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Kono Michi wa

(This Path) 

Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Hisayoshi Suganuma
Lyrics: Ouji Hiroi
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Arrangement: Yasuhisa Murase
Available on: Sakura Taisen Revue in Little Lip Theatre IV (Album), Sakura Taisen New York Hoshigumi Live 2011 ~Hoshi wa Tsugu Mono~ (LiveCD)
Taken From: Sakura Taisen New York Live 2011 (Shinjirou Taiga Theme Song)
Copyright Property: Avex/Wavemaster Entertainment
Cover Recording Date: 2011-12-08 18:15


Kono michi wo boku wa aruite kita
Dareka ni iwarete aruiteru wake janai
Kono michi wa zutto tsuzuiteiru
Dakedo boku no ishi de aruki tsuzuketeiru
Toki doki aruki tsukareru
Sonna toki wa yasumou
Yama wo aruku toki mo Kawa wo wataru toki mo
I've walked through this path
As anyone would have noticed, it isn't an easy path to walk
I have kept moving forward through this path
But to achieve my purpose, I'll keep on walking through it
There are times when I feel tired with this journey
When that time comes I'll take my rest
There are times when I have to walk through mountains, and when I need to cross the rivers

Kono michi wo boku wa aruite kita
Dareka ni iwarete aruiteru wake janai
Kono michi wa zutto tsuzuiteiru
Dakedo boku no ishi de aruki tsuzuketeiru
Nande aruiterunda to jibun ni tou kedo
Jibun no ashi de arukanakucha mirai ni mukaenai
Soko ni boku no yume ga aru
Ochikomu koto mo aru kedo
Sore demo yume wo egaku to yuuki ga wakiagaru
Aa soshite mata boku wa aruki hajimeru
Kono michi wo
Boku no eranda kono michi wo
I've walked through this path
As anyone would have noticed, it isn't an easy path to walk
I have kept moving forward through this path
But to achieve my purpose, I'll keep on walking through it
Why do I have to walk through it, I even asked my ownself
If I don't walk through it with my own feet, I will never face that future
That is where my dream will be
Eventhough there will be things that let me down as well
Nevertheless, I'll rise up my courage and paint my dream
Oh, and so I'll start walking again
Through this path
The one that I've chosen... this path...

NOTE: Lyrics transliterated from the official Album booklet by me, and translated by me as well. Pardon for minor mistakes... For more lyrics from the album, you can go to my livejournal page. It's usually private/friend only, but I think I made this particular page available for everyone.

Hi guys! Long time no see hahahaha.

How are you... and how's your New Year ? I hope it was a blast... For me, it's all about finishing some games (finally tackled story mode of Tekken 6 and Assassin's Creed II, after all these YEARS) as well as doing some arts. I also spent my days watching lots of movies that have been stacking in my HDD for quite some time (one of them is the Glee series). Well, as I said on the last song I posted (in 2011), the internet went crap -and even more during the holiday- so I took a break from the social internet for quite some time. Actually... having an internet that constantly went off every 5 minutes really irritated me so much, that I decided to stay off (or forced?) from it for quite a while to avoid stress during the holiday hahaha. Nope, I haven't been using my cellphone, cause well... using it for internet really butchered it in a very bad way. It's quite in a bad shape now, and I can't afford to buy a new one for the time being >_<. Internet's still sucks right now (and took me VEEERY frustratingly long time to upload this), but thankfully I can at least upload a new song in 2012... XD

Album's back cover
So what do I have, to start the new year 2012. Well... an uplifiting song about DETERMINATION from the last album that I bought in 2011. More than that, the album even arrived on my home, at the very exact end of the year -31st December 2011- morning. For those of you who are paying attention to details, you might wonder why I could record this song in early December while the album arrived later? Well... this song was already sung on the New York Hoshigumi Live 2011, so I already had the lyrics transliterated and song ripped from the DVD even before the album is officially out. You could say that I only waited for the official karaoke to arrive and making this cover perfect.

The song is yet another Sakura Taisen's song, and this time it's the theme song, or the 1st ever solo to the -young- New York Captain, Shinjirou Taiga. Shinjirou is the nephew of Ichirou Oogami, who was the captain turned manager on Teito Hanagumi and a former Captain of the Paris Hanagumi before he returned to Japan. The song really captured Shinjirou's spirit, and actually... after listening to this song, I liked Shinjirou even better than Oogami now. Sure, he's very childlike and not as 'manly' as his uncle, he even performed in drag as 'Petitmint' (Orihime and Reni even underestimated him from the first sight)... but Shinjirou has a stronger will and powerful courage as you can see from the lyric. Yeah, he contemplated lots of time, and most of the time he's a target of Sunnyside's 'abusive teasing' XD... but he's growing up into a man, and well... he's trying hard to become a 'Big Man in New York'. I really like that determination in his character, and how the song really fits his character so much.

In the live show, Shinjirou was determined to boost the popularity of Little Lip Theatre, due to the booming arrival of movie theaters in New York. So, with his limited skill, he accepted or you can say he asked for Sunny's usual challenge to write and lead the next show. His reason was simple, he really loved New York and felt that this city is destined for him to become a 'big man'. Therefor he will try his best to return smiles to New York. So, he started singing this song, while he wrote the script, as the Star Five (New York Kagekidan) viewed him from the back, and touched by how he thought of each of them so dearly.

It's not the best song from the album, but one of my favorite. It's even surpassed way above Oogami's 1st solo which was very... Hawaiianese XD. Not that I against Hawaiian song, but simply because the song doesn't showcase a strong character like this one. I might cover that song though, cause it's so easy... hahaha. Beside that, Shinjirou's vocal actor is a much much much better singer than Oogami's (gomen yo, Suyama-kun hahaha), so vocally... this song is indeed better. Just like Oogami's song, this song is relatively easy as well, the lyrics are simple yet uplifting, it's also very realistic cause Shinjirou said that there will times that you'll feel down and all, cause it's not an easy path to walk through. LOVE the message of the song so much. I really dig the bridge part 'Soko ni, boku no yume ga aru...' which I personally felt, is where the song took a turn of spirit, showed the change of attitude and a more determined boy, thus describe the overall meaning of the song itself. 'If I don't walk it with own feet, I wouldn't face the future where my dream will be...' a powerful message of DETERMINATION that immediately reminded me personally to stay strong and walk through the path that I believed in. Hey, if Shinjirou can do it, why couldn't I?

Simply had to post my last 2011 photo haha
So, a great way to start the new month as well as the new year. A song that will gently remind you to always be strong on the journey of your life, to keep on walking toward your dream and believe that you can achieve it! Especially with another whole new year to start fresh, this song fits perfect for opening the year. This year, let's reach our dreams together!!! Let's achieve new resolutions with high spirit and strong determination! YYEEEAAAYYY!!!

Pardon for the 'lazy' vocal editing, cause well... the holiday mood has huge effects on it, and I actually did it on January 1st especially because my family was absent that day XD. Hope you like it, and more than that, hope you'll always remember the message of this song throughout this new year... I can't be sure if I can post another song in the near future, especially with the internet and all... but I'll try my best. Hoping the internet will get back to its senses sooner or later hahaha. Till then, have a nice January... and have a nice day today... God Bless..! \(^^)/

~Furede Riko,
who is very relieved he didn't gain too much weight during that lazy holiday hahahahaha

If I don't walk through it with my own feet, I will never face that future... (Shinjirou Taiga from "Kono Michi wa")


Well, I'm too lazy to search cause it will be using the low bandwith, but I don't think this song have been uploaded yet (since it's new and all)... so, here's Shinjirou's first scene from the game instead:

Shinjirou Taiga meeting Sakura Shinguuji (Sakura Wars V So Long My Love Scene)

If you want to hear the original (which obviously sound much better) version, I urged you to buy the album instead. You can get it on CD Japan, and the price is very nice for 5 new songs with their karaoke intrumentals... (^v^)b


What's Next?
- ...I haven't made plans for January, so to be honest, I DON'T KNOW what I will post next hahahaha.... but January is all about starting a new journey, so look forward to that theme in the next posts...


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