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Tooi Umi Kara Kita Anata

(You Who Came From A Faraway Sea) 


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Tetsuya Takeda
Lyrics & Music: Tetsuya Takeda
Arrangement: Takao Konishi
Available on: Tooi Umi Kara Kita Anata (Single), Doraemon Theatrical Anime Theme + Insert Song (Album)
Taken From: Doraemon The Movie: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King (2010 Movie Insert Song)
Copyright Property: Universal Music
Cover Recording Date: 2011-09-19 06:57


Anata no hitomi no ichiban oku ni
Chiisana umi ga aru no desu
Ureshi sugitari sabishii toki wa
Anata no hitomi ni nami uchiyoseru
Deep within the inner center of your eyes
A small ocean exists in it
Whenever you feel happiness, or in lonesome moments
Deep within your eyes, the waves wash ashore

Nami no shizuku ga namida desu
Namida wa umi no nagori desu
Namida wa umi no kaori ga shimasu
The drop of waves are your tears
Those tears are the relics of the sea
Those tears has become the fragrant scent of the sea

Anata no yubi ni naranda tsume wa
Hamabe no nureta sakuragai
Hadashi de arukeba mou ureshikute
Nami to asonde mitakunaru
The nails lining up in your fingers are
The wet cherry blossomed-shape shells of the shore
Walking barefoot on it, will make you happy once more
I feel like viewing you play with the waves again

Nami no juutan yosete kuru
Hamabe no suna wa atatakaku
Tooi ano hi ga natsukashiku naru
The carpet of waves comes breaking in
The sand of the beach feels so warm
Those memories of that day long time ago is coming back

Inochi wa umi de umareta no
Kaa-san mitai yasashikute
Hibiku nami oto komori uta desu
My life was born by the sea
I feel so tender that I want to see my mom again
The resounding sound of the waves, are my lullaby

NOTE: If you try to find these lyrics on the net, you wouldn't be able to find it cause only the japanese kanji version available. Yup... I transliterated and translated this lyric myself... So please credit if you want to use the romaji on your web... and as usual.. pardon for the bad english...

Among the big names of Japan's music industry, that can be associated with the never ending franchise of the blue cat robot and his 4th grade boy who wears glassess (should I mention the name of the series for you? Haha)... there is one particular musician, who probably has related to the series more than the others artists of the franchise. This man, has had 9 of his songs 'emotionally' attached to the franchise's movies, and 6 of them are officially their ending themes. Who's the musician? Curious? Let's view the list of the theme songs for the movies of this dorayaki-fan-cat (WARNING - the list is very long XD):
  1. (1980) Nobita's Dinosaur (のび太の恐竜) - Pocket no naka ni / Nobuyo Ooyama, Young Fresh
  2. (1981) The Record of Nobita: Spaceblazer (のび太の宇宙開拓史) - Kokoro wo Yurash*te / Makoto Iwabuchi
  3. (1982) Nobita and the Haunts of Evil (のび太の大魔境) - Dakara Minna de / Makoto Iwabuchi
  4. (1983) Nobita's Monstrous Underwater Castle (のび太の海底鬼岩城) - Umi wa Bokura to / Makoto Iwabuchi
  5. (1984) Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld (のび太の魔界大冒険) - Kaze no Magical / Kyoko Koizumi
  6. (1985) Nobita's Little "Galaxy Wars" (のび太の宇宙小戦争) - Shounen Ki / Tetsuya Takeda
  7. (1986) Nobita and the Platoon of Iron Men (のび太と鉄人兵団) - Watashi ga Fushigi / Kumiko Oosugi
  8. (1987) Nobita and the Knights of Dinosaurs (のび太と竜の騎士) - Tomodachi Dakara / Nobuyo Ooyama, Mori no Ki Jidou Gasshou-Dan
  9. (1988) Nobita's Version of "Journey to the West" (のび太のパラレル西遊記) - Kimi ga Iru kara / Mitsuko Horie, Koorogi'73
  10. (1989) Nobita at the Birth of Japan (のび太の日本誕生) - Toki no Tabibito / Toshiyuki Nishida
  11. (1990) Nobita and the Animal Planet (のび太とアニマル惑星) - Ten Made Todoke /Tetsuya Takeda
  12. (1991) Nobita in Dorabian Nights (のび太のドラビアンナイト) - Yume no Yukue / Emiko Shiratori
  13. (1992) Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds (のび太と雲の王国) - Kumo ga Yuku no wa / Tetsuya Takeda
  14. (1993) Nobita and Tin-Plate Labyrinth (のび太とブリキの迷宮) - Nanka Ii Koto Kitto Aru / Wakako Shimazaki
  15. (1994) Nobita and Fantastic Three Musketeers (のび太と夢幻三剣士) - Yume no Hito / Tetsuya Takeda
  16. (1995) Nobita's Genesis Diary (のび太の創世日記) - Sayonara ni Sayonara / Kaientai
  17. (1996) Nobita and Galactic Express (のび太と銀河超特急) - Watashi no Naka no Ginga / Kaientai
  18. (1997) Nobita's Adventure in Clockwork City (のび太のねじ巻き都市冒険記) - Love is you / Eikichi Yazawa
  19. (1998) Nobita's South Sea Adventure (のび太の南海大冒険) - Hot Milk / Hinano Yoshikawa
  20. (1999) Nobita's Adventure: Drifts in the Universe (のび太の宇宙漂流記) - Kisetsu wa Iku Toki / SPEED
  21. (2000) Nobita and the Legend of the Sun King (のび太の太陽王伝説) - Kono Hoshi no Doko ka de / Saori Yuuki, Shouko Yasuda
  22. (2001) Nobita and the Winged Braves (のび太と翼の勇者たち - Love You Close / Rina Chinen
  23. (2002) Nobita and the Robot Kingdom (のび太とロボット王国) - Issho ni Arukou ~Walking into Sunshine~ / KONISHIKI
  24. (2003) Nobita and the Wind Wizard (のび太とふしぎ風使い) - Mata Aeru Hi Made / Yuzu
  25. (2004) Nobita's Wannyan Space-Time Odyssey (のび太のワンニャン時空伝) - YUME Biyori / Hitomi Shimatani
  26. (2006) Nobita's Dinosaur 2006 (のび太の恐竜2006) - Boku Note / Sukima Switch
  27. (2007) Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld 2007* (のび太の新魔界大冒険~7人の魔法使い~) - Kakegainai no Uta / mihimaru GT
  28. (2008) Nobita to Midori no Kyojin Den (ドラえもん のび太と緑の巨人伝) - Te wo Tsunagou / Ayaka
  29. (2009) Shin Nobita no Uchu Kaitakushi (映画ドラえもん 新・のび太の宇宙開拓史) - Taisetsu ni Suru yo / Kou Shibasaki
  30. (2010) Nobita no Ningyou Daikessen (のび太の人魚大海戦) - Kaeru Basho / Thelma Aoyama
  31. (2011) Shin Nobita to Tetsujin Heidan ~Habatake Tenshi Tachi~ (新・のび太と鉄人兵団 ~はばたけ 天使たち~) - Tomodachi no Uta / BUMP OF CHICKEN
So, have you guess the name of the musician I'm talking about? I think it's fairly obvious cause his name appeared the most than others, yup it's the one and only: Tetsuya Takeda-sensei. Kaientai is his group as well for those who doesn't know... ^^. Sensei is a veteran in Japan's music industry, a folk singer as well as a well known actor, with a TV Series in TBS that has been running from 1979 to 2011. I know what you're thinking, it's the same as mine: Wow... the show's even OLDER than me! Hahaha... One of his memorable role for me (which I just realized upon looking at the J-Drama Wiki, was a tv series when he played a middle-aged man who had failed matchmaking for 99 times, cause he's not smart or rich, finally struggling to make his 100 o-miai to be his last, while the woman he fell in love was deeply content by her deceased lover. It was very a touching drama, and I still remember that drama, especially the theme song "SAY YES" performed by Chage & Aska.  

Unfortunately, Takeda-sensei had a heart-attack last month and had been hospitalized. He had to be treated on an operation on October 21st because he had a cronic heart problem, thankfully the operation was success. So let's pray for his health to get better, cause he said in an interview that he's really passionate to get well and return to acting and composing music. GANBATTE NEE Takeda-sensei! Mou sugu genki da yo nee... Anata no ongaku wo matteru zo! (^^)/

Now on to today's song. Is this song attached to Doraemon as well? Yup, this song that I've actually covered since September, is played as the insert song for last year's Movie that featured the journey of Doraemon, Nobita and the gang when they met Sophia, the princess of the mermaids. The song was played as the gang enjoyed their playfull times on the sea, as they headed towards the mermaid land -Sophia's home. It's a very gentle and relaxing song, and will surely make you feel tender and emotionally attached to the scenes. Why do I kept saying 'emotionally' about Takeda-sensei's songs? Because they were more than just songs, they were more like poetry. Takeda-sensei wrote the lyrics as if he's rhyming a poem, and of course, by that he spoke a lot about his personal experience or memories through his songs. Lots of his lyrics are viewed from the eye of a boy, hence it fits so much to Nobita and Doraemon. I don't know how the movie relates to its MANGA (in which one released first), but these lyrics were always found in the manga version of the movie, since well... it really depicted so much of the story being told.

This particular song, eventhough it might have felt like a love song at first (because the lyrics might sound cheesy)... it eventually described a memory about a boy playing in the beach, with his special person: his mother. Yes, somehow Takeda-sensei is singing from a man point of view, who recalls his precious time at the beach with his mother. He said, her tears are like the waves, her fingertips are like the shells... and he wished to experience that precious moments once again. It's a lovely song, mild and gentle about precious childhood memories yet it can also be sad and sentimental in a way that probably his mother has gone to heaven and not around anymore. I loved the music that actually sounded 'classic-japanese' for me, which obviously fits his vocal character, and the atmosphere of the anime. The single of this song, has a drama track in which he narrated the story of the song. I haven't had time to listen to it, but I'll do it in the near future.

I learned about this song when I was looking for another Doraemon song to cover (I've done 2 movie theme songs). I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, and basically decided to cover it right away. The biggest problem I faced was the fact that... I CAN'T FIND THE LYRICS ANYWHERE on the web!! How could I do a cover without the lyrics?! Aarrgghhh... I was actually quite frustrated at that time, cause I've like googled for hundred of sites but never found what I was looking for... (I do however got several of other movie themes instead hahaha) I finally decided to plug in my headphones, and started playing the song while typing the lyrics. So I relied on my hearing to catch the lyrics... GANBARU YO ORE!! Hahaha. Thankfully, since Takeda-sensei is a professional and veteran musician, his articulation was very clear that I probably only missed one or two words. So I did my recording with that lyrics, and was thrilled to be able to sing such a wonderful song. The numerous re-play times to catch the lyric resulted that I basically had memorized the music as well, so I had no trouble in the recording process. The cover was finalized, and I captured some scenes from the movie to put in the video, and finalized the video as well. But it was still CLAMP's month, so I couldn't post it yet... so did last month, cause it's SakuTai's month, hence I still couldn't post it... well, until now... HOOORAAY!!!

While preparing for this post, and excited that I can finally upload this cover after almost two moths sitting on my HDD, it was a few days ago that I've realized... "HEY, they must've the lyrics in the JAPANESE sites"..... and.... of course they did.... I was like O_O "Damn!! Why didn't I think of this two months ago". So, I did a re-check on the lyrics I've transliterated based on hearing, and the actual lyrics on a reliable Japanese lyric site. Here's the 4 parts that I missed, and you can hear that mistaken parts on my cover of course XD:
  • 1st Chorus: I sang "Namida wa umi no NAORI desu" when it was supposed to be 'NAGORI'
  • 2nd Chorus: I sang "Hamabe no SUDA wa" when it was supposed to be 'SUNA'       
  • Final Chorus: I sang "Inochi wa umi NI umareta no"... it was supposed to be 'DE' (how did I catch this one small particle wrong... o_O)
  • Final Chorus: I sang "KARA-san mitai" when it was 'KAA-san' (this is when I realized about the message of this song, cause at first I thought Sensei meant KARA which actually means a certain fish in Japanese, but it turns out to be MOTHER.... which immediately set me off to my sentimental state... Aaaawwww MODE ON)

Hope you'll excuse me for those mistakes, after all, my hearing is not exactly super case sensitive. The first three mistakes were hardly noticeable though, cause they basically sounded 'almost' the same as the actual words... but you see, I'm an honest guy, so I'll be sincere of what and where I did wrong there... HA... HA... HA... No hidden truth! XD

So yeah... one my favorite covers, and for me personally, one of my best so far. This type of music, really suits my vocal so much. I really liked the "DESU" part in this song, cause Takeda-sensei actually sang it "DE~~SU~~~" instead of the usual "DES" that the Japanese commonly pronounced. Kinda make it GAIJIN-like, as I usually heard from Soletta Orihime of Sakura Taisen, one of my favorite character.... I hope you like it, enjoy it, and feel the emotion from the song. It's an awesome song, with simple yet poignant message... and made me want to go the beach ^^; (Anyone would like to take me to one? ;))

Look forward for more Doraemon songs, as well as Takeda-sensei's music in the future, cause I've already prepared for another of his work from this franchise as well.... Till then, hope you have a blast today, and see you again!

~Furede Riko~

Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things...  (Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal)

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us...  (Oscar Wilde, "The Importance of Being Earnest")


When I was searching frustratingly for the lyric, I discovered the video instead. The one and only video that featured this song. Do listen to it, and enjoy it while it's still available! =D

Tetsuya Takeda - Tooi Umi Kara Kita Anata

What's Next?
- The song of the movie about a friendship that surpasses time... (with the help of a little green leaf-type time traveler though Haha...)


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