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Music, lyrics, images used in this clip, and all other credits are copyright properties of their respective owners. I do not own any part of them except for my own vocals of course :)

Original Artist: Hiro Takahashi
Lyrics: Hiro Takahashi, Hiroshi Yamada
Music: Hiro Takahashi
Arrangement: Norihiko Hibino
Available on: Yu Yu Hakusho "Unbalance na Kiss wo Shite" (Single), Hohoemi no Bakudan/ Unbalance na Kiss wo Shite / Taiyo ga Mata Kagayaku Toki (Single)
Taken From: Yu Yu Hakusho TV Series (3rd Ending Theme)
Copyright Property: Media Remoras
Cover Recording Date: 2012-01-16 18:46

Wareta kagami no naka itsumo kimi no sugata
Naite iru Naite iru hosoi tsuki no nazoru yubi
Your reflected image, in that shattered mirror
Always crying, crying with your finger tracing the narrow moon

Dare wo yonde iru no kieta koi no senaka
Nando demo Nando demo kimi no mado wo tataku kara
Are you calling for someone? The back of a beloved that has gone
No matter how many times, no matter how many times I have knocked on your window

Yoru no kasokudo ni senaka osarete
Ito ga kireru you ni
Tada, kimi wo kimi wo tsuyoku daite 'ta
Pushing your back through the acceleration of the night
  Like a thread being cut
 Only, you, you whom I will embrace tightly

ANBARANSU na KISS wo kawashite ai ni chikazuke yo
Kimi no namida mo kanashii uso mo
Boku no kokoro ni nemure 
 Exchanging unbalanced kiss, hoping that it will draw closer to real love
 Both your tears and sorrowful lies
 May them sleep away within my heart

Kinou e no MERRY-GO-ROUND kimi wo hakonde yuku
Tometakute Tometakute boku wa kagi wo sagashite 'ru 
 A merry-go-round toward yesterday, is taking you away
 I want to stop it, I want to stop it, and I'm searching for the key

Kuzureochisou na sora wo sasaete
Hitori tachitsukusu
Tada, kimi no kimi no soba ni itai yo 
 Holding up the seemingly crumbling sky
 I tried to bear it alone
 Cause only, by your, by your side, is where I want to be

ANBARANSU na KISS de kakareta futari no SHINARIO
Ai to yobu hodo tsuyoku nakute mo
Kimi no subete ga itai 
 Written with an unbalanced kiss, is the scenario of you and me
 We even call it love, when it's not even going strong
 Everything about you is hurting me so

Tada, kimi no kimi no soba ni itai yo
 Cause only, by your, by your side, is where I want to be

ANBARANSU na KISS wo kawashite ai ni chikazuke yo
Kimi no namida mo kanashii uso mo
Boku no kokoro ni nemure
Kimi no kokoro ga boku wo yobu made
Dakishimeaeru hi made
 Exchanging unbalanced kiss, hoping that it will draw closer to real love
Both your tears and sorrowful lies
May them sleep away within my heart
  Until the day that your heart finally calls out to me
 Till the day that I can truly meet you in my arms

NOTE: Lyrics originally transliterated and translated by Shinobi Chirlind-Byouko in Anime Lyrics. I revised the translation a bit...


Not that I'm currently celebrating ;), but in the world celebration of the lovey dovey day of the year, what's more fitting than a blast of love song from the past? A classic anime song of the 90s you say? Count me in... Hooraaay!!! Hahaha

Wait, I know what you're thinking (you probably aren't thinking anything though XD), what LOVE got to do with the theme of the month? Isn't it supposed to be a SHOUNEN ANIME songs month? Well... indeed, but it really makes sense, cause this song, is both a love song, as well as the ending to one of the well-known popular shounen anime of all time.
This classic new-wave pop song was sung by the late Hiro Takahashi (who passed away in 2005, R.I.P. Hiro-san!) and his band, and became an Oricon Chart hit during 1993. It was used as the 3rd ending for the very popular shounen ghost-themed anime, YU YU HAKUSHO, which can be literally translated as Ghost File or Poltergeist Report. Surprisingly, and a delightful coincidence -that I never intended to set up-, is that the anime/manga came from the hands of Yoshihiro Togashi. Does the name ring a bell? Well, it should have... cause in my last post, I posted a song from his next big-hit after Yu Yu Hakusho, and that's Hunter x Hunter... XD

I'm not a avid fan or a follower of the anime/manga. As many of you perhaps already knew, that I'm not a fan of anime/manga with a long and winding story, so Yu Yu Hakusho suffered my attention nothing less than that. I even never cared about it, until when in early 90s my (late) Dad bought me "Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen" for my Sega Mega Drive console. That was my very first encounter with the series, and let me tell you just one thing! It was one of the best game I've ever played in my whole gaming life. I'm completely stoked with the awesome gameplay, which at that time, also has one of the best graphic and animation for a fighting game. Not just me, my families (cousins and all) also enjoyed it soooo much, we always arranged a small 'tournament' and showed off our 'spirit blast' techniques. It was a very nostalgic experience that will never fade from my heart, and THAT is LOVE for me XD.

The game was my first introduction to the cast: Yusuke Urameshi; Kurama; Hiei; and the infamous pompadour hero Kuwabara, as well. Soon after, I started reading the manga and watch several anime episodes, and the movie, but my TRUE LOVE still resided for the game instead XD. The game also, once again, for the 1st time, introduced me to this song, as the ending theme played after we beat the game. It was nice to be greeted with a catchy tune after spending hours trying to accomplish the mission of clearing all opponents. It became a personal favorite ever since. So now, let's put that brief techtalk aside, and focus about this LOVE song instead...

The lyrics of the song said it all. It's a song by a guy, who is in a relationship with a girl, but she is faking her feeling cause she still in love with her past love. Unbalanced kiss, means being done by two person who are not totally in-sync with their feelings. The man however, truly love the woman deeply, so he chose to hide his hurting heart, keep it tight from other's notice, while he can only wish that his unbalanced kiss will eventually change into real love. Ouuuch... Ganbatte nee! I guess that's what happens when a guy felt that he had discovered his one true love. Packed in a very catchy and groovy 90s pop-beat, no wonder it was a hit on the music chart. I still don't understand how it relates to the anime/manga though, but I guess it was speaking about Keiko Yukimura's feeling for Yusuke? But the seemingly love between them is DEFINITELY not unbalanced. Anyway, so it's a love song right? And eventhough it's not exactly speaking about the nicest plot in the 'love' industry, it actually describes one of "Valentine"'s best traits.

The real Valentine's Day, was actually commemorated through real life broken love, since the actual lovers (St. Valentine & lover) in fact never managed to win their love, and were separated by death instead. He did however, made other's marriages possible through his blessing, and this was what triggered the over-rated declaration of the 'day of love'. The same thing is actually happening in the present time. Eventhough there are millions of people who have found their own half, there are also tons of people who suffered, devastated and heart broken for their unreckoned unanswered or unrequited love. There are even many who are celebrating over other's griefs of love. Even Japanese celebrated Valentine Day as the day when a girl gives present (commonly in form of hand-made chocolate) to the guy she liked, and only hoping to get the opposite reply on White Day. In the end, most of them are usually emotionally crushed with the fact, that they aren't accepting anything in return. A very 'Unbalanced' situation, don't you think?

As for my personal experience? I've attracted to several women in the past, but they only saw me as a good friend, or a big brother role. Vice versa, there were several women who obviously had the hots on me, but since I only saw them as nothing more than a good friend, I've realized that I've broken their hearts instead. Some of my friends even thought I was crazy and told me, that I should've give it a shot anyway for them, but I sure wouldn't want them to waste their precious time and chances for me when their true love (meaning those who could reply their feeling in a mutual manner) are out there waiting to be found. I don't know, perhaps I'm too good of a guy who opted out from treating other's feeling as a mere toy. Wait... what's the point with all my personal revealings? The point is:

Eventhough it speaks about the feelings of many people in the world today, the song basically sums up my personal love life as well... especially with all those unbalanced emotions between myself and those charming ladies of the past. Thus it become a very fitting song to accompany, yet another solo valentine. Yup, here I am then, a proud single! Even after all these years of being a bachelor, and got left behind by my friends who already got married and produced kids XD. Am I still searching for love? Hmmm... maybe yes, maybe no... well, I guess NOT really hahaha. Unlike most of my friends (who eventually thought that I'm a crazy weirdo for having this different way of thinking), I'm definitely NOT desperate for that one. Cause I truly believe that when the time is destined to come, it'll eventually come anyway. When the moment is bound to arrive, then that's the time when I won't be doing solo on Valentine. Then again, I 'celebrated' Valentine almost everyday anyway... so with or without Valentine, it's still the same, cause love is all around me in its many forms... hahaha

I might sound like those religious activist in my country who are trying to ban Valentine and make it as an illegal act (*cough* Doh, can't you guys find other important thing to issue than this though? *cough*), but I do dislike and kinda against the over-rated treatment of Valentine's day. Why? Cause I truly think that: Real love doesn't need a single day of the year to celebrate! You NEED to celebrate it EVERYDAY of the year! People are trying too hard to show and declare their love on this particular day, that most of them sometimes or eventually forgets to do it on the remaining 365 days. Moreso, they did the opposite of love like abusing, forcing needs, and treating love as a toy. No no... that's NOT right! You should never love others for only a day! So, don't ever make this particular over-rated day becomes TOO SPECIAL, cause when you have love... EVERYDAY should be special! Haha...

So... I hope you enjoy this special song for the day, a personal favorite of mine, and remember to NOT do unbalanced kisses, cause doing one with someone who truly loves you in return is a much much delightful gift. Happy Valentine for those who still fells like celebrating today. However, I wish for a happier and the happiest Valentine for those everywhere who are celebrating tomorrow, the day after, and after, and after, and continuously celebrating everyday, with or without a couple! Celebrate LOVE everyday, everytime, every single minute, and every single seconds of your life! That's how you SHOULD be treating LOVE at its best... (>v<)v

Bye! <3 <3 <3

~Furede Riko

"Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end..." (Unknown)

"Real love doesn't need a single day of the year to celebrate! You NEED to celebrate it EVERYDAY of the year!..." (Furede Riko)

"Do all things with love..." (Og Mandino)

Here's the original song.... (hope the link works though hahaha)

Hiro Takahashi - UNBALANCE na KISS wo Shite
Yu Yu Hakusho 3rd ED Animation - UNBALANCE na KISS wo Shite

and a bonus, for personal nostalgia only... the opening and ending sequence of that nostalgic Sega Mega Drive game (the ending was supposed to be playing "Unbalance..." though)

SEGA MegaDrive Yu Yu Hakusho II Game Opening

Enjoooy!!! <3

What's Next?
- ...getting ready for the final episode of one of the best Toku show ever! A special Tokusatsu tribute, coming up! XD


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