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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Hiroaki Iwanaga and/or Asaya Kimijima
Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
Music & Arrangement: tatsuo (everset)
Available on: Kamen Rider Birth Theme Song (Single)
Taken From: Kamen Rider OOO (Akira Date and/or Shintarou Gotou Image Song)
Copyright Property: Avex Entertainment
Cover Recording Date: 2011-08-06 18:20


(Date) Doushite kokoro ni shitagawanai?
Akirameru Riyuu nai hazu
(Gotou) Yume no hou ga ore wo tsukihanashite
Kiete yuku... Sore wo tada miokutta
(Both) DON'T LOOK BACK (Date) oso sugiru koto nante nai
(Gotou) Nageta MEDAL omoteka ura (Both) NOW CHANGE YOUR LIFE
Why don't you just listen to your heart?
There's no reason for you to be giving up like this
and yet my dreams just seem to push me away
They fade away, and all I can do is watch it happen
Don't look back, you can take as long as you need
It's the flip of a medal, head or tails, that'll now change your life

(Both) Namida wo REVERSE Kitto RE:BIRTH
(Date) Ima me wo akete (Gotou) aa mabushisa wo kanjita nara
(Both) Tenkai REVERSE/RE:BIRTH (Date) Ippo fumidasu no nara
(Gotou) Atarashii mirai zu ga (Both) Koko ni tanjou
Just reverse those tears, there's your re:birth
Just open your eyes and oh, if you can see the light
Reverse the moment, find your re:birth so if you take the first step
Then a new future is there for the taking

(Gotou) Jibun no dame na toko wakattete mo
(Date) Yuzurenakya Sono mama motte yuke yo
(Both) CAN'T TAKE BACK (Gotou) Kako dake wa torimodosenai
(Date) Demo kimochi wa jiyuu RESET (Both) NOW CHANGE YOUR LIFE)
Eventhough I know what holds me back
You can't just throw it away, you have to live with it
The past is something you can't take back
But you can always reset your emotions, so now change your life

(Both) Kuyashisa REVERSE Kitto RE:BIRTH
(Gotou) Ima omoikiri (Date) aa oozora ni koe wo ageyou
(Both) Joukyou REVERSE/RE:BIRTH (Gotou) mou ichido yume no tame
(Date) Tatakatte miseru to (Both) Koko ni chikau yo
Reverse that resentment, there's your re:birth
Now's your chance to make a change oh, just look up and shout
Reverse the situation, find your re:birth I swear, I'll take this chance
and fight for my dream once more

(Both) Don't lose yourself mannaka no jibun rashisa dake
(Date) Ubawarenu you (Gotou) nakusanu you (Date) mamorinuku (Gotou) sono tame ni
Don't lose yourself, what makes you who you are
is something you can't lose, can't let them take you have to fight to protect it
Now, Change your life!

(Both) Namida wo REVERSE Kitto RE:BIRTH
(Date) Ima me wo akete (Gotou) aa mabushisa wo kanjita nara
(Both) Tenkai REVERSE/RE:BIRTH (Date) ippo fumidasu no nara
(Gotou) Atarashii mirai zu ga (Both) koko ni...
It's the RE:BIRTH (Gotou) ippo mae e (Date) ima fumidase
(Both) Jibun dake no densetsu wo tsukuriageyou
Just reverse those tears, there's your re:birth
Just open your eyes and oh, if you can see the light
Reverse the moment, find your re:birth so if you take the first step
Then a new future is there
It's the re:birth, just take that first step forward
and you can begin to forge your own legend
NOTE: Transliteration and translation came from the very wonderful team of  Over Time Subs. No edit on my part, these guys have done amazing work (compared to 'that lousy' lyrics site)...


To complete the full circle, here's the final sub theme of the three themese for December... a very POWERFUL song, that speaks about heading forward toward a new and better you. A very KICKASS song from IMHO, one of the better Kamen Rider series thus far: Kamen Rider OOO. The theme song for the show's 2nd Rider, Kamen Rider Birth, as it will show you a powerful goal for the future...


This song is sung by the man (and the young man) who took the Kamen Rider Birth belt. Akira Date (played by Iwanaga) is the first man to use this belt, and made his debut on the end of episode 15. Date-san is a happy-go-lucky person, with carefree attitude and mannerism, that unlike the main hero Eiji, is very appealing for me personally. He came barging in, being nice to everyone and all, with an ambition to collect 1 million medals, so he gets the money with the same amount from Kougami. The second man to hold the belt, is the more dilligent and organized young man, Shintarou Gotou, who finally got his chance to don the suit in episode . Gotou had always wanted to be Kamen Rider Birth. The song speaks more than just my previous description though. I'd have to warn you, that the following part may contain spoiler for you who have yet watched or haven't finished, or interested in watching the series.
Date-san is more than meets the eye, cause his real identity is a volunteer doctor who worked in the darkest warfield in Africa. It was revealed that he was shot, and had a bullet cloged in his head, thus the reason why he wanted to seek 1 million from Kougami. It was never hinted that this is his true goal, cause Date himself denied it. It was also revealed that he wanted to built a hospital in the rural area, and needed the money for that. I concluded that his reason was mainly for his health, cause in one episode he said that a hospital can't be built without the doctor. Date is kinda a role model (as well as the best 2nd rider so far) for me, cause he really stood by and worked hard to get his dreams, while still caring for his friends and not neglecting any of them. He even pretended to change side to Dr. Maki in order to fulfil his latest mission. Date then went abroad (to had his surgery? most probably so) after that final mission, as he finally received his promised 1 million from Kougami, and he handed the belt to Gotou-chan (episode 38). I was really glad that the writer didn't kill him off as rumored, as he eventually returned to use the Prototype Birth for the final battle.      
Gotou-san is the character who had a major development and really grew up on the series. At first, he was this snobbish ambitious young man who wanted to be a HERO for the world. His attitude was cold and harsh, and he actually despised Eiji for being able to become OOO. Things started to change with that meeting, cause he really couldn't believe the blank-minded Eiji is the 'chosen one' compared to him, who even stepped out from his previous work as a police officer to be a more reliable savior for people. He started questioned more about his life and goal, after the belt -which he has aimed since development- was handed over to Date instead. This was a major knock out for him, especially with Date-san's personality that is probably 'worst' than Eiji. Gotou was very down, and lost his confidence and self-esteem. Luckily Date-san, who addressed him as Gotou-chan (a very 'close' honorific calling... and nope, I'm not inserting any yaoi thoughts here XD) ever since, grabbed him from the pool of grief, and started tutoring him to become a better man. Gotou's feelings towards Date gradually changed, and he even really concerned to his 'big brother' when he discovered about Date's illness. Though a bit late, Gotou finally took over Kamen Rider Birth's belt in episode 38 to save Date. It was revealed before Date's departure, that the whole 'teaching to be Birth' to Gotou-chan, was his ulterior mission set up by Kougami. Date really cared for Gotou-chan though, and eventhough I still didn't like Gotou that much (his attitude in the first episodes really irritated me to hell), the belt was finally used by the better competent user who can utilize the power to maximum (and that's because... Gotou wasn't lazy to read the manuals hahaha).
As you can see from my detailed description, this is a VERY fitting song for both. This is an example of those songs, that really describes the characters, while giving out important message at the same time. Kudos for the lyric writers for providing a complete journey and mind from these two character in one song. Even I who don't actually enjoy ROCK music, find it very nicely done. There are 3 versions for this song: Date's solo, Gotou's solo and the duet version. My favorite version is of course Date's cause he sounds very strong, which also describes so much of his character. My least version is Gotou's, because I still didn't like him hahahah XD.  
If you read the date that I recorded this song, you would realized that it's one of my old cover collection. Yes, it was recorded and finished in the start of August, meaning almost 4 months ago. It was in fact the song #70 on my 100th Song List. Why haven't I published this song yet? Well, it's kinda a sad story, but I'll tell you anyway.... The song was meant to be duet, that ended up to be solo... Y_Y. Approaching the final battle of Kamen Rider OOO, this song was released and when I listened to it, I immediately wanted to do it cause it really showed my inner feeling and my resolution for the future I want to live in. I also want to publish it as a tribute to the ending of the series. However, the duet version concept in this song was fabulous, that I wanted to do it not as a solo. So I asked one of my offline (currently living in the same town) closest friend to record, while I did mine, and I'll combine to make a fabulous duet. I did mine, and even recorded the harmonizing part, all that's left is waiting for my friend to submit. I even produced my solo version, cause I'm curious how it would sound when combines to the music...

I waited and waited... and waited... and waited, and the show was reaching penultimate, waited... and so the series ended and time went on. Nope, I haven't heard any news regarding this cover from my friend eversince, and the person even visited me several times to ask for my thoughts on his life. It was another (yup, I've been through like this LOOOTS of time) disappoinment, and eventhough I didn't 100% expected my friend to do it, at least letting me know would not put me down so much. I guess it was a wishful thinking anyway, and I think it was my fault for letting up my hopes too high. So much for a dream duet haha. I guess my friend was and is very busy with life though... So, my solo version went into the deposit folder in my HDD, and stayed there... until I listened to it again last month. This song is so fabulous, that the message communicates to me, "Reverse your tears, don't lose yourself...". Hey, I need to share this message to the world, cause it's GOOD! And so here it is, eventhough it has a bit sadness in the road to it, I've decided to share this wonderful message to everyone in the world! Yup... eventhough it's kinda late cause Kamen Rider OOO has already passed on his torch to Fourze months ago XD

Don't expect too much though, cause basicaly my vocal type is not really suitable for ROCK hahaha. I even struggled on some parts, cause it has high notes, difficult Engrish pronounciations, and well... the loud music REALLY drowned my soft voice. The end result was quite enjoyable though, it was actually quite well down and it really amped me up when I'm feeling down and all. It always managed to boost my spirit up high hahaha. I can say that this version of mine, is a Date-Gotou-fusion version. Why? Physically... I looked so much like Date (the hair, the skinny muscled body, the moustache and beard, the old? age hahahaha, and the maybe-obnoxious-annoying attitude), but at heart emotionally and mentally, I'm more on the Gotou-side (troubled, down, uncertain about the future, needed help and yes... snobbish and cold sometimes XD). So yeah, this is a mixed version in one body! Hahaha  

So there you go... the message is self explanatory, that I don't I should put you into more misery by adding more of my thoughts hahaha XD. Let's head toward the future together, cause it's never too late to start change for the better, and to work hard to seize your dreams. Today's the celebration of Human Rights Declaration... so, let's as well wish for the world to continue changing into a world that respected human's rights, whether they big and small, old and young, rich or poor... throughout the world! Reverse/Re:birth this world, to be a better place!! Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy this ROCK music, have a nice day and bye now! (^o^)w

~Gotou's Heart + Date's body = Furede Riko ;p~

PS: If you noticed some TV-NIHON splash screens on my video... I'm not doing any promotion or stealing their stuffs, cause... I made those for them hahaha. They've done great fansub works as well, so be sure to visit them okay (^v^)

What is required for effective change is continuity of sincere effort to release and let go of inefficient thought patterns from the past... (Doc Childre and Howard Martin, Freeze-Frame)
The most powerful agent of growth and transformation is something much more basic than any technique: a change of heart... (John Welwood)


Rather than a Youtube post (though it's available), I would like to give you the links to the sub PV instead. The lyrics that I wrote earlier can be found in this PV released by Over Time Sub. Enjoy...

Hiroaki Iwanaga & Asaya Kimijima - Reverse/Re:birth PV
ROCK ON to change your LIFE to become a better YOU!!! XD
Head on to the new future!!!


What's Next?
- Let's head a journey... from Grand Pulse, to Cocoon.. to Valhalla... to save our beloved ones!


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