Saturday, June 2, 2012

A [NOT SO] Nice Hello...

Well, yeah...

For those or even any of you wondering where have I been, I'm back with a 'NOT SO' nice hello after almost 2 months off the radar. Oh, and how are you? I hope you're doing great though XD.

If you've read my last post, then you might remember that I've had some issues with my health, both physically and emotionally. The good news is the physical part is getting much better (though I'm still having trouble singing high tones), and the emotional part is slowly getting there... Thanks to enormous amount of S3 Glee songs stuck in my head for the past month. Oh, and to clarify things, NOPE I'm NOT broken-hearted or love-struck... there's something else, and well, let's just say that when it's got to do with emotion then I'd be reverted to my slo-mo revival mode. One of this case that happened to me in the past, even took me 3 years before I could finally get back on my feet. That, and the fact that I had a new part-time job during May that in a way, took quite a lot of my extra time.

So what about the technical part? Internet issue? Nope not doing any better... so I've decided to subscribe the service in a NON-monthly feature, but a weekly or daily one now. It's a total waste anyway, because of another issue that is currently happening, and the biggest concern I have right now that I would like to share: my laptop a.k.a. my only source of doing anything computer-related... is in danger of dying. Yup, Since the start of May, I kept getting The Deadly BSOD on it, and it overheated so fast. Lately, my laptop crashed if I used it for a long time, and when it happened I had no choice but to let it rest for some time, even a day.

Is it really that critical? Of course! Editing and even recording music utilizes computer power and time right? Both constraints are now in critical mode... with that danger of overheating and crashes T_T. More than that, it badly affected the whole streaming and publishing on Youtube as well. I haven't visited or logged in to my Youtube account since April, to avoid the melancholy moments of realizing that it's quite impossible for me to be able to listen to the new works of my Youtube friends (ones that I'm really looking forward to), or even to publish a new work. Sorry to disappoint guys, but I simply had to restrain myself for doing that (and inflicting more damage) until everything is back to normal. The crashing issue has been happening per two day or more, but lately it's been daily. If it happens again today, then it's obvious that I will need to take it to repair. I could've took it to repair from early May, but I kinda hesitated because I've suspected that the repair is going to cost a great amount of money as well (hence, the new part-time job). Not that I expected any of you to help in any way (though I won't refuse XD), but I'm just saying this to let you know, just in case in the next day or two or... a month or two... I'm off to my M.I.A. state again. Oh and yeah, until this problem is resolved... I can do nothing regarding fan-dubs and unfortunately I had to put all my projects (personal or collaboration) on hold... so I deeply apologized to some of you for the inevitable further delays on them (-_-)/

That's probably all I can say for now, since this laptop is already emitting so much heat which means it demands for a long-rest. Anyway, ever since my laptop behaved badly, I had no choice but to keep myself occupied with my Xbox and other stuff (music, the cinema, comic books), which you can read on my TUMBLR page. It might seem like it's posted daily, but the truth is they are NOT haha. Hey... that's what the Queue feature is all about right? XD. Feel free to visit, and you might also get a hint on my current emotional issue on some of the posts as well haha. Thanks for reading, looking forward to be back in full gear again! Hopefully in a nearby future.

Till then, wishing you a great day! Never stop the music, okay!! See you soon! (^o^)/


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