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Grown Up Christmas List ~Shuusei no Negai~

(Grown Up Christmas List ~A Lifelong Wish~)


Japanese Lyrics ©2011 Furede Riko / fcb-musics (2011-12-07)
Instrumental by Jesse L Cue
First image on the video taken from Tyanlilymoo's Blog
Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners.


Original Artist: Natalie Cole, Amy Grant, Michael Bublé and many others 
Original/English Lyrics: Linda Thompson-Jenner
Music: David Foster
Available on: David Foster - River of Love (1990 Album), Amy Grant - Home for Christmas (Album), David Foster - The Christmas Album (1993 Album), Michael Buble - Let it Snow (Holiday EP), and many more
Copyright Property: David Foster, A&M, Word Records,
Cover Recording Date: 2011-12-08 13:16


  覚えてるか? 小さい僕は 子の夢幻 を教えてた
  大人だけど あの夢今 手伝いがまだいいのか?

Do you remember? Myself as a child told you about a child's fantasy
Although now I'm a grown up, Is it still okay to ask your help about that dream?
終世の願い My Grown Up Christmas List

A lifelong wish My Grown Up Christmas List
For the sake of the people throughout the world
命千切れぬ 戦を初めない 心いやす
  みんな独りじゃない 正義一勝 愛も止めない
  それは Grown Up Christmas List

Life will not be torn away War will not start Hearts are healed
Everyone is not alone Rights will be victorious and Love will not stop
That's a Grown Up Christmas List

 若さの無邪気 幻のか?
  若し 其の信奉でに 真理が有るの?
Is the innocence of youth an illusion?
What if the truth actually lies in that belief?

命千切れぬ 戦を初めない 心いやす
  みんな独りじゃない 正義一勝 愛も止めない
  それは Grown Up Christmas List 何時迄の願いだけ
  僕の Grown Up Christmas List

Life will not be torn away War will not start Hearts are healed
Everyone is not alone Rights will be victorious and Love will not stop
That's a Grown up Christmas list, just a wish for all time
My Grown up Christmas List

NOTE: I've only provided the Japanese lyric in Japanese writing (along with the translation to it), if you want the romaji version you can send me a message or romanized them yourself XD. Original English lyrics are available anywhere on the web...


Years ago, my dad (who was very much healthy and of course still alive that time) bought me a Christmas album, a David Foster "The Christmas Album" with green front cover and all. It showcased amazing singers and was even still in cassette form that day. There was this one song, that I fell in love instantly, and had me run away to hide in closet hiding my tears from my family. It was a touching song, and the song was titled "Grown Up Christmas List" by Natalie Cole.

Yes, before Amy Grant, Kelly Clarkson, or -my current favorite male singer- Michael Bublé took these song and make it their own, I've already experienced the first ever release of this song through Ms Cole's voice. Therefore, it has been an annual song to be played every year in my home. A family favorite indeed. What's amazing about this song -as well as most Mr. Foster's work- is that how the melody and lyrics played your heart and touch it so deep that you can feel very emotional. It has been, and it still is. Though it's not as much, I'm still ended up teary listening to this song today. Oh... but I'm not afraid to hide it anymore now hahaha

That time, I decided I HAD to sing to this song, cause it's one of my favorite Christmas song. Years passed, the opportunity NEVER came, the church always left me out, my family and friends wouldn't help me with the music... Finally the day has come for me to be able to sing it, and even record one. I was ecstatic when I discovered the instrumental by Jesse L Cue, and decided to use it for my own. The instrumental was Michael Buble's version... which is a renewed of Natalie Cole's. Mr Cue haven't gave me permission to use his work, but I posted the song instead (hence why I put is as Special Collaboration as well) and be sure to credit his awesome work. I also took the liberty to write my own version, in Japanese language cause I haven't found it anywhere on the web. If someone had already did it who knows where, then this will be 'my' version instead, a new version with 'different' Asian flavor. I tried so much not to remove crucial part, and kept it like the original, however Japanese syllable fit shorter space than English, so well... hope you'll excuse the result if it's not satisfactory.

This is another dream come true for me. Eventhough I would really want to have it done in a studio and released the album professionally, the chance to be able to hear my own version of this song... is already a truly heartwarming experience. I really thanked the Lord for fulfilling some of my longtime wishes and dreams this year, even when the year itself had been painful and dark for me. I guess dreams are meant and made to be achieved right? My dream to release my very own Xmas Album is still on the list though, so... can't stop dreaming now! Hahaha Dream on!!

As I said in my previous post, as I grew older and more mature (age-wise, not so sure about personality/attitude-wise XD)... The atmosphere of Christmas had shifted into a new perspective. It's not about fun celebration anymore. Another Christmas, means another year had passed, as well as reaching toward another end. For the present me, it has now became a moment to look back, and to reminisce of all the things in the past, and what we have done or contributed to the world. Whether it's the world in literal term, or a 'small world' which implies to everything around you, surrounding your current presence (family, friends, neighbourhood, work, society, and all). The world changes as time goes by, and it's getting darker and darker everyday. Violence, and anarchy are getting worse. Humanity is tossed away and treated like garbage, and people legalized everything to get what they want. The big question is: Have I done anything to make this world into a better place? Have myself and my heart has changed into a better person as well? What have time shaped me all these years?

This is why I felt the song reaches so deep to my heart. This is why I cried several times upon doing the recording and had to retake several time. Yes, and this is why I even cried upon hearing my own result, and it's not even on a level of a recording artist's masterpiece or a studio quality. This is a song, about a wish, a 'Christmas List' that is still a wish, because it is yet to come true. People's life are still treated like trash, wars are still happening on the planet. Lots of people have grown cold and not knowing of the true meaning of love... and many are still feeling all alone in this nasty world (including... me? Yes...Y_Y). This is why, I've changed the song, from aholiday song into a gospel song: Because only prayers can help us to achieve that wish! Therefore for me personally, the song has turned into a melodic prayer, for something that the world DEFINITELY need for its days of tomorrow...

I don't think I should say more, cause the song and the video had said it all... About my heart, about what I feel, about my new point of view about Christmas... about what I want, my hope and dream for my future. Hope you enjoy it, and please... take a small of your time to pray, or at least think about this world we're living in, cause even one person can make a difference to the planet!

3 days to Christmas... Prepare your heart for the blessed day... God Bless You always!

~Furede Riko
Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas... (Calvin Coolidge)


You can find the original English version by Natalie Cole, Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson, Charice, and many others on the net... Just type the song title, and Google will direct you there! Enjoy!

What's Next?
- ...Let the MIRACLE ring its BELLS on Christmas Day...!


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