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SUPER Sentai HERO GETTER ~199 ver.


Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)


Original Artist: Project R.
Lyrics: Shouko Fujibayashi, Naruhisa Arakawa
Music & Arrangement: Kenichirou Ooishi
Available on: Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Original Soundtrack (Album), Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Mini Album 3 (Single)
Taken From: Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle (Ending Theme)
Copyright Property: Toei Co.,
Cover Recording Date: 2012-02-12 19:02


SUPER Sentai
Tobidase! eien ni toki wo koe saikyou senshi ON PARADE!
Super task force!
 Fly! Cross the eternal time the ultimate warriors on Parade!

BATTLE FEVER sekai no DANCE - Denji-sei kara DENZIMAN
Ichi tasu Ni tasu SUN VULCAN - GOGGLE FIVE ga shintaisou
Bakuhatsu (bakuhatsu) DYNAMAN - Bio-ryuushi no BIOMAN
CHANGEMAN wa densetsu-juu - FLASH uchuu no choushinsei
Hikaru Aura da MASKMAN - Tomo yo doushite LIVEMAN
All five together goranger - JAKQ the trump cyborgs
Battle Fever, the dances of the world - Denziman from the planet Denzi
one plus two makes three, Sun Vulcan - Gymnastics with Goggle Five
Explosion Explosion Dynaman - Bio particles, Bioman
Changeman from all legendary beasts - Flash! A supernova in space
Maskman with shining aura - Friends, why have you? Liveman

TURBORANGER koukousei - Kyoushi de kyoudai FIVEMAN
Kiryoku de shouri da DAIRANGER - POP de ninja da KAKURANGER
OHREN kodai no chouriki da - Koutsuu anzen CARRANGER
Gakuen seishun MEGARANGER - EARTH no senshi no GINGAMAN
Turborangers are High school students - Fiveman are teachers and brothers
Jetman are trendy - Zyuranger's dinosaur fantasy
Dairanger were victorious with Ki Power - The Hip ninjas Kakuranger
Ohranger's and the ancient super powers - Carrangers are driving safely
Young academic life of Megarangers - The Earth's warriors Gingaman
GoGoFive to the rescue - Timerangers came from the future

GAOREN hyakujuu hoemakuri - Shinobi no kazefuku HURRICANEGER
Bakuryuu GUTS da ABARANGER - DEKAREN uchuu no keisatsukan
Mahou no kazoku da MAGIRANGER - Precious sagasu ze BOUKENGER
GEKIREN juuken shugyouchuu - Engine aibou GO-ONGER
SHINKEN samurai chanbara da - Tenshi ga CARD da GOSEIGER
Densetsu wo tsukuru ze warera SUPER Sentai
Gaoranger's howl like hundred beasts - Blow the shinobi wind Hurricanegers!
Go berserk with Dinosaur guts, Abaranger - Dekarangers work ar the space police department
Magirangers are a magical family - Looking for the precious Boukengers!
Gekiranger practice the Beast-fist - Engine's partner Go-onger
Shinkenger, the serious samurais play with swords - Angels in Card Goseiger
Make those legends, our Super Task Force!

Utaitai zettai oboete mitai SUPER Sentai LET'S GO
Ichiban kagayaku Otakara sagase LET'S GO PIRATES
Motto mada mada! Mite mitain da ippo mae e
UH Wakuwaku Kaizoku Sentai (GO LET'S GO) GOKAIGER
I want to sing so I better remember them! Super Task Force Lets go!
Find the shiniest treasure. Let's go pirates!
I want to see more and more. I take a step forward
Ohhhhh The Exciting Pirate Task Force GOKA-I-GER!!!

NOTE: Lyrics from Shinobi-Chirlind and translation from PowerrangersWiki...


In less than an hour from now, the final episode of one of the best shounen shows (in my life) will be airing. I'll be watching that live, thanks to the wonderful software called KeyHole, with just a tad of hope that my suckass internet connection won't stand in the way. February 19th 2012, TV Asahi, 07.30 AM (meaning 05.30 my regional time), that's when the 35th Super Sentai Series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger will bid their farewell from my regular sunday morning.

WARNING! The next paragraphs will be my long and winding personal history about the show. It may drag a while, so if you don't want to read it? Just skip directly to the final 3 paragraphs. ^v^



For those of you who are interested in J-Entertainment, the name SUPER SENTAI (SS) is obviously NOT a stranger to your knowledge, cause it has been one of the long running show / franchise of all time in the industry. Since it first aired on 1975, as a counter part to the longer long running show Kamen Rider, SS has reached the life of many children, particularly boys... and became their role model as well as something to look forward to every week.

Some of you are probably more familiar with the Americanized version, that is called with the none other than*drumrolls* the POWER RANGERS (PR), which was designed to adopt most of Super Sentai original footage, usually with the same story, but with US actors to make it more US friendly. It was a very brilliant idea that eventually introduced the original series to a more international-oriented market. I was one of the avid follower of PR, but when I finally realized that they just legally-copied the Japanese show, my interest has eventually shafted into the originals. I don't hate PR, in fact, Jason, Rocky, Billy, Kimberly, Kat, Adam and the rest are still living in my memories as my childhood heroes. However, I felt that as years go by, the show was treated in a much less inspiring and entertaining way, and the PR series eventually faded from my fandom. My last regular PR series that I still had the patience to watch was Lightspeed Rescue.        

It's a totally different case with SS. Sure, I haven't watched every series, and only a few I have watched full house (all episodes), but it was damn much much more entertaining for me. You can call me a Japan-biased fanboy, but perhaps the fact that I grew up completely with the series is the reason. My first SS series ever was the 6th team, Dai Sentai Goggle-V. It was the 1st ever series that was brought and went into high anticipation in my country, when it spreaded out like fungus in Betamax format. When I came here to visit my family during holiday (yes, I lived in different city in the past), it was our regular holiday event to go to the rental, rent the series, and watch it together. After that we would always role-play as the heroes. It was a TOTALLY fun childhood, and I wouldn't mind going back to just experience that moment once again. Well... I was somewhat bullied in school that my friends usually forced me to role-play as Google Pink all the time though, but then again, for the very 1st time in history, MALE Pink Rangers will be around -even for just several seconds.

Yes, indeed, Google V was totally VERY cool back then. My dad even took me and my kindergarten best friend, to an official live show downtown, where we would just clamored the heroes as loud as we could. We returned home riding a double decker (it was a popular public transportation and actually ran daily at the time) and fell a sleep. Now that I think of it, I kinda miss that best-bud of mine, cause only God knows where he is right now T.T. Anyway, my dad also bought me an audio rip cassete of Google V, that I absolutely listened everyday. I ended up being able to sing the theme song, and people started asking me to sing it for them... and now I've realized, perhaps that was how I got so 'intoxicated' by Japanese songs (and entertainment). So, SS was one of the benefactors that influenced me to fandubbing XD.

Though I didn't even recall anymore about the actual show, cause my memories are too vague for such details, it was truly one of the best childhood experience for me. Of course, SS in my country didn't just stop with Google-V. The TV Channel started broadcasting more newer shows, and so we got FlashmanMaskmanLivemanTurborangerFiveman & Jetman (local dub versions) airing on various channels. After that, they started airing PR instead, but the Japanese counterpart (starting from Zyuranger) was scarcely released in a VCD/DVD formats. The final titles that was managed to got air time later on are OhrangerMegaranger & Gingaman. No more SS ever touched the TV screen ever since, cause the TV Stations shafted their intentions to stupid overacting local dramas instead XD. As well as animes that sells merchandises... T.T

With the exception of Timeranger, I was able to watch all the newer (to the newest) title with the help of internet. Some are still on the waiting list, cause it's not yet finished. I managed to get a hand on Time, Kakuranger & GoGoFive lately though, so, among all 35 titles, only 6 shows I haven't personally experienced myself. Counting some that managed to get air time, I have completed all episodes of 12 out of 35, and of course Gokaiger will be my 13th today. How come it's only 13? The reason is simple, among those 35, there were shows that totally got on my nerve, sometimes with weird plot, unusual plus annoying themes, or I just cut it halfway because I tried focusing on better shows. For example, I only watch 1-2 episodes (and the movies) of the series prior to Gokaiger, because well... it's simply too terribly annoying for me XD. My top 5 favorite among them are: Abaranger, Boukenger, Goonger, Shinkenger, and of course, now, the number one position goes to Gokaiger. However, being a fan to Gokaiger actually didn't come as easy as you think.

To be completely honest, when the news about Gokaiger, as the 35th anniversary series, was revealed, I was definitely very skeptical about it. Probably because the rumor said that Gokaiger would be: 1. A pirate themed team, 2. They will have the power to morph into past Sentai. Eventhough I'm not a hater of One Piece (but I'm not a fan as well, despite the fact that I'm currently watching the final arc), the concept of Pirate alone already made me felt afraid that it would spoof One Piece's fame. Added with the fact that Kamen Rider Decade had already -IMHO- butchered the concept of form-shifter, by being such hideous disappointment throughout the entire series, and created a huge mess to the KR universe I've known for years as well. I do admit it was fun to see Decade turning into past Riders though, but it's also more annoying to follow the series that felt like some messy fanfics botched down into one story. I was definitely reluctant when the idea was going to be implemented to SS. Yes... "ONORE DIKEIIDOOO!!!" 
My fear started to fade when they showed the cast in their regular suit. It looked... 'different', and for the first time we had a guy with pony tails. The looks of these cast shouted 'anime' for me. After that I managed to catch the leaked footage of the cast using the ranger keys (to turn into All Reds) when they cameod on the Goseiger vs Shinkenger. I was amazed with how they handled the transformation, as well as pleased with the gender crossing thing. My Decade anxiety was turned into huge curiosity, and I couldn't wait to see the series premiere.

Well, let me just say, that only the 1st episode had already blown me away. Curiosity turned into enormous anticipation and excitement, especially the Dino Curry house scene. Unlike Decade that created a whole new Alternate Universe for its past riders, this one actually paid attention to the premise and details of its predecessor series! I LOVE IT! The following episodes continue to shine, and started focusing on each particular show by bringing back REAL cast from that Sentai. This is something that I can really applauded TOEI, cause it's the thing that Decade couldn't able to fully accomplish in the past. Each guest star from the past series, eventually handed their power approval for the Gokaiger to use. Sure, there were one or two tribute that felt like an everyday-joes, but for me, most of them are stunning, brilliantly written, in a way that they became a real continuation to the original. As I said, they even paid great attention to details, cause some even describes and gave a small continuation to what has happened after the original ends, for example: Domon (Timeranger) who finally realized about his son whom he had left in the past, Gai's death were revealed confirming all that huge debate on the final scene of the original, or as simple as seeing the 3 core Hurricaneger re-united for an almost versus-movie-like episode. Totally fan pleasing! Here's some images that showed a quick recap of almost all guest actors/actresses that made their nostalgic return in Gokaiger:

(left-right-top-bottom: DynaPink, AkaRed, GaoRed, MagiRed, RedOne, BigOne, DekaPink-Master-Red-Yellow, RedTurbo, DenjiBlue, ShinkenRed-Green-Gold, GekiRed, Ryuranger, GoggleBlack, RedRacer) 
(left-right-top-bottom: HurricaneYellow-Red-Blue, Kurokishi-GingaRed, BoukenRed, OhRed-Pink, JetCondor, GoPink, GoonRed, Gokaiger, YellowLion, GoseiBlue-Yellow-Red-Black-Pink, DragonRanger, AbareBlue-Killer-Emiri, TimeFire)
(left-right: VulEagle, ChangeGriffon, FlashGreen, BlueMask, YellowFive)

Not included on those pictures are: GoseiKnight, Bomper-EngineSpeedor-BusOn-BearV, MegaRed, TimeYellow-Girlfriend-Son, BattleKenya, Ninjaman-NinjaWhite, MammothRanger, ProfessorAmachi-Nozomu from Goseiger, MagiRed's Girlfriend, GoonSilver, and many villain cast (Kaze no Shizuka, Kegaleshia, and others) who made various appearances in the TV or movies. *takes a long deep breath after writing those list*

You can check Wikipedia for a complete list of them, and you might also need to check the movies personal pages as well, cause each has their own guest stars as well. Just looking at these pictures, already showed the amount of seriousness TOEI has put for Gokaiger. EVERY series, has a representative now, even if it comes a bit late like Zyuranger Goushi (take that Power Ranger whiners!). More than that, we even have rumors that these guest stars (with several new others: GoGreen, MagiPink, GoonBlue...?) will be making another cameo appearance in the final episode.

I think it's more than enough to announce, that this series had totally surpassed my first expectation. Though many still argues that it could've been better (or plain stupidly picky just because the past actors they wanted to see couldn't make it), I myself, felt that it's already more than enough. The effort to call back these past actors (some are even retired), and deliver a carefully written continuation universe, is truly impressive and more than just a simple pleasing factor for me. More than that, it seemed like the writers and the producer tried very hard to listen to fans. I remembered, people were -jokingly- asking about this and that on Rangerboard... when suddenly, it became reality. Wow, talking about embracing fans' demand! Not every demand were granted of course, but getting that treatment felt awesome. Oh, and have I told you about an ALL PINK team, with yes... Male PINK rangers? Done! ;D

Being the best anniversary show so far, the Gokaiger has a tremendous exclusive treatment as well. In less than 20 episodes airing, the cast premiered their 1st big screen treatment, a cross-over movie with the previouse team Goseiger, as well the anniversary movie: Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle. For me personally, this is ONE HELLUVA Movie I've ever seen in my life so far! Never, had a Super Sentai movie managed to capture my attention, and captivate me so much that I trembled in goosebumps and actually cried tears of joy. TOEI really give a lot of effort for this movie, that it even do justice to Goseiger for me. Shinken vs Goon was awesome, Gosei vs Shinken was at the same level, but this movie... totally ROCK MY WORLD! I can dare call it, one of the BEST Super Sentai Versus movie eveeeeer! After that, they returned to the silver screen, for their own team's movie: The Flying Ghost Ship. The movie is quite nice, but compared to the previous movie, it's totally out of scale. I didn't expect big anyway, cause SS's solo movies were always less satisfying than their versus. At the end of 2011, it was announced that the cast would return (again) to the silver screen, and that it would then be paired to a very iconic hero from my childhood era as well: The Space Sheriff Gavan. During my Goggle-V era, Gavan and his friends were also a very popular show distributed via Betamax. I was unfortunate to NEVER been able to see any of the show though, but that fandom flaw of the past is going to be gone soon hahaha. Gokaiger vs. Gavan: The Movie had just premiered last month, so without any doubt, I'll finally able to see Gavan in action in the near future. I can finally say to my childhood friends (not that I'll be able to meet them very soon though) that I, just like them, have (finally) watch Gavan as well!

Eventhough I'm totally sad that Gokaiger is ending today, this will not be the last time I see them for sure. Yes, I haven't watch their movie with Gavan yet, that's one reason, but there are other reason. After the TV series ends, we will have a total blast of the very 1st spectacular cross-over movie ever between Super Sentai and Kamen Rider: the SUPER HERO TAISEN. Two of the baddest, form-shifter series (Gokaiger and Decade) will meet and heads face to face, along with the army of the rest Super Heroes of each series. The story and everything might end up being weird, it might totally suck, but it'll be a total fangasm pleasure ever in the history of Japan Tokusatsu. It'll definitely give me those shivers and goosebumps I felt when watching the 199 Hero Great Battle movie. Hopefully, I'll still be alive to watch this first timer in history when it's delivered to fans. I hope the end of the world will not come before that hahaha....

Last but not least, I'm still hoping for another cross over movie for Gokaiger. It's a trend that a Super Sentai team will meet their previous senior in a cross over movie, like the one Gokaiger had with Goseiger. It's possible that Gokaiger will meet its junior sometime around next year as well. However, with all these special treatments already been given to them, I kinda doubt another crossover movie will happen. Then again, I mustn't let my hope's down yet, cause when it's worth the money, I'm sure TOEI will do it, for the money, if not for fans XD. Anyway... enough with the history of Gokaiger, let's go to the cover song!


The song I'm covering, is the shortened movie ending version of the TV ending theme. This song is sung by Project.R, a team of musician that is comprised of various Super Sentai's OP/ED/Insert Theme songs performers throughout the years. It's also an anniversary song as well, cause the lyrics are totally simple. Shouting each and every Super Sentai title, along with their respective theme. Basically a song that will make everyone to recall back on the past series. Eventhough I have been wanting to sing the opening theme of Gokaiger, I've realized that this song is much more fitting to honor of Super Sentai celebration, so, a sudden change of heart and I recorded this song instead.

I sang this song, in the spirit of honoring the whole SS universe, as well as a way to personally celebrate Gokaiger for its achievement to capture my heart. It's for personal keepsake only, nostalgia boost, so it wasn't even planned. I also didn't have a lot of time to properly prepared the cover, so... totally pardon me for the quality of the cover (if it didn't sound good enough for you haha). Many others might did a much better on the cover, so please don't hate me on that. I'm simply doing it, as a calling for my Super Sentai fandom, who had been with me through almost my ENTIRE life now (yup, minus the day I was born till my kindergarden year). It's a small tribute for a franchise that is much much older than me, but has become one of the best Japanese Shounen Show ever graced the planet. Wouldn't be nice if I didn't include it on this month's theme, right? So... Congrats TOEI for Super Sentai! Here's hoping the new show, Go-Busters (that will start next week), will manage to captivate my heart as well. Oh, and hoping for a much more spectacular and bigger anniversary shows for the 40th, and 45th and 50th as well! It'll be tough to surpass this one though XD...

Thanks for the 51 weeks of awesome ride Gokaiger! You've made my dark 2011 somewhat worthy enough to surpass, even with all those drama going around in my life. Bravo Super Sentai! I'll watch you till the day that I die! Hahaha...

~Furede Riko

"I want to sing, so I better remember them! Super Task Force Lets go!..." (Project R. from Super Sentai Hero Getter)


Here's two of the original song. The 1st one is the movie version, subbed by OverTime (as well the one I used for my video), and the 2nd one is the -since no official version ever released, of course- fanmade MV compiled from the 3 parts TV Ending subbed by GUIS:

Project R. - Super Sentai Hero Getter ~199 ver.

Project R. - Super Sentai Hero Getter

You can also find many Fanmade MV for this song on Youtube, just type Super Sentai Hero Getter and booom hahaha. Hope you enjoy it! And once again...


What's Next?
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