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Shin Saiyuuki ~Inochi ga Meguri Sekai ga Tsunagaru Toki~

(New Journey to the West ~The world is Connected through The Pilgrimage of Lifes~)

Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)
"This song is specially dedicated to those precious, important people of my past... Those valuable people, who've changed my soul and heart. Those who have shaped me into the person I am now, who never let go of hope, who until your last breaths still held my hand and eventhough you are not here in person anymore, your presence will always stay in my heart. Thanks Dad! Thanks Grandpa! God rest your souls. Thanks to my lost best friends as well. Wherever whenever you are now, you'll all have my deepest gratitude, and I will cherish you always in my deepest heart. Till we all meet again!"


Original Artist: Mayumi Tanaka with Maya Okamoto
Lyrics: Ouji Hiroi
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Available on: Super Kayou Show 3 Shin Saiyuuki (Album & Live CD), Complete Song Box 2002-2006 (Disc 04 of 08)
Taken From: Sakura Taisen Super Kayou Show 3 Shin Saiyuuki (Ending Song)
Copyright Property: Wavemaster Entertainment
Cover Recording Date: 2011-10-28 08:11


Naku na hito yo inochi ni owari wa kanarazu aru ga
Naku na hito yo inochi wa meguru yo kokoro no naka ni
Sekai ni owari ga nai you ni hito wa omoide wo kataritsugi
Aisuru kokoro o motsu koto de towa ni tsunagatte yukeru
(Shogyoumujou aru ga mama ni inochi no kagiri)
 Don't cry people! The ending of one life, is bound to happen
 Don't cry people! That life is still around, in one's heart
 As if the world is never ending, every people would handed down memories
 As it is carried on by their beloved ones in their hearts, it will be forever connected
 (Cause all wordly things are simply transitory, so has life with its limits)

Omoi ga meguri inochi ga meguri kasaneru yume ga aru
Takusan no ai ga daichi o mitashi sekai ga tsunagaru
Naku na hito yo inochi ni owari wa kanarazu aru ga
Naku na hito yo inochi wa meguru yo kokoro no naka ni
 Memories crossed another, life crossed each other, their dreams are piling up
 Those plenty of love, are filling the earth, thus the world are connected
 Don't cry people! The ending of one life, is bound to happen
 Don't cry people! That life is still around, in one's heart

Kono yo ni zetsubou shicha dame da hito yo mirai wo nageku na yo
Hito to hito ga aishiai omoide no kazu wo fuyasou
(Shogyoumujou aru ga mama ni inochi no kagiri)
 In this world, don't surrender into despair... People, don't grieve about your future!
 People met and loved another, thus the amount of memories increased
 (Cause all wordly things are simply transitory, so has life with its limits)

Omoi ga meguri inochi ga meguri kasaneru yume ga aru
Takusan no ai ga daichi o mitashi sekai ga tsunagaru
Naku na hito yo  
Memories crossed another, life crossed each other, their dreams are piling up
 Those plenty of love, are filling the earth, thus the world are connected
 Don't cry people!

(Orihime) Namuamidabutsu namu amida
Namuamidabutsu namu amida
 Lord have mercy on me... Lord have mercy...
 Lord have mercy on me... Lord have mercy...

(Kanna) Naku na hito yo inochi ni owari wa kanarazu aru ga
Naku na hito yo inochi wa meguru yo kokoro no naka ni
Ikiro hito yo inochi ni owari wa kanarazu aru ga
Ikiro hito yo inochi wa meguru yo kokoro no naka ni
Ikiro hito yo (Naku na hito yo)
Ai wo shinjite
 Don't cry people! The ending of one life, is bound to happen
 Don't cry people! That life is still around, in one's heart
 Live on people! Cause the ending of one life, is bound to happen
 Live on people! Cause that life is still around, in your heart
 Live on people! (Don't cry people!)
 Believe in that love

NOTE: Transliteration and translation was done by me, because it was never available online everywhere....


Time for an EPIC song! Hahahaha... a very special dedication to special people calls for something epic right? The final post for the year 2011 obviously demanded something epic as well...

When the internet went down, this song was already planned to go up on December 15th after the Final Fantasy XIII-2 song. The condition was so fatal, that if you remembered, I tried posting this video for 10 times and kept failing (before the Xmas week). Well, things must have happened for a reason, and as I stated, I guess I really needed to end the year in an EPIC way.

As I said when posting "Yakusoku no Basho" (that ill-fated one - since the video was 'blocked' from the very exact publish), I was confused upon chosing the next song to go up after. Now... Would you believe that I got my answer in my dream? Hahahaha I'm sure you wouldn't, but that's the real thing OvO! I was weighing my thoughts on 3 titles before, since the timeslot is getting narrower and I'd eventually had to choose from all titles that I have prepared (and postponing some to NEXT YEAR). Precisely a day after that post, I had a sudden black-out in my house (the whole block went off), and I was forced to sleep early while still wondering the title I should choose (still couldn't make up my mind). I woke up very early the next day, after some nostalgic dream, with a sudden melancholy enlightment. The effect of the dream was so strong, that I still felt it piling up on my head, and yes... that's when I knew the answer. What's the dream all about? The memories of the departed precious people of my life!

I have recorded this song, since October and was planning to make it as the FINALE of my Sakura Taisen tribute. Why? It's a very serious song that would made a perfect way to end the tribute right? Just check out the lyrics and you'll understand what I mean. However, since I've postponed my tribute into uncertain time... this song eventually ended up in the HDD. So, that dream put me in the decision, that I needed to publish it on the 15th, because it has a message that conveyed all three sub-themes all at once, and I wanted to take a break and enjoy holiday after Xmas. With the 'internet connection disaster', the song finally lived up to what has been planned, cause it ended up to be the final video for the year, as well as the LAST SakuTai tribute for the year as well (no worries, there will be more next year). This song wraps up the December themes all at once, and now that I think of it... yes, that 'disaster' really lead to this awesome conclusion.

It's a song speaking about memories, about what to and not do now, and what to expect next! Not explicitly, but you can simply felt it from the theme and atmosphere of the song. More than that, even with the bright sound and feel, it's clearly speaking about a very dark and 'adult' message: the ending of one period, the ending of one life (a.k.a. DEATH). It's a powerful song with powerful message in it, 'to let go of the past, live through it, and move forward'. This number was the theme song, as well as the kickass finale piece of the 3rd Super Kayou Show of Sakura Taisen, entitled Shin Saiyuuki. Ever heard of Saiyuuki? Yup... story of the Monkey King Sun Wu Kong (Japanese pronounced it as Son Goku), and his companions to escort the Sacred Monk to the west. Sound familiar? *slaps Dragon Ball poster to your face*... hahaha.

On this 2004 show, the Sakura Taisen staff adapted this old Chinese folk-story for their live performance, and Mayumi Tanaka who played Kanna Kirishima, was given the lead role of Son Goku. So far, this is probably my favorite Kanna's song, as well as probably the best song from its whole album and show. In the studio album, she sang this song alone with Orihime (Maya Okamoto) who played Sanzo chanting from the middle of the song. The real live performance was arranged differently though, cause every cast sang along, making it more grander and bigger sounding. I really loved to see this song performed live, that's why I deliberately put the live footage on my video. It has awesome choreography, a very symbolic one that tied with its lyric, and the final part where the cast posed while cherry blossoms petals falling from above is DEFINITELY awesome! Please make sure that you watch it! It's also fun to see the cast posing in a Traditional-Chinese-Theatre style at the end. Very Brilliant!

As it came from a Chinese-based story, the song has a very thick Chinese sound and feel to it. They even add the 'Amithaba' chanting in its Japanese counterparts ('Namu amida butsu'). The music is EPIC, and fortunately the chorus was already included in the original karaoke (this is another good reason why I love Sakura Taisen music). I do however inserted my vocal among the chorus as well, can you spot my voice there? Hahaha. I really loved how the music kept building, how the tense is building as we listen to it, until it ends with a full blast (that long note, the chorus... and that Chinese strings and cymbals!). EPICNESS on 6:10 minutes! d(*o*)b Sends shivers to my spine! Now that I think of it, why did I held such EPIC song for all these time? Probably because I never expected that I would LOVE the result so much. I'd advise that you listen to it with the highest volume available, to get the best feel of it... ;)

Singing this song made me feel like channeling my 1/16 Chinese heritage (Not sure about the percentage though... How do you measure this thing anyway? XD) that ran through my blood. Well, people around me though that I was fully Chinese anyway >.<... To be honest, I never liked the language, but I loved cultural sounds, and traditional Chinese is nonetheless. Yes, I do prefer this traditional sound compared to modern Chinese pop or stuffs, they really stomped my head for some reasons T_T. That Chinese cymbals are pure winner for me!!!

As a guy who had lost some of his precious people throughout his life, I used to question about life itself. Some are physically gone, while others simple left emotionally. Why do people had to go away? Why do people had to leave? A question that most of the time, put a certain painful weight in my head and heart. Whenever I remembered any of them, I always felt nostalgic and melancholy, it happened all the time. Especially this time of the year, when we are slowly reaching the last hours, minutes, and seconds of the year. Memories of the past, are coming back to me...

This is one of the song that came in, to remind me of a true nature of people. It's a kind of song that speaks about reality, lift up your spirit, cheer you up, open your heart, and expand your point of view. This is one of the example, why I said that MUSIC is powerful in its own peculiar way. It gives out hope, it soothens the soul, it strengthen your heart. This song simply reminded us, that people might left your life -whether by a simple distance, or the final end of death-, but they will forever stay in your heart. They will remain to be the MEMORIES OF our PAST, yours and mine. Let's not cry or grieve about them anymore, cause they will always be in our hearts. It's up to us to stand now, take the next step for their sake, and create the many WONDERS in our PRESENT, cause it's probably the only thing we should do best while we can now. Doing so with all our might, will eventually prepare and thus resolving those small RESOLUTIONs we have for our upcoming FUTURE. Do the best, reach your dreams... live on, till the time comes for us the bid our final farewell to others as well. This is how life goes, and how every single soul of the world finally connects with each other. This is what such a simple song, told us through its lyrics and music. This is why it's perfect to be placed among the pieces that will wrap and close 2011. More than that, the conclusion of all 3 sub-themes... is esentially what I've had in mind to end this dark year.

過去の記憶 x 現生の驚異 x 未来の覚悟

So let's live our life the fullest...  leave no regrets behind, lift up our heads, and while keeping those precious memories in our hearts, let's do our very best... and heads towards that future full of dreams. Let's lived through the last hours of December (less than 20 hours), and end this year in a blast, because next year, we will surely face all the good things that have been prepared for our best! There will be obstacles, challenges that might let you down, don't frown, live through it all with dignity and hope, and reach for a bright future, that has already been 'prepared' by God for us. Let our past selves put to death as this year ends, as we will be rebirth, revived as a new stronger and better human being as we enter the new year.

Thanks for listening, hope the message of this song is planted in your heart as well. Hope you enjoy and like it! Most of all, thanks for rooting, and lending your ears for my works since this blog is started on September, even longer if you've catch my Youtube channel before that. It's been a pleasure singing for everyone, and it's been very wonderful and heartwarming to have many support (whether visible or not) throughout this year.

Thanks to my family and friends (I won't say names, but you know you're on the list), special thanks to my Youtube partners (Bego-chan, Jerry and the Toyols, Emanuela, Emii, Katie, and others). Thanks everyone for giving those sparks of happiness in my fleeting life this year. I've had some of my dreams come true this year, and it's all -absolutely- thanks to CHRIST my Lord! I'm really gratefull to have had this chance and opportunities...

See you soon in 2012... with more powerful message of Music!!
God Bless You all!!!

~Furede Riko,
signing off from 2011...

Have the HAPPYest...
NEW YEAR evar!!!


Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see... (Helen Keller)

People do not die for us immediately, but remain bathed in a sort of aura of life which bears no relation to true immortality but through which they continue to occupy our thoughts in the same way as when they were alive. It is as though they were traveling abroad... (Marcel Proust)

Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation. For they are us, our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life... (Albert Einstein)


Here's the original life performance, the one I used for my own video. Thanks to Randomx999 for uploading this years ago. Enjoy!

Mayumi Tanaka & Teikoku Kagekidan - Shin Saiyuuki ~Inochi ga Meguri Sekai ga Tsunagaru Toki~


What's Next?
- 2012...? Come what may!! Bye everyone... See you NEXT YEAR... \(*v*)/
Perhaps in the 2nd week or so, cause I'm back to finish off some games while I wait for my internet to be fixed, and continue enjoying my private vacation off the internet after putting this long prepared post up hahaha XD


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