Sunday, December 4, 2011

Special XMAS Present (for me)...

I just received the best (early) Xmas present I ever received in my life...! And what is that?

It was one of my favorite nostalgic song, and these young talented guys the TOYOL BROTHERS (Jerry Ng and the others) dedicated their latest version of this song as a Xmas present for me. It was very thoughtful of them, that I went melancholic and eventually tearfull instantly... Thanks so very much guys! You're always AWESOME!!

...this is my reaction...

Please give your best support for the band as well Okay! You can view their other works on the channel, and I'm sure you'll love it. Please subscribe and follow them, they're talented young men, and their future is bright! Highly recommended!

Oh, and look forward for a special collaboration with Jerry as well ;D...
Now I'm going to sing along with this song... ^o^, Thanks for reading!


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