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Kono Yo wa Tanoshi

(This World is Fun) 

Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Akio Suyama & Chisa Yokoyama/ Michie Tomizawa/ Yuriko Fuchizaki/ Kumiko Nishihara with dialogue by Urara Takano/ Mayumi Tanaka
Lyrics: Ouji Hiroi
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: Sakura Taisen Drama CDs (Album), Complete Song Box (Disc 01 of 08)
Taken From: Sakura Taisen Drama CD/Live Show (Ichirou Oogami & Hanagumi Duet)
Copyright Property: Avex/Wavemaster Entertainment
Cover Recording Date: 2011-11-17 18:09 (Furede Riko); 2011-11-27 (MizuIroVoice)


(Hanagumi) Maku ga agaru to mabushii sekai
Butai wa hikari no PEIJENTO
As the curtain rises, this dazzling world
The stage, is a Pageant of light

(Oogami) Yume mite odore  itsumo konoyo wa tanoshii
(Hanagumi) Lalala (Both) DORAMA wa ai no RANDEBUU
Dream and dance, this world is always fun
Lalala A drama is a Rendezvous of love

* (Hanagumi) Saa (Oogami) saa (Both) gekijou e
 (Oogami) Yokoso (Hanagumi) yokoso (Both) gekijou e
 (Hanagumi) Koko wa yume no basshou PARADISE
 (Both) Lalala lalalalalalala lalala lalalalalalala
 Yokoso gekijou e
Come now (let's go) to the Theatre
Welcome (We welcome you) to the Theatre
This place is the Paradise of dreams
Lalala lalalalalalala lalala lalalalalalala
Welcome to the Theatre

(Hanagumi) DORAMU ROORU ga takanaru ni maku
As the drum rolls high for the 2nd act
The stage is all dancing Jazz

(Oogami) Yume mite odore  itsumo kono yo wa tanoshii
(Hanagumi) Lalala (Both) MYUUSU to ai no RANDEBUU
Dream and dance, this world is always fun
Lalala it's a rendezvous of love with the Muses

(Maria / Kanna)
"Koyoi hitotoki no yume to maboroshi
Anata no monogatari ga, Ima, hajimarimasu
Youkoso, Gekijou e!"
"This evening, is the time for dream and illusion
Your own tale, will start, right now
We welcome you, to the Theatre!"

(Hanagumi) Koi mo yume mo kagayaiteru
Subete ga shibai to omoeba tanoshii
Romance and dream are sparkling
Everything is the fun that you can expect to see from a play/drama


NOTE: Lyrics transliterated from the Japanese kanji by me, and translated by me as well. Pardon for minor mistakes...

Singing is one of the joy of life, because it's like speaking your mind and thoughts in a finely arranged notes, while delivering and representing emotions as well. Having this talent is a blessing, and being able to do it, meeting different other people in the world who shared the same talent and love, is a very exciting, thrilling and heartmoving experience. Suffice to say... doing this hobby is FUN... the singing world is FUN! This world is FUN! Hahaha... and it absolutely goes perfect with December's subtheme...


The 2nd song of December is my 2nd (and definitely won't be the last) collaboration with my friend, the young, lovely and talented Begoña 'MizuIroVoice' Garcia-Conde. After our previous lovely and gentle ballad piece from Tsubasa Chronicles, today we brought you a different taste of music. We went from melancholic heart-warming type into a fun dancing heart-pumping type! It's our take on an amazing fun and carefree duet number from Sakura Taisen, which describes the joy and fun the world of theatre -the acting, the singing, and dancing. It's all about the wonders of song, dance and drama...

The original song was sung by Ichirou Oogami and one of the 4 original musumeyaku (Sakura Shinguuji, Sumire Kanzaki, Yuriko Fuchizaki & Iris Chateubriand), with the interlude dialogue by the otokoyaku (Maria Tachibana or Kanna Kirishima). I'm still hoping for a Oogami & Orihime with Reni version though... hahahaha. This song was used as the interlude song for the shows, and each version was available in different Drama CD that generally showcased the particular leading actress. A fun song, and a light dancing tune to welcome audience to the theatre. The lyrics are simple, speaking about this 'world of dreams', which of course invite audience to experience the wonders as well. It has a cute but fun dancing move as well (you can see it on the live videos below). FUN song! Oh yeah, this is one of the early number for Ichirou Oogami, so he didn't have lots of parts in the song cause well, up until now the actor (sorry Suyama-san hahaha) is still struggling when it comes to singing... XD. Even on the first Kayou Show "Ai Yue ni", he didn't perform this song live and was awkwardly dancing with the dancers instead. Kouhei-sensei and a female singer (I used to remember, but now completely forgot her name) were the ones singing this number in the background.

Recording this song was a lot of fun for me personally. The challenge came in for the 2nd verse. Apparently the original song was designed for girl and boy vocal range, and I didn't notice that when I deliberately switch the part so that our cover would sound different to the original. Well, I had to take it on a low tone because it was too high for my vocal range, and I thiiink Mizu-chan also felt the same. Hence the reason why the 2nd verse sounded all in low tunes. They are still nice to hear though hahahaha. Beside that, the dialoque part was also a bit tricky. Most probably because we are both not native in Japanese, our tounges were not used to doing the speech. I did several retake to get this part right, and Mizu-chan felt and eventually did the same. I had problem with my headset/microphone as well, because it's been tassering my ear since the middle of last month. The result to that is the different sound quality between our voices T_T. Pardon for the sound gap there... Nevertheless, overall, it's a fun experience, and it's really worth it, after all, that's what the song was trying to say right? FUN! XD

One more important thing... Mizu-chan's real name is derived from a name of a flower, just like each and everyone from the Teito Hanagumi member. So singing this song with her, is like singing with a real life Hanagumi member. It's a wonderful opportunity, an amazing fact for me, and it felt like one of my dreams had just come true... XD

For me personally, the completion of this number has a special value to me, a wonderful small achievement... and it means so much. What is that? I'll post it tomorrow so that I won't upload two videos at the same time. Beside, my internet kinda STUPID lately, and I even have to upload this number for more than 3 hours >.<. All I can say for now, is that this song is a precious one for me. With that, I can honestly say, that THIS WORLD IS FUN. I'm still smiling in joy thanks to the awesome present by Jerry Ng & the Toyol Bros yesterday, plus I'm able to upload this song today... These days have been a very wonderful and meaningful for me, and showed me greatly... how FUN this world I'm now living at. Gawd, I love singing, because it made me feel very happy!!! This song is truly an expression of my current heart and emotions...  

This song is dedicated to everyone who supported me until now. To Mizu-chan, Jerry Ng & the Toyols (the past and the upcoming members), and also to others out there who was willing to listen and support my small egoistic hobby, eventhough you guys didn't go all out and observed silently. When the world around me have only been letting me down and planted more and more disappoinments in my weary soul, you guys lighten it up with your warm supports and cheers. THANKS GUYS! Please continue to support me, and showing me how beautiful and fun my life can be. Thanks as well to the world of Sakura Taisen, which had kept me alive all these years with the musical uplifting support in all the dramas in my life. To be able to sing is one of the special beauty of my life, and for that talent, I'm greatfully thankful to God. My utmost gratitudes are for HIM of course..., "Thanks for showing me that THIS WORLD IS FUN..." XD

Look forward for more story of the past, wonders of the present days and also small but thoughtful resolutions for tomorrow in this great month! This world is indeed FUN hahahaha...
Bye now, have a nice day and God Bless..! \(^^)/ 

With the fullest gratitude,

~Furede Riko~

Dream and dance... this world is always FUN...  (Ichirou Oogami from "Kono Yo wa Tanoshi")


Unfortunately, nobody ever uploaded the studio version of these songs... so, here's the live performance instead:
Sakura & Oogami with Maria - Kono Yo wa Tanoshi (from 1998's Xmas Show)

and another versions performed live...

The 1st one is the hillarious Oogami with Iris, hillarious because the Baragumi, Dandy Boss & Kaneda-Sensei appeared on stage to tease them XD:
Iris & Oogami - Kono Yo wa Tanoshi (from 1999's Benitokage Show)

and the 2nd is pure fan-service, cause fans were always teasing Oogami with Kaede (the vice commander), and here they are singing this duet hahaha... yup, eventhough Kaede is not a Hanagumi XD:
Kaede & Oogami - Kono Yo wa Tanoshi (from 2001 New Year Show)


What's Next?
- ...Cell Medals? I think Kamen Rider Birth would like to have a word with you... XD


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