Thursday, November 1, 2012

(Yet another) Copyright Notice...

Hi everyone,

Don't know if you're still reading this blog... but yeah, it's been a while since I last posted anything (due to my workload and the... you know, the i-word). I'm only back for a short while with a bad news. This morning as I checked on my Gmail, I got a very annoying notice from Youtube regarding (yet another) Copyright Notice. This time they are quite serious cause the claimer (a big company that also makes movies and well, video-game console -Can you guess?) threatened to penalize and close my account just because of the cover version / fandub I've uploaded.

I decided to change the viewing type of that particular video into private, but then my Vertigo (read: a very very terrible headache) hit my nerves (or anger nerves to be exact) that I immediately decided to simply delete the video. So yeah, if you saw some videos missing from my list, or the number of videos I've uploaded has decreased... it's because I have permanently delete them. Here's a list of video I just deleted less than an hour ago:

Final Fantasy XIII - "Yakusoku no Basho"
Uta no Prince-sama: MAJI LOVE 1000% - "Knocking on The Mind"
Sora no Wo to - "Hikari no Senritsu"

I'm sure you wouldn't notice the first two cause they were already forced to be private, so you know which one is the 'troubled video' right? I'll be taking down some other videos if Youtube still insisted on the account penalizing thing, cause I will hate it so much if they actually deleted my account and put all the tiring uploading work, along with the comments and view numbers to waste.

I haven't been around much on Youtube, and I'm actually thinking of uploading new covers as soon as I can find the time to work on them among my scarce sparetime... but with this event, the spirit I had to do so is somewhat starting faded to oblivion again. Well, let's just see how this turns out...

Thanks for reading and the support! See you soon... (of course if my account is still alive by next time)

~Furede Riko


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