Monday, February 13, 2012


The 1st collaboration for 2012!!

Another AWESOME collaboration with my friend Mizuiro Voice.

On the end of last month (which was the time I was M.I.A. due to internet), Mizu-chan asked me to join her cover song for a Vocaloid number. Of course I immediately agreed without any hesitation, cause:
1. Being able to do collaborations is an awesome experience for me, especially with a great friend like B-chan!
2. I never tried doing a Vocaloid song before, so it's an awesome challenge and a NEW experience for me!
3. This is a 'musical' themed song (Cinderella with a dark twist :D)... and I get to sing the part of a Prince hahaha.... knowing that my real self is totally far from that image, it's an awesome opportunity indeed... XD

It's a duet vocaloid song. I liked the song from the very first time I heard it (meaning: the moment I got my internet back, and managed to download it hahaha). The music, the them and the beat is awesome, and though I must admit, eventhough Miku Hatsune voice usually got me on my nerves badly (one reason why I never touch Vocaloid songs), this one sounds good for my liking. Beside that, our final cover will feature Mizu-chan's pretty voice instead of Miku's, and that's excites me more! Haha... That was the first time in my whole life, that I heard a male vocaloid (Shion Kaito) vocals as well. I initally thought vocaloids were all females voice XD

It didn't take me long to get the vibe and to fully absorb the notes and melody. However, the biggest challenge for me, lies in the fact that Kaito also sang the harmonizing part in the choruses, and well... it's technically HIGH, especially for my vocal range. Of course 'Kaito Shion' wouldn't have any problem dealing with those high notes, cause well... 'he' is a 'machine/synth voice' after all haha. Therefore, it's a challenge for us (me and Mizu-chan as well), cause unlike Miku and Kaito, we must rely greatly on our real-human limited-ranged vocals. For me personally, this could've became less of a tremendous ordeal, if I had dilligently trained my vocals everyday haha. So, please pardon for some parts in the choruses as it reached the climax -particularly the bridge part- that obviously kinda forced me to rely on my weak (and getting weaker as I grow old haha) head-voice. The end result was very nice though, and the whole experience and the challenge is awesome for me!     

So, here it is... the final result of my 4th collaboration (3rd duet) with Mizu-chan. Mizu-chan did the sound editing and all. Here's the video, also solely done by Mizu-chan. Please enjoy it to the fullest!  

Oh, and the lyrics... just in case you want to sing along with us! ^^b


Asa made odoru yume dake misete
Tokei no kane ga toku mahou
Aimai na yubi sasou kaidan
San-dan tobashi ni hanete iku
After showing me a dream where I dance all night,
the sound of the clock bell expels the magic
A bewildering finger lures me down the stairs,
so I leap down 3 steps at a time
Basha no naka de furueteta
Mijime na furugi mekuri megure yoru no butou
You were trembling inside the horse-carriage
Now tear away that wretched old outfit, and return to tonight's dance ball
Mishiranu kao sagasu sasayaku ano koe ga
Nigiri shime ta yaiba tsuki tate subete wo ubaeto
Minashigo tsudou shiro emi kamen ni egaite
Itsuwari no itsukushimi sae hane de tsutsumu SERAFU
A whispering voice orders me to search for your unfamiliar face,
and then with the blade gripped in my hand, to snatch everything from you
In this castle where orphans gather, I'm a seraph who,
with a smile sketched onto my mask, embrace everything with my wings, even deceitful love
Hai no naka de akaku tokete majiru GURASU no kutsu
In the ashes, the glass slipper melts with a crimson glow 
Imasara kaeru furuete iru no
Anata ga me wo yaru tokei
Kutsu nugi odoru SUROOPU nukete
Nodo made nobiru yubi no saki de
Sukuu shizuku kuchi zukete
Hashiru shyoudou sebone nukete iku setsuna
Now I really am leaving, because I'm quivering,
as your eyes rest upon the clock
Running through the slope where I dance barefoot,
I extend my fingertips all the way to your throat
I kiss your tears held in my hand,
as an impulse runs through your back in that instant
Kane wa narasa nai de Anata ni hizamazuki
Mada dame to sakenda migite ga tsuki sasu sayonara
Kese nai shyouen wo kousui ni matou hime
Tsuyoi hitomi boku no kootta kamen goto uchi nuku
Please don't ring the bell, as I kneel to you,
although screaming "no," my right hand thrusts out to you an eternal farewell.
A princess who wears gunpowder smoke as perfume,
your unyielding pupil cleaves through my frigid mask.
Ima mo mimi ni anata no toiki ga
Tsuki sasaru no tooi yume
SUTENDO GURASU goshi hikaru tsuki ga
Kimi ni kabuseta BEERU
Now your sighs penetrate my ears
It all seems like a faraway dream
Through the stained glass,
the moonlight covered you with a veil
DORESU hiza de saite TIARA wa nage sutete
Mitsumeau hitomi to hitomi ga hibana wo hanatsu
Kodoku na tamashii ga honoo age hikareau
Sono namida sukue nai nara marude hitori asobi
Ripping apart my dress with my knees, throwing away my tiara,
our eyes, gazing at each other, fire off sparks.
Our lonely souls, burning up in flames, yearn for each other
If I can't save your tears, then this will all have been a one-person game
Toki yo tomare ima wa anata ni yoi shirete
Yureru kodou hitotsu hitotsu wo kizamitsukete tai
Todomare atsuku nure uchitsukeru takamari ni
Kore ijyou wa ugoke nai yo marude FEARITEIRU
Oh time, stop now. I've been completely drawn in to you.
I want to count out every one of your unstable heartbeats.
Remain in my surging emotion, and be soaked hot
I cannot move beyond this. It's almost like a fairytale

NOTE: Lyrics and translation can be found in Song Meanings
Thanks for reading!! Look forward for more fantastic collaborations in the future!


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