Tuesday, December 6, 2011

100th SONGS... Covered!!! \(*w*)/

With the finished of my latest catchy and very fun duet "Kono Yo wa Tanoshi", the number of song titles that I have covered has officially reached... *drumrolls*
100 TITLES!!!! Hoooorraaaaayyy!!! d(^o^)b

Here's a special video to celebrate this small achievement yet a delightful occasion for me:

The 100 Furede Riko's Cover Songs
(in alphabetical order)

I was going to insert an audio preview to all the songs, but it turned out to be more than 15 minutes (and having just 5 seconds for each was very weird) T.T, thus the video size would've knocked my laptop away... so I picked only several of them that were better received by viewers compared to the rest. Plus, it's already a struggle to upload this one with my lame internet (...10 slouchy hours!!!!!Y_Y, hence the reason why I didn't post it along with yesterday's post), I couldn't imagine how long it'd took if it's 15 minutes or more. It's funny how these songs ended up re-telling my up and down journey to getting here. Please listen to the combined lyrics, and you'll understand. There are songs that you might not see on my Youtube channel, cause they are: still in the waiting list, got banned under copyright issue, or I've decided not to upload it and keep it for personal pleasure only.

To be honest, I never thought I would've sang this many. I just kept on singing, singing, and... singing -with everyone's support of course ^^ - and by the time I realized it, I was reaching 100 titles!!! OMG... YAY! (^v^)... The actual number of songs I've 'produced' is more than 100 though, cause I considered the different versions under the same title to be counted as just 1 title only. When I said 'produced' means making the final result in mp3 or wma format! Hahaha. If I add up the different versions for several songs (For example, the Final Fantasies song usually has English and Japanese versions), the total number of songs is 118. If I count that way, number 100 is Tsubasa Chronicles's "Zankou". Hey, what a perfect coincidence right? That's also the last song in the video above! XD

The number of songs I've recorded goes way more than those, cause there were lots of songs I've decided to drop because it didn't meet my criteria (e.g: Tsubasa Chronicle's Aerial, FFU's Over The Fantasy, and etc), or still in waiting list to be processed. The waiting list's ones might be released/published in Youtube in the near future, so look out for them okay.

So yeah, this was made possible thanks to the presence of you all, who viewed, listened, commented, collaborated, and continuously giving me support to do more, more, and more. I'm very grateful for your comments, and eventhough I'm still a nobody (as you can judge by the subscribers and viewers number) in this hobby, I found it as an enjoyable thing to do and gave me very uplifting spirit to continue on with life. The singing world is fun! Kono yo wa tanoshii!! Hahaha. Special thanks to my friends (Youtube and others), subscribers, viewers, and all others who communicates through the universal language of music. Should I mentioned names to thanked here? I could, but nope... cause if YOU are reading this post, then it means I'm thanking YOU. THANKS A BUNCH everyone, I wouldn't have come to this without each and everyone of YOU!
Music is a universal language, so may its message be delivered to touch the souls of the world! It surpasses through time, and put no limits to age, races, beliefs, culture, and other world differences. It puts a smile on people's face, mends a broken heart, raises up spirit, and comforts a weary emotion. I hope I have, I can, and I will always be one of the proud messengers of those noble missions. Thanks for reading, thanks for joining this small private celebration. Please continue your support for me! Look forward for more, more and more of my works, and hopefully it will get better, better and better as well!

See you soon everyone!!! Have a VERY blessed day!! v(^o^)v

~Furede Riko


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