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Happy Day Happy X'mas


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Chisa Yokoyama, Yuriko Fuchizaki, Kumiko Nishihara & Mayumi Tanaka
Lyrics: Ouji Hiroi
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: Happy Day Happy Xmas / Kiseki no Kane ~So Special a Day~ (Single), Sakura Taisen Christmas Miracle Bells (Live CD), Complete Song Box (Disc 03 of 08)
Taken From: Sakura Taisen Christmas 1998 Miracle Bells
Copyright Property: Avex/Wavemaster Entertainment
Cover Recording Date: 2011-12-15 06:20


(Sakura, Kouran, Iris)
(Sakura) yuki ga futte  machi wa ginsekai machi ni matta X'MAS
Minna no egao ga suteki
(Kouran) Momi no ki ga nanairo ni hikaru machi ni matta X'MAS
Minna ni kansha no kimochi
 Snow fell and the town is a snowscape the town has been waiting for Christmas
 Everyone's smiles are wonderful
The fir trees shine in different colors the town has been waiting for Christmas
 Everyone has feelings of thanks

(Iris) Nee  SANTA no ojisan ni onegai wo shitai no
hora  yozora no kanata made todoite iru yo ne
"Sekaijyu ga chotto dake shiawase ni narimasu you ni!"
 Hey, I want to make a wish to Santa Claus
 See, it's being delivered yonder the night sky
 "I wish that the world will be a little bit happier!"

Saa minna de ima utao  machi ni matta X'MAS
Tanoshiku yukai ni hogaraka ni
 Oh happy happy day, so happy X'mas
 Now, everyone sing; this town's been waiting for Christmas
 Oh happy happy day, so happy X'mas
 Happily, pleasantly, and cheerfully

(Sakura) Shinjiyou kiseki ga okoru hi machi ni matta X'MAS
Minna no yasashii kokoro
(Kanna) Aishi aou koko ni yume ga aru machi ni matta X'MAS
Minna no sunao na kokoro
Let's believe in the day that grants miracles this town has been waiting for Christmas
 and so have everyone's kind hearts
 Let's meet with love, dreams are here this town's been waiting for Christmas
And so have everyone's true hearts

(Kouran) Nee  SANTA no ojisan wa sugu soko ni iru no yo
Hora  mune ni ippai no ai ga todoita desshou ka
(Sakura) "Sekaijyu ga ai de afuremasu you ni!"
 Hey, Santa Claus will be here soon
 See, I think the love full in my heart has been delivered
 "I wish that the world overflows with love!"


NOTE: Lyrics transliterated and translated by Emily Koh, I fixed some of the transliteration from the Japanese kanji...

It's December 20th, meaning that only 5 days till Xmas! So, as I said... this week's all about Xmas celebration songs! HOORAAAYYY....!!!

Yeah, I should celebrate this post, cause my primary internet (which proclaimed itself to be the fastest, the number one and the cheapest in my country) is still -patheticly- down. I've filed a (harsh) complaint yesterday, but I doubt they will respond quicker than I expected (been there, done that, and got really pissed by the customer service who continuously thought and said I was stupid). So for some reason, I butchered my cellphone, using it as a modem to upload this video. Did it work? If you're able to watch the video, then yes... it worked! I never thought it would've work, so now I'm really REALLY AMAZED with the potential of my cellphone card provider (OvO). I had to lower animations for the video to avoid large size though, and it still took me almost 5 hours to upload (plus my cellphone battery went off in the middle of the process XD), and my cellphone had been steaming hot (yes, literally) since morning >_<... but that was REALLY quite awesome! Hohoho

So, back to the topic of Christmas. Everyone -who celebrate- is absolutely ecstatic about this annual event. Those who aren't celebrating? They got a year-end holiday! YAAAY! Unfortunately this year, Christmas falls on Sunday, which was kinda a bit disappointing to many people, since they won't get holiday faster. Some of my former colleagues, won't get their holiday until Friday the 23rd. Nevertheless, I wish and hope you all to still have a HAPPY DAY and HAPPY XMAS as the song suggests... Bring out those holiday mood in the house!! Hohoho...

This is another Sakura Taisen tribute, as well as a very catchy holiday song. Sakura Taisen had several Christmas-themed songs that had always been fantastic, though it only worked on the holiday occasion hahahaha. This song came from their very first Christmas studio single, and is sung by 4 of the main heroine from the 1st game. It's quite an old song, but it still sounds NEW to the celebration, right? Maria and Sumire sang another song on that single, while Orihime and Reni weren't a member of course. They showed up during the live concert as guest only. In this song, the cast sing about the joy and the wonders of Christmas, how it is filled with Santa Clause, party and lots of happy festives elements. And well... it's just about that! Hahaha. Think of it like a Japanese -Sakura Taisen- version of those fun carols "Winter Wonderland" or "Jingle Bells" or others. Done in a funky R&B style! Hahaha

I really enjoy the song, even when it's only when the holiday atmosphere is around. That R&B Japanese shouting really adds up flavor, and make it a very catchy tune that will boost your holiday spirit and 'HAPPYness' level. That's what it's all about right? I never believe in Santa Clause, I was even freaking scared to spot one when I was a child... so I sang those part just for fun. I really had a blast recording this song, that it only require one single take to finish along with the ornaments. Yeah, the ornament parts are especially fun, I shouted "Yeeiieiieieie" and "Doobedoobedoobe" while doing them, and probably my folks at home thought I was crazy or something Gyahahahaha... I played around with the mixing as well, so you might hear a different RICHer and playfull sound in my cover. It helped that the intrumental already had that awesome chorus as well...

If any of you ask, is this a part of the month's theme as well? Well, OF COURSE... I'm a man of my word! Is it the WONDERS OF THE PRESENT? Nope... it's...


Really? Yes... indeed. The old me, the younger me... was always into those kind of happy stuffs. Approaching this time of the year, I would always got excited, went out venturing the city to buy gifts to others, preparing for Xmas celebration at home, gathering the entire family to come along, decorated the Xmas tree... but that WAS in the PAST. The present me, especially this year... views it quite differently. You can say I don't 'celebrate' Christmas this year. Probably because I've grown older and, complex and difficult thoughts are now running in my head, mind and soul... that I've viewed Xmas in another point of view. What is that? You'll see soon enough on my next post (I hope the internet is back up to do so without 'sauna'ing my cellphone... T.T). Yes, the festive cheers and joyful enthusiasm for Xmas in my heart has waned gradually as years went by. I kinda feel it happened on the society as well though, but hey, look on the bright side, at least I'm still trying to feel happy (in a different way) that I want to share this song to you all! Right? XD
So, I won't talk more... -it's killing my cellphone anyway hahaha- and hope you enjoy this Sakura Taisen carol. I wish you a great start of the Xmas week, make sure you prepare lots of good things for the big celebration, with your family and friends, and please prepare yourself for a VERY and MERRY... HAPPY day, that HAPPY XMAS! Ho ho hooo....

See you soon everyone! God Bless You all!

~Furede Riko~

I wish that the world overflows with love... (Sakura Shinguuji from "Happy Day Happy X'mas")

Christmas makes me happy no matter what time of year it comes around... (Bryan White)


Here's the studio version:

Sakura, Kouran, Iris & Kanna - Happy Day Happy X'mas
and here's the live performance from the 1998 Christmas show... Kouran didn't make it to the show though -_-. Fu choreo by the way hahaha!

Teikoku Kagekidan - Happy Day Happy X'mas



What's Next?
- ...Another about Christmas... in my present -a grown up- point of view...


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yeah... Christmas is coming!! ^^
In this part of the year is when we have to sing even more!!! haha
Hope your Internet work well soon!! xD
Have a nice week ;)

Furede Riko said...

@MizuiroVoice Thanks so much Mizu-chan... guess what? My cellphone went into coma for 2-3 hours after I used it yesterday. It's back alive today, but the speed is very slow O_o. I guess yesterday's truly a miracle... hahaha

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