Monday, December 19, 2011

My internet went dead... or perhaps dying since the night of December 15th. The faint signals picked up once in a while, but only lasted less than 2 minutes, and everytime I tried to browse the web or upload stuffs it went down again. It's really DEAD (ground zero) at the time I'm typing this. I had planned to upload a certain song on that sad thursday, but couldn't make it. I thought the internet would come back up the next day (and the next next as well), but it never fully recovered. I've even tried uploading that song for like 10 times already, and kept failing. The last attempt stopped at 91% this morning, and it was uploading since yesterday's afternoon when I thought the internet had finally been fixed since the vitals were stabilizing like it used to be.

Disappointed... I decided to postpone that song (again) while hoping that at least I probably will be able to publish it before this year end. I've planned that this week would be my Xmas week, and that song is definitely not on the list. I had 2 other songs ready to go up anytime and 1 grand collaboration in preparation as the finale of the week. I was even planning on making that collaboration as my last project for the year T_T. I'll try to get one up tomorrow... but well, honestly, I seriously doubt I will be able to do it if this internet is still behaving like this. The connection had been awful several times before, but never as worst and as long as this: it's almost 4 days now, it usually happened less than 1 day. I really really REALLY hope I can simply finish that collaboration though, cause if the plan fails then it would conclude my list of plan failures throughout this catasthrope year... 

With that said, I can't promise anything to upload in this Xmas week... I've already lost my hopes and spirit down (I think you could even see gloomy dark cloud hovering my head). I can always get another internet provider, but this one had already cost me sooooo much (already my 2nd one), I don't think adding new liability would do me any favor for my current state. I can ask help, but I don't think I'd be getting a warm response anyway. I might as well wait until it returns to 'normal' (equals: stable enough for download and upload), for who knows how long. So, yeah... see you soon whenever I got my internet back! Oh, and for the record, I used my cellphone to upload this message (with another pain on the head). Why can't I just used it to upload the song, you ask? It's good enough for email or simple text stuffs... but really doesn't have the quality and speed for higher task Y_Y

Bye now! Enjoy the start of Xmas week to all of you celebrating!!! (-_-)/

PS: I think I should've stayed in Malaysia just for the internet... (~.~)


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