Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When you start to rely on something...

Like almost everything (beside God) that ever happened throughout my life... once I started to put my faith and rely on them (something, someone, or somewhat, somehow?), they ended up disappointing me again. Nobody's perfect, nothing is ever perfect... but honestly things like this made me feel more annoyed than ever.

Am I talking about personal issue, love life, work, family, friends? Well I could, but my focus for today's post is.... *drumrolls* my INTERNET. Naah, don't see this as whining or stuffs like that, I just want to let out some negative emotions hahaha. It's best to let them out rather than keeping in my own head and waiting for it to explode. Remember when I posted that my internet went an as*h*le during December? Well, it got kinda better when my complaint was replied... but then it got worse than before, and it's been dead since last week. Also, remember that I can used my cellphone as backup? Now I can only used it for light internet stuff, as in emails or text posts. I thought I could at least rely on it for this small issues, but it's going the direction of my primary internet connection now Y_Y... yesterday, I couldn't even reply to my email and comment on my Youtube without having to refresh the connection for at least 5 times.  *sigh*

I've been wanting to watch the videos from my Youtube friends (miss you guys, sorry for my bad condition), as well as some other stuffs I've been wanting to download... but here I'm stuck with a very UNRELIABLE connection. I could go to the route of getting a new internet provider (we have more than several options here, harsh competition), but to be honest... I'm totally skeptical about this, cause well... knowing how the credibility of this country to provide one, I doubt I can get it work for longer than I expected. So I might as well, wait for my primary internet to report to me than they have fixed my issue and I can at least get back to download, upload and streaming... LOTS of catching up to do!!!

Oh, and I haven't mention, that my internet provider brand is called SMART when it should've been literally the opposite. How can I post this blog then? Well... cellphone + typing the post in a notepad before hand + refreshing several time to get it posted on the blog... XD FUN! (Otherwise, I would need to re-write the whole statement again and again... been there, done that lots of time in the past... and well, it's NOT fun...). Wait... have I mention that this was intended to be posted yesterday's morning, which made me 15 minutes late for my morning exercise cause blogger (and ALL other site) wouldn't load AT ALL on my browser?

With that said, I wish I can post more songs soon... but I can't really promise anything until I get an "OKAY we're at least better than how we've disappointed you badly since December" reply from the internet provider. Oh, and dear cellphone... I know you're kinda mad at me for abusing you to upload on December and last week, but please don't fail me again like that SMART competitor of yours? Just when I'm starting to think I could at least rely on you for small things...

Okay, now why do I feel that my internet is turning into like one of my private relationships?? Yiiikesss.... O_O

- Furede Riko,
who actually realized that he is INDEED whining gyahahaha XD 


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