: Yumi Matsutoya
Arrangement: DEPAPEPE
Available on: Kiki's Delivery Service Soundtrack (Album), Down Town / Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara (SINGLE)
Taken From: Kiki's Delivery Service(1) (Ending Theme), Tamayura OVA(2) (Opening Theme), Majo no Takkyuubin(2) (Ending Theme)
Copyright Property: Victor Entertainment
Cover Version Recording Date: 2010-11-04 06:41


Chiisai koro wa Kami-sama ga ite
Fushigini yume wo Kanaete kureta
Yasashii kimochi de Mezameta asa wa
Otona ni nattemo Kiseki wa okoru yo
When I was small I knew GOD exists
And HE granted my wishes in mysterious ways
On mornings when you wake up feeling at ease
Miracles happen even when you grow up

* KAATEN wo hiraite Shizukana komorebi no
Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta nara Kitto
Me ni utsuru Subete no koto wa MESEEJI
Open the curtain wide let faint sunbeams shine through
Let their gentleness engulf you I'm sure
All that appears before your eyes is a message

Chiisai koro wa Kami-sama ga ite
Mainichi ai wo Todokete kureta
Kokoro no oku ni Shimai wasureta
Taisetsuna hako Hiraku toki wa ima
When I was small, I knew GOD exists
And every day HE sent me their love
Deep in my heart a precious box
Long forgotten the time to open it is now

Ame agari no niwa de Kuchinashi no kaori no
Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta nara Kitto
Me ni utsuru Subete no koto wa MESEEJI
In a garden where the rain has stopped the faint fragrance of gardenias
Let it's gentleness engulf you I'm sure
All that appears before your eyes is a message


NOTE: I transliterated and translated the 1st song from the album booklet by myself, since no lyrics have been posted anywhere... I've posted this translation to Anime Lyrics, but they haven't approve it yet T.T... The 2nd one came from that website, but as always, with a bit alteration to the translation (look for it in the Kiki's Delivery Service page though)...


NOVEMBER is HERE!!! Haha... yup, meaning only less than 2 months before we meet the end of 2011.
Anyway, to kick off the new month, is a new song by Maaya Sakamoto, from the anime TAMAYURA, hence today's combo is called Maaya-YURA (Maaya Sakamoto meets Tamayura XD). Wait, a combo you ask? Yes indeed... cause way before this new song, almost the same time of the year last year I've also recorded one of her song from the same series. Both of these songs are my favorites, and eventhough I have no idea about the anime itself... I really enjoy the theme songs. Oh, and I also added the title translation from now on, so you guys will know what it generally means without reading the full lyrics...

I'll be very honest, that I've never even watched any of the episode. Last year the OVA was released and the 2nd song I posted here, is the opening theme. This year the TV series are being run in Japan starting October 3rd, and yes I haven't watch any of them XD. The reason is because my anime-playlist is already full, thanks to Mawaru Penguindrum and GARO Makai Senki which have entered my list recently... and One Piece New World and the remake of Hunter x Hunter who made a comeback in my list. Fiuuuuhhhh.... So, if you're wondering what anime Tamayura is? Please check out the net or watch them by yourself, the DVD/Bluray for the OVA is already out... I'll get to this part perhaps, next year ^^;

The 1st song "Okaerinasai" is the opening to the TV Series. This song came from a freshly single released on October 26th... yes, precisely last week! ^^v. The single is a result of  Maaya-san's dream-come-true-collaboration with her role-model Yuming. Yumi-san used her real name Yumi Arai before she was married to her producer Matsutoya. By that name, she was in fact the original artist that performed the 2nd song "Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara". That song was used as the ending song for Ghibli's anime move Kiki's Delivery Service which eventually made her fame through the world. Yumi's style is similar to Joni Mitchell (which immediately reminded me of the movie "The Kids are All Right" by my favorite actor Bruce Banner... I mean, Mark Ruffalo) or Carole King ("You've got a friend" anyone?). Maaya-san covered her song to be used in Tamayura, and DEPAPEPE was in charge of the new arrangement. I must say, that these guitar duo turns the song into a whole new atmosphere. What kind? Just listen to the song, and you'll be hypnotize by their accoustic performance... XD

The 1st song is about welcoming back something precious in our life. I couldn't relate the lyrics to the anime itself, but here's how Yuming described the song as: "...No matter how long you've been away, your hometown remembers you and gives you a warm welcome when you come back there. Hoping to express such a feeling by Ms. SAKAMOTO's pure voice, I wrote this song.". WOW! As I said before, Maaya-san admired Yuming's work (hence why she did the cover for her song), so she asked her role-model to compose her new song for the same anime title. I can imagine how thrilled Maaya-san must've been when Yuming said yes. I know I would freak out if suddenly Kouhei Tanaka-san contacted me and asked me to sing his song... in full orchestra.... or suddenly Maaya-san asked me to do a duet with her?? WAAAAAAA!!! *runs to the back and pray that it will someday come true*

The message is simple, and it's picturing a person who run to greet his/her loved ones who just returned. "Welcome Back!" is what he/she said, while all the memories, all the feelings that was kept for all this time flows all over that person. It's a gentle theme, it's a gentle song... yet, so touchy and sincere that made me fell in love to the song from the very first time it started playing on my ear, and instantly decided to cover it. I always love a song when it at the very end it went quiet and let the vocal flow with the accompanyment of a single instrument (guitar / piano)... and this one has it, so I was really turned on by the music. I love accoustice done right ;)

The 2nd song, feels gospely to me. The fact that Japanese -the language- can be ambiguous that it can actually have different meanings depending on how you translate them. For me the song is speaking about how we should be thankfull to each and everyday cause God is watching us everyday and enveloping us with HIS grace and blessings every day. I've posted the Indonesian translation of this song on my previous blog. It's a gentle song, with such a strong message... added it with a touch of accoustic groove of DEPAPEPE and well, you simply got a hit song there!  
I had no vocal problem when doing the cover for both songs, cause I've already 'catch' the melody after the first time I heard them both. Beside that, IMO these type of songs suited my voice so much... The recording process was very enjoyable, cause singing these songs is like singing about a part of myself. I must admit, that the first time I sang the 1st song, I cried... I don't know why, perhaps because the word "Welcome Back" is such special to me, and I really wanted to say it to a certain someone whose whereabout is no longer visible to me. I wanted to say "Welcome Back, I really missed you", so those drop of tears just flowed without my notice. Thankfully I didn't mess up the recording by getting carried away like that though... HAHA

I've performed the 2nd song last year, on a Xmas event in my college... but the sound system was very awfull that only the audience who are sitting close can hear my singing haha. Yup, just like what happened to my live performance on December 2010... the main problem I had while doing these covers, is the recording media. I kinda wished I could use a much better tools to produce a much better result T.T... (Guys, the donate button is on the top left, just in case you want to help me buy a more reliable equipments ^^;). I do look forward to sing the 1st song if anyone's interested to see perform it live.... ^^ /

My last note for the day, is to encourage you to just listen both songs and I'm sure you'll fall in love with them both. Each worked depends on particular mood though, if you're feeling like you miss someone or a place or something you haven't seen for quite a while... the 1st song worked like charm, cause it brings this sentimental value in you heart, and made you feel warm and fuzzy with the gentle tune it delivers. If you prefer a much happier tune to light up your day, then listen to the 2nd song cause it's accoustically upbeat will make you feel happy (and you might end up dancing it off a bit). It will also remind you about the blessing of God that you received everyday... ;). Both song are very relaxing to hear though... so hear them while laying on a couch, and enjoy the day leisurely...

I hope you enjoy both songs... and more than that, may the message delivers to your heart as well. See you soon with more of my favorite songs! Have a nice day, God Bless!!

~Furede Riko

All that appears before your eyes is a message... ("Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara")

Official PV... hahaha.Yup, as released in her website, here's the video. The 2nd one didn't have any PV, so a fanmade video is enough to hear the awesomeness of the song:
Maaya Sakamoto - Okaerinasai (Official PV)
Maaya Sakamoto - Okaerinasai

Maaya Sakamoto - Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara

and for the bonuses, these are the opening animation from the series that featured each songs, and nope I haven't watch any of these either XD cause I simply copy paste it from Youtube HAHA:

Tamayura ~Hitotose~ Opening Version

Tamayura OVA Opening Version

Hope you enjoy these videos!!
What's Next?
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